EoS: OLD-v0.8 playtesting feedback

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    • EoS: OLD-v0.8 playtesting feedback

      Please post all playtesting feedback for the Empire of Men here.


      Here is what we are looking for with regards to feedback:

      Size of GameLength of Game (time).
      Player Experience LevelOpponent Experience Level
      # of Game With Current Draft# of Game with Current Draft
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)If opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)

      Here is a description of the possible responses for "Experience Level" above. Please be honest in your assessment of your skills: there is no shame in being a casual player, and we are trying to design a game that will appeal to both Casual and Tournament players alike.

      Self-Reported ExperienceDescription
      Casual<2 years Experience. Does not participate in tournaments.
      Intermediate2-5 years Experience. Sometimes participates in tournaments.
      Expert5+ years Experience. Familiar with ETC/Swedish comps. Regularly participates in tournaments.
      Tournament5+ years Experience. Places at local tournaments. Experience in ETC or Master's-level tournaments.

      Please include a copy of both your and your opponent's list. We do not need every detail: units, their numbers, and any particularly new magic items or configurations you were testing will suffice.

      Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1
      Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2
      Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3
      Choice 4Choice 4Choice 4
      Choice 5Choice 5Choice 5

      Please then include a short description of the game, the outcome, and what your and your opponent's thoughts were. If you feel anything needs tuning, please leave it here. Important: A single game does not determine an item's / unit's power level. Please test multiple times, in multiple configurations before suggesting feedback that xyz needs a redesign.
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    • Playtesting Feedback

      Hello all my fellow men of the Empire! I need you. As we develop the army book we need as much playtesting feedback as possible. This is where you come in.

      Please post below, information retaining SOLELY to your experiences with different units in the Empire TAC. How did they perform? What did they fight. How were your dice rolls? What would you change? Etc.

      Your feedback will be pivotal to our army development so please, play some Ninth Age and let us know how it went!

      Former Rules-Team Support,
      Former Infernal Dwarfs Army Support
      Former Empire of Sonnstahl Army Support
      Current High School Teacher
    • Hi everyone, I'm going to be posting some experimental rules shortly. We are looking to get community feedback from playtesting on the detachment special rule for the new empire of men Army book.

      After I post up the new rules please take the opportunity to use them in your next game and record the results. What did you find effective, what you found in ineffective, and suggestions for improvements.

      Please let the other player know that the 9th Age Empire staff have authorized this special role within games for play testing only. Thanks everyone and keep the feedback coming in.

      Former Rules-Team Support,
      Former Infernal Dwarfs Army Support
      Former Empire of Sonnstahl Army Support
      Current High School Teacher
    • Hello everyone.

      First, my written English is very bad, so I use the Google translator. Excuse me. Below is the original in Spanish.

      I recently played a battle between Empire and Elf Nature 1000 points.

      My army was:

      1 General
      1 BattleStandard Bearer
      1 WizardLevel 2 of the Path of Heaven
      20 veterans swordsmen, with full command group
      10 hundgun, championwith Long-barrelled Handgun
      3 Griffon Knights, with full command group
      1 Multi-barreledSwivel Gun

      Result: Surrender on Turn 3

      The first shift was the Empire.

      In the first two turns, the champion with Long-barrelled Handgun managed to kill two elves.At the end of turn 2 of the elves, the hundgun had died by the magic arrows.
      The Griffon Knights received the load of 5 wild riders that caused seven injuries beforethe leader could respond, causing one injury.

      Early in the third inning, the Multi-barreled Swivel Gun was intended in rank to a group of Dryads and pulled two sixes, which exploded (pre-departure exploited only 1 andno 6). After the explosion, I gave up.

      My conclusions: Empire is useless. And the worst is that I love Empire by background and aesthetics. But it has no punch or endurance. When I compareprofiles of other armies with Empire, I get angry.

      After thisbattle I played a Dwarf, versus Beastmen. The result, narrow victory after six innings. My gun was destroyed after a low single cause. My soldiers were ambushed from behind. And yet they endured and won. Why? Because they have special rules and a cost them much better than Empire. A difference of 2 points,taking into account the best profile attributes and special rules, is simply ridiculous.

      I sincerely hope that Empire receives improvements or other hosts are heavily nerfed.

      A greeting.


      Hola atodos.

      Hace poco jugué una batalla entre Imperio y Elfos de la Naturaleza a 1000 puntos.

      Mi ejércitoera:

      1 General
      1Portaestandarte de batalla
      1 Mago denivel 2 de la Senda de los Cielos
      20 espadachines veteranos, con grupo de mando completo
      10 tiradorescon arcabuz, con líder con rifle largo
      3semigrifos, con grupo de mando completo
      1 Cañón desalvas

      Resultado: Rendición en el turno 3

      El primer turno fue del Imperio.

      En los dos primeros turnos, el líder con rifle largo logró matar 2 elfos. Al final del turno 2 de los elfos, los tiradores habían muerto por las flechas mágicas.
      Los semigrifos recibieron la carga de 5 jinetes salvajes que causaron 7 heridas antes de que el líder pudiera responder, causando una sola herida.

      Al principio del tercer turno, el cañón de salvas tenía por fin en rango a un grupo de dríadas y saco dos seises, por lo que explotó (antes de la partida solo explotaba con 1 y no con 6). Tras la explosión, me rendí.

      Mis conclusiones: Imperio es inútil. Y lo peor es que Imperio me encanta por trasfondo y estética. Pero no tiene pegada ni aguante. Cuando comparo perfilesde otros ejércitos con los de Imperio, me enfado.

      Tras esta batalla jugué una con Enanos, versus Hombres Bestia. El resultado, victoria por la mínima tras seis turnos. Mi cañón fue destruido tras causar una sola baja. Mis guerreros fueron emboscados por la retaguardia. Y con todo, aguantaron y vencieron. ¿Por qué? Porque tienen reglas especiales y un coste que los hace mucho mejores que Imperio. Una diferencia de 2 puntos, teniendo en cuenta el mejor perfil de atributos y las reglas especiales, es simplemente ridículo.

      Espero sinceramente que Imperio reciba mejoras o que el resto de ejércitos sean fuertemente nerfeados.

      Un saludo.
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      Rah, after through the heart of Pride with his sword

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    • My firts NERFED Empire of Men´s list played: 2400 (0.6)

      Field Marshall on Gryphon, plate, shield, save 4++, dragon helms, ogre sword 372

      High Cleric on Altar, bluffer helms, heavy, shield, kingslayer, lucky stone 353 (now is more expensive!)

      Mage, lv2, + dispel scrol 135
      Inquisitor, plate A, Strengh potion 80
      Captain, plate A, shield, battlestandar, dragon mantle 123

      40 Swordmen + Command 230
      40 Halberdiers + Command 270
      11 handgunners + champion+ repeter gun 108

      20 Worshipers + Command 190
      5 Imperial ranged cavalry 75
      5 Imperial ranged cavalry, heavy, repeter gun 100

      Steel Tank 260
      Mortar 100

      I wanted to play with the units that did not usually used in last ed.
      My opponent used my own list of Skaven, and we thought that it is an army on the same level.

      Grey Prophet; general; Uses Path of Disease; Doomsday Wagon; Skull Splitter; Gem of Fortune; Dispel Scroll 510 pt

      Plague Prophet; Plague Wagon; Plague Flail; Talisman of Supreme Shielding 310 pt

      Ratmen Captain; Heavy Armour, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer 76 pt


      14 X Giant Rodents

      30 X Ratmen Warriors; full Command Group 180 pt

      30 X Verminguard; full Command Group 240 pt

      30 X Plague Disciples; full Command Group 240 pt


      4 X Gargantuan Ratmen; Champion 170 pt

      5 X Plague Flail Bearer 60 pt

      5 X Plague Flail Bearer 60 pt


      Lightning Cannon 120 pt

      Rolling Doom 150 pt

      Mutated Monstrosity 225 pt

      Objetive on the center. Classical deployment
      First turn skaven
      First turn Empire and second skavens

      Skavens wins (1900 points)

      To be continue
      We are the Inquisition.

      We know where you live.

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    • Opinion of the units:

      Field Marshall on Gryphon> needs more strength or more attack power, or a reduction in price that makes it really playable.

      High Cleric on Altar> It is a support for the cost in 0.6.
      200 points for the altar, definitely not. Compared with other characters in war platforms; Must be solved urgently.

      Mage, lv2> ok

      Inquisitor> Died versus normal troops. But their relation cost/rules, still making them very good.

      Captain> ok

      40 Swordmen & 40 Halberdiers> I can not use veterans (not exist in this version)
      They did a good job at the beginning of the battle to start fighting, but then their relationship of cost and effectiveness became apparent.
      If it intended to be the core of the army, Special rules need now.

      11 handgunners> playable

      20 Worshipers> They die easily, so it not be a Unbreakable unit with long endurance. But they do lots of dameges as they die. In my humble opinion, excellent. They must also reach the final book in this state. DONT TOUCH!!!

      5 Imperial ranged cavalry> playable

      5 Imperial ranged cavalry, heavy, repeter gun> playable

      Steel Tank> tank died doing much damage in combat. A useless shot. He needs an extra wound. It is the only real anvil on the list.

      Mortar> Useless in this game (problems, bad luck) I don,t have a real opinion about this.

      And now, forget all I said:

      It seems that my opinions are very negative, but here comes the one that you should take into consideration;

      For the first time in years, I'm having fun playing with my army of empire.
      I really feel I have a good chance to build many types of list.
      You just need some adjustments so that they are at the same level of other armies.
      We are the Inquisition.

      We know where you live.

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    • I tested several lists (Mainly variations of Knight Commander in Griffon Bus with various support) vs several different opponents and my findings are the following:

      Field Marshal - Both the Griffon and The Dragon seem a little bit overpriced for what they offer. Last year I tested extensively Karl Franz on dragon for the ETC, so I am used to this kind of play style , but those options are just lacking right now.

      Knight Commander - I am pretty happy with this guy right now :) He is perfectly internally balanced.

      Archwizard - ok, just give the options for all the mounts again :)

      High Cleric - War altar at 200 seems a little bit too much. The Str debuff of the Banishment was not that devastating, because I am used to using him mainly as reliable chaff cleanser (My list last ETC :) ), but him costing 285 completely naked seems like an unnecessary change considering the fact that he can no longer threaten armored targets.

      All Heroes seemed ok, but I have not played with Inquisitors enough - they may need a little nurf :)

      Core - I know that the whole core is being reworked right now, so I am not going to give any comments here :) Will talk about this again when the book arrives.

      Worshipers and Imperial Guards - I have not tested them, but I cannot imagine taking them instead of some of the other options here.

      Imperial Scouts - At least for me they were SPOT ON :) They were a really needed addition in the empire play style.

      Imperial Ranged Cavalry - OKish. They kinda did they job - reliable redirecting and being annoying, but I got the feeling they are lacking as a TRUE fast cav - they are loosing most of the chaff wars and cannot hunt War machines reliably. But then again - maybe this is their purpose :)
      The upgraded versions look like a good addition to a dedicated shooting list.

      Griffon Knights - I have the feeling that right now they are Externally balanced, but internally they are just better than anything in the Special Slot. 55 points seem like fair price for what they do - the change from 1+ to 2+ is really big, but I think that the price can be upped a little bit if we do non change the internal balance.

      Arcane Altar - I have not tested the shield version, because it looked kinda useless (atleast to me) and the other Foreseeing is nurfed into oblivion - a bound spell with 12 range and 6! casting value (need 3 dices in order to not risk it), +1 hit only to the Riders and foot soldiers, no extra dice (a light council will channel without the +3) AND +10 points seems like a little bit too much. It is not like this was present in all Empire lists last or was really broken in the first place.

      Templar Knights - they need rework on design level, I cannot imagine taking them instead the Demigrifs or the Core knights, BUT the price seems fine for what they provide :)

      Steel Tank - I like the new version quite a lot! His cannon right now is waaaay worse than a balista, but the unit a really good Anvil. Maybe we need the different platforms options again?

      Black Powder War Machine - The cannons got their much deserved nurf :) They definitely do their job, but it feels really strange that they cannot harm infantry blocks.
      The Morter seemed a little bit (10-20 points) under priced, but then again I played mainly against infantry based army. Maybe overall he is exactly where we want it.

      Experimental Weapons - Rocket Launcher needs rework on design level.
      Multi-barreled SwivelGun seems like a complete BEAST. Maybe it is the fact that the whole army is weaker now, but this thing is too strong when paired with Engineer. The thing that put it over the top is the fact that only 1 rolled 6 == 12 shots with -1 to hit :) This is design decision that just makes this a no brainer pick for both defensive and offensive builds. Maybe when the army is in the final form this will be where we want it, but right now it seems really ahead of the curve.

      All of the above is just a personal opinion, biased heavily by the fact that I am an aggressive player :) Feel free to argue with me on any point .
      ETC 2015 - Bulgaria Empire Player
      ETC 2016 - Bulgaria Captain with EoS
      ETC 2017 - Bulgaria Captain with OK
    • Hi guys, yesterday i played with a friend of mine 2400pts Empire vs Dwarfs
      I played:
      General on foot
      High cleric on foot
      lvl 4 Archmage Alchemy lore
      lvl 1 Heavens lore
      BSB on foot
      40 veteran swordsmen
      10 archers
      2x5 knights
      2x5 huntsmen
      2x4 griffon knights
      Cannon Mortar and Hurricanium

      He played Dwarf Lord
      Master Runic Smith
      Rune Smith
      30 honour guards with shield
      30 veterans with shield
      2 Stone Thrower
      20 Handgunners with scout and shield
      2x5 Deathseekers
      2 Gyrocopters

      It had been a boring game, lasted less than 2 hours, i explain you why:

      He deployed his shieldwalls in a corner, catapults behind them. Deathseekers and gyros in the flanks
      I deployed more or less at the center of the table

      The first half of the game my knights were able to kill gyros and seekers after that the griffon knights killed the handgunners
      The second half of the game he tried to charge me and i fled, under the shooting of his stone throwers

      At the end i won 11-9 but... i had the feeling of being powerless aganist his shieldwalls, they're just too much for the empire units

      After the game we rolled a few dices to see what would have happened if i charged the veteran shieldwall ( the "weak" one) with griffon knights: i would have been defeated! Then we rolled swordsmen aganist veteran: I would have been defeated....
      How can an empire army defeat in combat that kind of units???
    • Owen Edwards wrote:

      Tactics and manoeuvre - pin them down with a big unit of Swordsmen, hit them in the flank with Templars. I think the redevelopment of Templars and the new Detachments/Orders rules for Infantry will help a bit.
      He didnt move and he occupied the corner of the table so there werent flanks... even if if charged them i hit them with 5+ and wound them with 3+ and he strikes back a lot and strongly :D

      SuperZombie wrote:

      Or shoot them / magic them.

      Some units simply are better in combat than others.
      This was one of my options but my cannon was destroyed by the catapults and the mortar misfired :(
      About magic i hoped to have the gold transmutation but i didnt have that one

      Anyway the dwarf shieldwall list is very very strong, maybe too much for the actual empire lists
    • Theoretically, you could have buffed the veteran swordsmen with +1 to hit from Enchanted Blades and +1 from Foreseeing (Hurricanun), combined with High Cleric's Hate (also, AP 1). I understand the ocasion didn't apear? Or did he just killed too many swordsmen?

      Also Enchanted Griffons, for S5 and AP2, that's a -4 to armour (probably not enough attacks, but still powerfull, isn't it?).
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