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    The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

    • @Little Joe: Thanks! Aye, more round than you usually see from GW, but I always like to imagine lots of different manufacturers and local styles and patterns coexisting in the wide, wild Imperium of man.

      @Shlagrabak: Thanks for asking! No expert tips here, but center of gravity is necessary to find out when basing that jumpy Lust Prince (otherwise it falls over). Then, always have a rather long bit of paper clip left over which you can bend like an L under the base once inserted through the drill hole, and cover it generously with super glue.

      Green stuff is rather soft and rubbery so it's not an ideal strengthening material all on its own, but plastic sprue bits (perhaps covered in a green stuff detail layer) will do nicely. That way you increase the area of contact which anchors the paper clip into the base by running it through the decorative piece and the base itself. I've not had much problem with pinned models breaking, though granted I almost only play at tournaments so they're not exposed for much wear and tear.

      @Johan von Elak, the friend who has written all the rules and organizes the whole effort, has had me convert a gaggle of goons. Here's psyker Spikeskull:

      And Badoom! Broadbeard's hateful rival, Adman:

      And finally Gnorke Radfizzle painted by said von Elak (I had nothing to do with painting). My brother's mate is in for a treat!

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    • @Little Joe: Thank you kindly! I'll pass on the praise to my friend.

      Forest Trolls

      I recently attended a Post-Apocalyptic event for the fourth time. Played havoc in a comic figure way as a shouting and stomping soldier (and utter treacherous bastard) in the usual way. A couple of people there got into contact with me afterwards, and came up with the idea to sculpt some folksy forest trolls in the style of John Bauer. They wanted that for an army of their own, and rightfully thought there to be niche for that sort of thing.

      However, the project queue is rather full for a good while ahead, and sculpting such miniatures to a good enough standard to warrant casting and selling would take its fair amount of time. So instead I offered to sculpt some pieces really quick for them to have cast themselves, and then pin together and add on tails, ears, tools, weapons, sacks and so on by their own hands. Hasty stuff cooked up in very few days at all with minimum care, but still a fun little thing to tackle. I'll give a heads-up somewhere if their homecasting goes fine and if they decide to sell a little excess on the side, in case anyone is interested. Will have to be revisited properly for the range sometime way down the pipeline:

    • @Little Joe: Thanks! I hope they'll get good use out of it.

      @Angel of Gaming: Cheers! Might pick them up again in the future and refine stuff for a commercial mould. :)

      I've painted nothing of the Kill Team stuff, only converted it. All painted by @Johan von Elak, for your display here below.

      Badoom! Broadbeard:

      During most of our Kill Team-RPG games we've actually had music playing to represent both the immediate sonic barrage emitted by Broadbeard's loudspekers, and the music he transmits across hacked radio channels (with comments of media moguls jumping from windows as their enterprises gets destroyed by Broadbeard's escapades). He obviously also report live from the field, and is the lousiest sneak, at skulking up on enemies, you've ever encountered. Clearly, the audio-disturbed mister Broadbeard has ruined many lives through his noisome adventures. Which leads us to...

      Ladies and gentlemen! Allow me to introduce to you the one and only Ad-Man! At a discount. This succesful salesman had his chin-shining career and life shattered by the hacking menaces of Badoom! Broadbeard's hated pirate radio. A madman down on his luck, the Ad-Man now take any little advertising job he can find, says all the old salesman lines cheerfully all the time, even while killing others, although his baleful inner nature will occasionally break through in his speech as he devilishly shoves enormous doses of medicine down his rival Broadbeard's throat. Note washing-up liquid Molotov cocktail:

      Gnorke Radfizzle and Badoom! Broadbeard in a hostile encounter with the Ad-Man. Such concentrated infamy!

      The same gangsters meeting Count Orcula. He doesn't drink... vine. Face, collar and cloak sculpted:

      As of currently in our Kill Team campaign, the irradiated Gnome criminal Gnorke Radfizzle (wanted across six continents!) has been captured by the authorities. Will this dastardly bastard escape from the clutches of justice?

      Find out in next episode of Kill Team!

      Furthermore, I've been using the Warhammer fortress as a green stuff dumping place. Whenever I've got some sculpting putty left over, I've often pressed it to the crevices of the glued-together towers, eventually filling up and sculpting over the corners. Creeper plants were added by attaching wire and birch seed leaves with contact glue. Stones were painted in varied colours as per here (including with some stippled-on green and yellow and white moss spots), and then drybrushed all at once with light grey mixed with beige, and given a black wash. This was painted by me and my brother @EEJR:

      Lastly, the opportunity to photograph some old conversions got grabbed while at it. From @'Johan von Elak''s collection, converted by me:

      Rat Ogres. Note the maimed Chaos Dwarf corpse. Hellcannon aesthetic, from years before before Legion of Azgorh was released. Also note the dripping acid disintegrating Night Goblins.

      Human slaves. Kislevite and Arabyan. Note vodka flask filled with ratman urine which the man angrily throws out after tasting:

      Gnoblars. I got used to making wire skeletons out of paper clips pinned into carved pieces of plastic sprue when building these fellows. Plastic Gnoblar in the middle. Gnoblars on 25mm base to fit into an Orc unit fielding this character model from Warhammer Online: Collector's Edition.

      Thanks for watching!

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    • @infamousme: Corsairs of Umbar.

      Bloodbeard will run a homebrew Roman Risk boardgame for his school next year. He's been hard at sculpting a Testudo formation, an Onager catapult, a temple and a fort. I helped out by quicksculpting some warships of ancient times in between other stuff. Big one based on quinquiremes, the small one based on Liburnian patrol ships. Will also become available from Ramshackle Games thanks for their free casting service: