Brizzle GT (Bristol UK - 6th/7th May)

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    • Brizzle GT (Bristol UK - 6th/7th May)

      Hello 9th agers,

      As you may be aware the Bristol GT was in danger of being cancelled due to the original organiser Mark have real life intrude on his tournament plans. However, the event will be going ahead and slightly rebranded.

      I would like to welcome all of you available 9th age generals to the:

      Brizzle GT - Brizzle G-Tizzle - same venue the B.I.G gaming centre in Bristol on the same dates, 6th and 7th of May.

      We are working through a couple of details like quotes for Trophies and player packs, but there is some info I can let you know now:

      Your tournament organisers will be:

      Roger Barnett
      Kieran Showell
      Jack Austin
      Ken Groom

      We will share all the tournament duties and organisation between us, and data entry on the day and therefore we also hope to participate and play as there should always be one or two of us available when needed. Obviously any judges rulings will attempt to be impartial and fair and if its the case that there is a game that includes a TO, then we will be using the ancient Ken Groom system of "its close enough to four up it" if no agreement can be reached, but we of course hope that players can amicably decide amongst themselves as a first port of call.

      The venue is big (pun intended) and has plenty of space so we wont cap the amount of tickets yet, unless that becomes an issue.

      We do urge interested people to put your names down asap and PAY asap once we have fixed ticket prices and sorted out whos paypal we are going to use.

      IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ticket price set

      Ticket price is £23 for 5 games of 9th age. Remember lunch is not included. Please pay via PayPal (mark as gift) to:

      We will crowdsource the lists for checking and release them ASAP, and submissions should be nice and simple, in the body of an email, in plain text without any formatting boll*cks.

      Some info we dont have as i write this, but broadly speaking you can rely on the following:

      1. List submission date will likely be 2 weeks before the event.

      2. We WONT be organising meals, because its quite short notice now and well, we cant be bothered, but there are plenty of food options nearby, a tesco, and a mcdonalds, or just bring your own sarnies.

      3. We will use the Paddyhammer pack, once weve edited the necessary name changes and address etc.

      4. Prizes will be awarded for: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place gaming, best army, best sports, wooden spoon and more than likely some spot prizes on the day. We also hope to do small prizes for best in race, certificates or the like, this is TBC (possibly more, depending on ticket sales)

      5. We are seeking some sponsorship for the prizes. Watch this space. (i know a guy who knows a guy).

      I think I have covered most of it, keep checking back we will release more info as we get confirmation of things, and please pass the news on to your clubs and team mates, we would love to see you there and hope to run an event that encapsulates the 9th age UK scene at the moment which is of competitive fun with a good dose of gentlemanly conduct.

      Brizzle TOs - Rog, Kie, Ken, Jack

      :) :) :) =O

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    • Reserved for players and paid list

      1. Ken Groom - Eagle Gaming
      2. Rog Barnett - DudleyBoyz
      3. Kieran Showell - DudleyBoyz
      4. Jack Austin - Pigmar
      5. Tom Taylor - Pigmar
      6. Phil Riley - Pigmar
      7. Sam Freestone - Dudley boyz
      8. Jeremy Keeling - Inglorious Bustards
      9. Nick Vaux - Inglorious Bustardss
      10. Chris Cooper - Inglorious Bustards
      11. James Butler - Inglorious Bustards
      12. Mal Patel
      13. Warren Brewster
      14. Callum Mellis
      15. Jack Chapman - Thundercox
      16. Mike Silvester - Thundercox
      17. Terry Flaherty - Thundercox
      18. Alex Wheatley - Thundercox
      19. Ross Stevenson
      20. Jamie Armstrong
      21. Andy Dalton
      22. Andrew Huntley - Vale Renegadesa
      23. Rob Cousins - Vale Renegades

      24. Andrew Lewis - Vale Renegades
      25. Guillermo Nicolau - Vale Renegades
      26. Craig Harris - Vale Renegades
      27. Jamie Sloper - Vale Renegades
      28. Ollie Mather - Vale Renegades
      29. Nav Hussein - Feral Hartz
      30. Frodo Baggins Wordsworth - Feral Hartz
      31. Francesco Cacciatore - Feral Hartz
      32. Hugh Scarlin

      33. Amit Hindocha - Team England
      34. Chris Legg - Team England - UNPAID. No comms
      35. Pete Gray
      36. Mark Greensill - Team Chester
      37. Josh Burns - Team Chester
      38. Alex Wallace - Team Chester
      39. Paul Furnborough (Ferny) - Team Chester
      40. Jordan Davies - Team Chester
      41. Mel Campbell - Surrey Spartans
      42. David Johnson - Surrey Spartans

      43. Luke Tranter
      44. Marco Caminiti
      45. Hristo Nikolov
      46. Jake Corteen
      47. Matt Sewell
      48. Stephen Slatcher

      Grudges welcome!

      Rog Barnett Grudges Paul 'Ferny' Furnborough!

      Alex Wheatley Grudges Jeremy Keeling!

      Jack Chapman Grudges Tom Taylor!

      Jack Austin Grudges Mal Patel!

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    • V1 of the tournament pack is here:


      Draw to go here:

      1. Rog Barnett vs Paul Furnborough
      2. Alex Wheatley vs Jeremy Keeling
      3. Jack Chapman vs Tom Taylor
      4. Jack Austin vs Mal Patel
      5. Sam Freestone vs Marco Caminiti
      6. Josh Burns vs Guillermo Nicolau
      7. Mike Silvester vs Stephen Slatcher
      8. Amit Hindocha vs Ken Groom
      9. Callum Mellis vs Jamie Armstrong
      10. Terry Flaherty vs David Johnson
      11. Andy Dalton vs Craig Harris
      12. Liam Wordsworth vs Jamie Sloper
      13. Pete Grey vs Luke Tranter
      14. Kieran Showell vs Chris Cooper
      15. Nav Hussein vs Ross Stevenson
      16. Jordan Davies vs Hristo Nikolov
      17. Mel Campbell vs Ollie Mather
      18. James Butler vs Andrew Lewis
      19. Phil Riley vs Hugh Scarlin
      20. Warren Brewster vs Andrew Huntley
      21. Nick Vaux vs Chris Legg
      22. Francesco Cacciatore vs Alex Wallace
      23. Rob Cousins vs Jake Corteen
      24. Matt Sewell vs Mark Greensill

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    • Cheers Gents, looking forward to the event. I paid Mark via Paypal back on the 27th, please could you add me to the paid and attending list!

      Community Engagement

      Background Team

      Dark Overlord of Kala Volcanis

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my Blogs; The Tales of Kala Volcanis and for some of my Ninth Age stuff!
    • Hi everyone,

      Just a quick monday morning update. Due to the stop start nature of the event in that we took over running things half way through, we are now quite close to the event date with some costs out standing, the venue, and trophies and the like. What with Easter weekend coming up next weekend too, it doesnt leave us that much time. So on behalf of your friendly four TOs of the apocalypse, if you havent paid yet and you are coming could we respectfully ask that you pay your ticket price sooner than later, as soon as possible really, so we can square away the venue and have some funds on hand to get things moving.

      your help is greatly appreciated!


      EDIT - Those who had already paid Mark will be getting a refund from him shortly. Therefore, we would ask you to use the PayPal account in this thread to pay for the event from scratch. Thanks in advance for getting this all sorted as quickly as you can.


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