SA: OLD-v0.8 playtesting feedback

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    • Nathan Young wrote:

      the ward save was only for the rider and was played as such.
      Hey. You'll never use a ward save thats on the character on a ridden monster as "all attacks are resolved against the monster" so its a waste of points. @bobhope99 This might be something that comes up fairly often as players learn this rule set. Our Veteran Mount and Ancient Mount are different rule sets but players won't necessarily realise. I can see this being played wrong the first time a lot.
    • Hello,

      I have posted a new report recently from the game against Reptilians with the version 7.0 of the rules and army lists. For full report, please, follow this link:

      MSU HE - 9th Age - 2400 vs Reptilians - 18.10

      For your convenience, here are my impressions on the units I faced in that game. I hope this feedback will be useful for the further development of Reptilians army book.

      Reptilians - Impressions

      Army List

      High Priest, level 4, Universal Knowledge (knows all signature spells), Scepter of Power
      BSB, I10 Sword, Potion of Strength, 2+ armor save
      Priest, level 1, Dispel Scroll - Path of Beasts

      23 Saurus Totem Warriors, Hand Weapons, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Courage
      24 Skink Braves + 3 Croxisaurus, Musician, Banner
      10 Skink Hunters, javelins, shields

      24 Saurus Shrine Guard, Full Command, Warden's banner
      5 Chameleons
      5 Chameleons
      5 Saurus Raptor Riders, Musician
      5 Saurus Raptor Riders, Musician
      Maceosaurus (Bastiladon)

      Spike Lizard (Razordon)
      Spike Lizard (Razordon)

      High Priest - magic was always a strong aspect for Reptilians and
      laribold didn't make an exception for his force. His High Priest knows
      all signature spells thanks to Universal Knowledge and that is a powerful combination indeed. Being level 4 makes it so because he can comfortably cast spells with 2 dice or safely make 3 dice rolls anyway. Since feedback from overwhelming power depends on how many power dice you use it is clear that T4 Priest is less worried about it than T3 elf.

      In addition, Priest is even more versatile because he can use other elements (not only skink priests) as vessels for their spells (not all of the spells though). Combine it with bound spells due to Sun Engine and it is easy to cast several magic missiles a turn even with low winds of magic while being in a relatively safe position too.

      You could witness the efficiency of the magic phase here where every single spell was cast comfortably and it was very difficult to make a decision which one to stop.

      BSB - very good choice, definitely helps Phalanxes a lot in his
      dual role as BSB and good fighter. Many units in Reptilian army have now
      the rule called "Born Predator" and they can re-roll 1's to hit too. It is a very good rule that replaced the one where for each 6 to hit a model could make additional attack.

      I10 is extremely helpful now and his already high strength can be further boosted.

      Priest - High Priest little helper is here to provide following
      assistance: improve the chance to get extra dice for channeling, act as a
      vessel and carry always useful Dispel Scroll. Beast magic suits
      Reptilians very well too. Small investment but great addition for sure.

      Saurus Totem Warriors
      - I always imagined that Reptilians army are not true armies without
      phalanxes of these brutal warriors. With new rule to allow them re-rolls
      to hit if 1's are obtained and then new parry rule means they can take
      come charges and hit back too. They are very good ad grinding and war of attrition and can absorb some shooting damage well. Excellent core regiment.

      Skink Braves + Croxisaurus
      - very interesting combination now since it has some interesting rules
      due to combination of models. Very fast infantry and very versatile also
      because they have some shooting potential. The shooting attacks against
      this unit
      are randomized, 5+ hit Croxisauruses. Since skinks are also equipped
      with shields then they use parry rule to mitigate the incoming attacks
      and help Croxisauruses to swing the balance into their favor. Of course
      the enemy can allocate close combat attacks against big guys but I think
      it makes them very good and flexible regiment. It can either keep up
      the pace with cavalry, help infantry and is great as a solitary flanking
      unit too. They were the ones that did the most damage to my army after all

      Skink Hunters
      - skirmishing regiment that often acts as bodyguards for high Priest so
      that the infantry can get close and personal with the enemy. Very
      useful thanks to its maneuverability.

      Saurus Shrine Guard
      - Elite saurus warriors. They hit harder although may choose more
      defensive option with and weapon and shield if need be. There is also an
      option for High Priest to join them so that there is also a choice to
      consider and not reveal the plans to the enemy. In fact, it is also very
      handy as the Priest can easily move to join them during the game (e.g.
      using Shadows magic lore attribute :)).

      Chameleons - very annoying scouts, harder to spot and not so easy to get rid of but very helpful to the whole army indeed. No surprise to have them here at all.

      Saurus Raptor Riders - hard hitting cavalry, even in small units they can hit hard and then keep grinding
      the enemy down. Potentially 1+ armor save but quite expensive if given
      that opportunity. Very good with Lances as riders have 2 S6 attacks on
      the charge. They also reroll 1's to hit so there is some insurance for
      rubber lance syndrome. Fast as heavy cavalry goes and big threat to my
      small units as it was seen in the game where their mere presence on the
      flank stalled the advance.

      Did they need the improvement in the form of Lance replacing Spear? I
      don't think so. They are hitting hard enough on their own and in the
      same way as I oppose improvement of elven knights to get S4, I don't
      think Riders need lances either.

      Maceosaurus - For me this beast is some kind of heavy but slow chariot for Reptilians and is great as a support for infantry. It has the bound spell to cast some always handy magic missiles but Sun Engine also adds +1 WS to the troops in 6" which is really neat help.

      It was used very well to slow down the advance of the Knights along the
      flank and I think I should have pressed much harder to hunt it down

      Spike Lizards - Spike Lizards are mobile artillery with the following rules:

      No problems with handlers anymore as it is just a single model with a single profile now but it is still considered as a skirmisher. It is very helpful to get rid of cheap diverters but can also be dangerous for other units or simply finish off the wounded ones.

      It was a priority for me as such shooters can quickly decimate my small units and make them unusable in combat.

      Spinosaurus - it is another great support for Reptilians. It has bound spell and adds +1 to WS due to Sun Engine but also can be a magic beacon
      as skink priest. So my opponent had both flanks covered thanks to these
      models. Then it is fast monster that does not have many attacks but
      still thunder stomps infantry. On top of that it has a S5 d3 wounds
      shooting attack that may be problematic for the griffon rider too.

      All in all I think this particular army is awesome. It has plenty of
      tools, looks like an army, participates in all phases of the game, can
      be both offensive and defensive force.