Battle of Brooklyn, 9th Age Fantasy battles tournament: JUNE 17 New York City

    • Battle of Brooklyn, 9th Age Fantasy battles tournament: JUNE 17 New York City

      9th age tournament nu brand gaming.
      Battle of Brooklyn, 9th Age Fantasy battles tournament
      Date: June 17, 2017
      4500 points
      20 players
      Costs: 15 dollars (20 dollars for non-members)
      Three rounds, three different scenarios, 2.5 hours each. Small prize support included for best general and best painter.

      For each scenario the following victory points always apply:
      Killing the general: 200 points
      Killing the battle standard bearer: 200 points

      Scenario one: Frontline Clash / No quarter given.
      Divide the table in four quarters. At the end of turn five or when the game has ended each player receives 100 points for every quarter it controls. A player controls a quarter when it has the most scoring units completely or more than 50% of the units' footprint inside the table quarter. When both players are tied for amount of scoring units inside a quarter no points can be received by either players. Each scoring unit can only claim one quarter per table.

      Scenario two: Refused Flank / Claim your prize
      Put a marker in the center of the battlefield. At the end of each turn after round 1, count the amount of scoring units for each player within a 7 inch radius to the marker and immediately add 100 victory points to the player with the most scoring units wholly or 50% of their footprint in the circle. After each round (after round two) subtract 1 inch from the radius. E.g. Round three has a 6 inch radius, round four has a 5 inch radius etc. etc.

      Scenario 3: Encircle / Weekend Warrior
      For this scenario you want to annihilate your enemy. All normal victory points apply, with the following additions. For each destroyed scoring unit the opposing player receives an additional 50 points. Only a maximum of 400 points per player can be scored from this scenario. Units fleeing from the table due to panic tests do not count towards this scenario.

      To sign up, please mention on the facebook event page that you will be going
      or email

      More details will follow in the upcoming months.

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