The current state of T9A.... I'm worried

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  • Lagerlof wrote:

    What the hell happened here :P
    Well, if I had to guess, my long, convoluted conspiracy theory is that @Stunt is sectretly a teacher and he graded the arguments in here. (Rather harshly)

    After that, things just spiralled out of control, man. The off-topic section posters will no longer be confined to their hole! Viva la revolution!
  • JDAntoine wrote:

    Are options removed or gained?

    I know that WotDG/DL gained options because of the 7 Sin introduction. But maby you know much more as I do in regards to the changes?

    So far options were removed and WDG not "gained options because of the 7 Sin introduction", that book isn't out yet.
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  • lawgnome wrote:

    Regarding balance: I almost quit WHFB due to the utter lack of balance and the horrible magic system (my first game ever involved my ogre firebelly jumping down a hole on the first spell due to a 2 dice fireball miscast, and my second game ever involved a nurgle demon prince flying straight into my character bunker and 6 dicing purple sun. Rot in hell, 8th Ed.) So the fact that the outcome of the game is based more on my decision making and less on luck and who has the most overpowered army really appeals to me.

    Magic is going to be worked on, so it should be better than ever (and not stupidly OP. See above). The new armies are going to have a lot of interesting options. Will new units have a million options? No, but I get why.

    Is it broken armies with overpowered garbage meant to make people buy more of certain models? Is it a magic phase that could completely destroy one player's ability to have fun with the game? Is it a million options that were never taken because only certain options were ever worth it?

    If you are starting to feel burnt out, then maybe take a break.
    I feel the same.
    I played 8th because my gaming buddies expected me to. Sure we played with ETC comped armies but it was still ridiculous.

    The game was a lot of times just incredibly frustrating and infuriating. Playing against HE 2+ ward save Character spam busses and several 1+ rerollable/5++ demon princes every game. 90% of the time the games were decided by magic. As Empire my units win combat by getting buffed with magic or die if I fail to cast, so fun. Also Dwellers below / purple sun / cacophonic choir were such fun games. Choir was torture playing against a flying demon prince with a full cav army and he flies in the middle of my army -> irresistable choir -> 50% of my army dies, snap.

    Also playing Empire there were so many options. The thought process of building armies was:
    I'm going to take a steam tank, a cannon, priest on war altar, 2 units of demigryphs, 3 light wizards.
    Now let's see what my army is going to include, maybe some core halberdiers and oh I've used all my points.
    There was no point having Greatswords, flagellants, knightly orders, all were bad. Only take if you want to severely make the game more difficult for yourself. Speed of Light on demigryphs won games. Cast it -> win all combats.

    Magic was ruining games. Why have strategy when you can attack first with great weapons and crush all enemies before they attack (elves) or when you can have 1+/3++ and S7, T5 (Chaos) or just spam overpowered spells? My best games were had against Dark Elves played by someone about as unlucky as me. I would win a game now and then. HE and Chaos were in a legion of their own, Empire and others were far behind. Empire would've had 0 players at ETC were it not for light council being really OP against Demons/Monsters/Undead.

    I love what T9A is doing. Magic doesn't turn games anymore, I can't get 20-0'd by one spell anymore. Sure some armies are still better than others but the balance is much better than it's ever been. Imperial Guard vs Knights of the Sun Griffon is a thing to consider (sun grifs still very good, guard need something extra to compete more). I just don't like what's been done to magic. A wizard with master, 4 spells and a medium cost arcane item feels very expensive (Master w 4 spells easily 350+ points). Spells are okay now, but spells like +2ws/i in divination feels useless now. If I manage to boost GW Imperial Guard with Know thy Enemy AND Lightning Reflexes via a wagon, GW elves will STILL hit me at the same time. In short I'm starting to question if magic is worth investing in anymore. Sure spells are useful but they don't feel good enough. Thaumaturgy is decent because you can reroll 1's so you can succeed in spells with less points spent in magic.

    That said I think elves with great weapons and lightning reflexes are a core problem in the game. It's to do with great weapons, high initiative and ws and lightning reflexes. They attack before human knights that charge them, slaughtering them before the knights attack. I'm not sure what can be done about it but there is still a need for some major changes to the base interactions. I hope V2 will fix some of these. I just don't think it's fair my Knight Commander that costs some 400 points attacks at the same time as swordmasters with great weapons.
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