UD: OLD-v0.8 playtesting feedback

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    • UD: OLD-v0.8 playtesting feedback

      Alright, lets get the ball rolling!

      Now that we've got everything required for initial playtesting, it's time to start doing so! The purpose of this topic is to have a single place where all the playtesting feedback about Entombed Dynasties can be gathered, and found from. To keep things easy to keep track of, this topic is ONLY for the feedback from the results of your games.

      Please don't post actual battle reports here (There is a separate sub-forum for that) and also please do not comment on other people's feedback here. A separate topic for that can be found HERE

      Here is what we are looking for with regards to feedback:

      Size of GameLength of Game (time).
      Player Experience LevelOpponent Experience Level
      # of Game With Current Draft# of Game with Current Draft
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)If opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)

      Here is a description of the possible responses for "Experience Level" above. Please be honest in your assessment of your skills: there is no shame in being a casual player, and we are trying to design a game that will appeal to both Casual and Tournament players alike.

      Self-Reported ExperienceDescription
      Casual<2 years Experience. Does not participate in tournaments.
      Intermediate2-5 years Experience. Sometimes participates in tournaments.
      Expert5+ years Experience. Familiar with ETC/Swedish comps. Regularly participates in tournaments.
      Tournament5+ years Experience. Places at local tournaments. Experience in ETC or Master's-level tournaments.

      Please include a copy of both your and your opponent's list. We do not need every detail: units, their numbers, and any particularly new magic items or configurations you were testing will suffice.

      Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1
      Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2
      Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3
      Choice 4Choice 4Choice 4
      Choice 5Choice 5Choice 5

      Please then include a short description of the game, the outcome, and what your and your opponent's thoughts were. If you feel anything needs tuning, please leave it here. Important: A single game does not determine an item's / unit's power level. Please test multiple times, in multiple configurations before suggesting feedback that xyz needs a redesign.
      Life is hard when you're a skeleton
    • Notes on the two games that I've played thus far, and actually remembered to write something resembling a report about.

      The Games

      Comments on the first game:

      This is exactly why I first considered that Ushabti should be T5 instead of S5. They can just pick bows, and proceed to be good at shooting AND combat. At least with T5, when something hits them they're actually in a pinch. Sure, they won't die to a lot of things, but neither are they going to dish out enough damage to just dominate the combat they ended up in because the enemy wanted them to stop shooting. THIS IS A UNIT WITH ALMOST NO WEAK SPOTS. THAT'S NOT GOOD. However, I'm also very big on Role Differences, and fear that T5 Ushabti would be too similar to Pyramid Guard in terms of role. (Both would be powerful Anvils)

      Necrotitans, man. They're kind of the same as Ushabti, but since they're monsters they've actually got exploitable weaknesses. Now, they're S6 so the way I see it, there's not a whole lot of reasons to give them anything but the Bow, since weapons aren't going to help them with Grinding Attacks. And even at its worst, the grinding attacks are more numerous than its normal attacks. Or, in other words: The Necrotitan is usually going to hit its targets on a 4+. So half of its attacks hit. At its worst, the grinding attacks gives it 3 extra hits, the equivalent of 6 attacks. Well, nearly the equivalent. Not quite as good, but very close. At its best, it gives it 5 hits, the equivalent of 10 attacks. Yeah.

      So just take the bow, plink at targets from range, and if they come close, charge and trust in your 11 to 15 attacks. In short, grinding attacks are amazing. I think they should be only d3+1. Or Grinding Attack should give extra Attacks, not extra Hits.

      Of course, it seems like you can take both the Bow AND a combat weapon. I see nothing wrong in grabbing paired weapons and wailing at things on initiative 2.

      The Serpents, with their rerolls to attack, and easy access to re-rolls to wound for the riders, performed really well, doing exactly what my vision for them is: Supporting units via flank- and rear charges. Too bad they didn't have any steadfast to break, just a lot of monsters.

      Oh! And Free Reform on the chariots is absolutely amazing. It gave me an immense amount of space to move them in, and backing up 8'' was extremely useful. Their combat capability is still entirely fortune based, but whatever, they killed a freaking Chimera.


      Comments on the Second Game

      Not as many comments as before, as I had ridiculously good luck in this game, while my opponent had the opposite.

      Once again, Ushabti show just how annoying they are, killing the BSB with their bows during the course of the game, (Holy Icon, love it.) and beating the Dwarftauri to pulps. Well, they were super lucky, but still. The Necrotitans did a wound or two with their shooting, with the other hitting the BSB during the game, but the bullward saved him. And in close combat, they too performed extremely well, Grinding everything down. 10/10, would nerf fast.

      The Guard were honestly a pleasant surprise, two combats, two dead guards. Didn't even resurrect them once. Being hit by +5 by almost everything is indeed a big deal, but I need more test games. The Pharaoh seemed so impossible to kill that he didn't even bother trying to touch it.

      Chariots continue to be delightful with how easily they can move around now. Can't say much else about that, I love their free reform.
      Life is hard when you're a skeleton
    • Some fresh feedbacks:

      - harbingers aura is really hard to cumulate and very expensive. Regen 4 is though, but i see lot of flaming attacks around... An increase to aura range is absolutely necessary.
      - skullstorm is now truly a good spell, i like it as i like the entire path, seems now a very well balanced path.
      - hierophant regen is almost useless. Maybe. It can be changed in +1 to ward save of the unit (up to a maximum of 4+?); or regen aura 12' cumulable with bone engineer (max 4+ temains); or +1 bonus to cast sand path agument spells on hierophant unit; or auto-healing d3 wounds on the unit... Here's just a few ideas. Keep in mind hierophant is a mandatory, hard to defend piece and lot of people complains of this must-have. We need to make players Love the hierophant instead, because it'sour signature character.
      - light armor option no longer make sense when you have heavy ones for characters...
      - units seems well balanced and very fair points cost.
      - soul tomb aka casket is still a good piece but not mandatory one - that's great imho.
      Alessandro Bartoloni - Italy
      Dynasties for the Undying Dynasties!!
    • Zaidar wrote:

      Keep in mind hierophant is a mandatory, hard to defend piece and lot of people complains of this must-have. We need to make players Love the hierophant instead, because it'sour signature character.
      Speaking from game design theory point of view: Anything that's mandatory must be worse in some way than its non-mandatory counterpart (see Core units). It might be worse on choice, on output, on survability, on price cost... But it must be worse in some way. In other words, non-mandatory options should be preferable to mandatory options.
      Otherwise, its mandatory-ness is totally irrelevant (since people will play it anyway even if it is non-mandatory) and therefore a fault of game design
    • Been a while since I wrote here, been so stuck on getting ready for the next big tournament in Finland, playing the same list over and over. Anyway, today I decided to give the Cavalry a try, as well as the funhouse choice of WIZARDING HOOD. My list was as follows.

      Palmu wrote:

      High Priest: Hierophant, lvl4, Pathmaster 260
      High Priest: lvl3, Wizarding Hood, Dispel Scroll 240

      Prince: General, Shield, Heavy Armor, Golden Mask 149
      Bone Engineer: BSB, Sand Serpent, Lance, Hardened Shield, Flame Banner 179

      25 Archers: Standard, Musician 170
      15 Skeleton Cavalry: Barding, Standard, Musician 290
      5 Horse Archers 70
      5 Horse Archers 70

      34 Pyramid Guard: Standard, Musician, Shields, Banner of Discipline 385
      5 Pyramid Knights: Standard, Musician, Holy Icon 325

      Spirit Tomb 80
      Soul Colossus 185
      My opponent was Elves of Light with tons of archers and shadow warriors, 15 Heavy Cavalry, a prince and BSB on griffons and an Archmage on griffons. I spent the game largely shuffling around while getting pincushioned, and as such won't be writing a battle report as, quite simply, very few things actually happened! Damn elven ballerinas.

      In addition, I was unlucky and rolled Lore of Light for the Hoodpriest, ruining my chance of trying out a new lore and just getting a light wizard with stupidity :(

      However, core points:

      -The plan was to Vanguard the Cavalry into the elven flank. This worked perfectly, but in exchange the horsemen took so much massed fire on the first turn that they had to retreat back into the range of the Hierophant. However, they then spent the next four turns absorbing ridiculous amounts of fire and surviving due to their armor saves, only to get revived and shot at some more. I think that about 20 horsemen died in this match. I had 15. I'm still unsure about using them, but their worth as a flank threat has been noted. If nothing else, they kept the opponent from firing at my Snakes with abandon.

      -The Bone Engineer continues to impress. While the snakes didn't do much this game, they were still a massive threat with all the special rules packed into a single unit, and the opponent avoided them like a plague up until the end where I opened them up to a flank charge and got them killed. oops. However, prior to this the Engineer had charged out of the unit to hunt down the elven archmage, but ended up in combat with the BSB instead, won the combat, and pursued him down. Only to get killed by a bolt thrower. Dang.

      -My Tomb died to a chain lightning on the first round (for the second time in a row, damnit) so I still can't say what I think of the +3 channel trick. Well, actually, I can. I think it should be to both channels. As it is, 80 points for a better channel and Chain Lightning just still seems a bit steep. Especially since the Tomb can blow up and harm my own units, which it did.

      -Guard continues to be a threat to everything that lives upon our green Earth, and the opponent knew this. Sadly, my list just wasn't geared to actually make use of them. Next time, I'll be trying Ushabtis with them.
      Life is hard when you're a skeleton
    • As i was your opponent i will give you my point of view ;)

      My roster :

      High Prince General : 426pts
      Griffon, Sprout of Rebirth, Dragon Helm, Raider’s Bow, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Lion Fur.

      Archmage Lvl4 : 410pts
      Griffon, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Dispel Scroll, Path of Death.

      High Captain BSB : 361pts
      Griffon, Armour of Destiny, Shield, Lion Fur, Lance.

      5 Elvish Light Cavalry : 90pts

      5 Elvish Light Cavalry : 90pts

      5 Elvish Light Cavalry : 90pts
      14 Elvish Heavy Cavalry : 362pts
      Full Command Group, Banner of Fire.

      10 Shadow Watchers : 130pts
      10 Shadow Watchers : 130pts
      5 Shadow Watchers : 65pts
      3 Coast Guard Reaper : 240pts

      I spent the game largely shuffling around while getting pincushioned, and as such won't be writing a battle report as, quite simply, very few things actually happened! Damn elven ballerinas.
      Everything works as i planned.
      First you have so many models and you can revive them, so my shooting can't be very effective.
      Sec' your army was packed in a corner, witch is good because i can't rush you, BUT you allow me to be very dangerous during the magic phase due to chain lightning and comet.
      My plan was simple :
      - kill your chaff unit to allow me doing some good charges T5 or T6.
      - focus my shooting on a single unit is more effective as you can revive a lot of them.
      - stay patient and control your movements. You are packed so i can't go face to face, what i needed was to attract your fast unit far from your mage bunker. More simply to split your army. What indeed started to happen T4 when i decided to put a threat on your bunker with my griffons.

      -The Bone Engineer continues to impress. While the snakes didn't do much this game, they were still a massive threat with all the special rules packed into a single unit, and the opponent avoided them like a plague up until the end where I opened them up to a flank charge and got them killed. oops. However, prior to this the Engineer had charged out of the unit to hunt down the elven archmage, but ended up in combat with the BSB instead, won the combat, and pursued him down. Only to get killed by a bolt thrower. Dang.
      The real threat for me was to face your army on 2 front. This is why during the last turns i allowed you to kill a chaff unit while shooting the same unit, and concentrate my force on your knights. I did a big mistake with my chaff because i forgot your snaky bsb, but the only problem was supposed to be the charge on the archmage. Dices decided to let my bsb flooding the floor with his blood.
      But for sure the Bone Engineer is really good :thumbsup: .

      I think a perfect ED shooting list is able to crush mine as a peace of cake, but also allow me to push so who knows.
      ED are good like this, as you said Palmu the path of heavens could be appreciate, but it can be really strong with the combos you are able to put on the field. And the path of sands is the most important for your army, definitly not the same thing if you play without this path.

      Cheers, Aglion
    • I've started testing the Battlesphinx. I have to say that quite a few things have changed for the Sphinx. With the Gem of Fortune, the Bronze Breastplate and the general nerf to cannons, it was an implacable juggernaut against Dwarves, practically impossible to shoot down. Sadly, I wasn't aware of the nerf to cannons and the wounds they do, (I'm blind, apparently) and kept the sphinx hidden for far too long. By the time I brought it out to just march through the open, it was already too late and everything fled from it.

      However, had that Sphinx been an Unit? It would have died after the first round of being shot at. So many sixes to wound, including a hit from a rolling cannonball. Speaking of cannonballs, they have a very hard time doing anything to a Sphinx now. with a BS3 crew, it has a 50% chance to scatter for ''2, but even with a 2'' miss, it still has around 30% chance of scattering into a good direction to hit the sphinx anyway. However, if it misses, the roll can only wound them on 6's, made even more difficult for a mount. So, around 47% chance of missing the sphinx outright when shooting, and it can't kill it anyway. With the Gem of Fortune, it becomes extremely difficult to wound with shooting, considering almost everything wounds it on 6's anyway.

      In melee, it's a different thing, and the Sphinx is at the mercy of the enemy rolling 6's to wound. A charge from a BSB and a Dragon lord saw it die in a single round of combat because the opponent lucked out and got double sixes on his rolls to wound with the dragon, and the sphinx and Khopesh-equipped Pharaoh (I wanted to try it out) were unable to do anything in return, their damage output far too small for the situation they found themselves in. They were already losing the combat by two from charge and BSB, and the wounds taken upped this loss to 4. An instant kill. While Unstable is usually a great rule, on lone characters like this it bites back fairly often. Say, if an elf prince on Dragon was to take three wounds and lose combat, it would still be testing on a (most likely) re-rollable LD7. If a Sphinx takes three wounds and loses combat, it's dead. The price we pay for not caring about LD in general?
      Life is hard when you're a skeleton
    • 2,000 points Entombed Dynasties vs Warriors of the Waste

      Entombed Dynasties (My list)

      High Death Priest (Skeleton Bowmen Unit) (Survived)
      - Level 4 (Lore of Sands)
      - Book of a Thousand Incantations
      - Gemstone Amulet

      Tomb Harbinger (Pyramid Knight unit) (Survived)
      - Bone Engineer
      - Heavy Armour
      - Shield
      - Lance
      - Sand Serpent

      Tomb Harbinger (Pyramid Knight unit) (Survived)
      - Bone Engineer
      - Heavy Armour
      - Shield
      - Lance
      - Sand Serpent

      5 Skeleton Light Cavalry (Killed by Crushers)

      5 Skeleton Light Cavalry (Killed by Favoured)

      20 Skeleton Bowmen (Survived)
      - Standard
      - Musician

      4 Desert Chariots (Killed by Favoured)
      - Standard
      - Musician
      - Banner of Speed

      Battlesphinx (Survived)

      Battlesphinx (Survived)

      4 Pyramid Knights (Survived, but Decimated)
      - Standard
      - Musician

      Necrotitan (Survived)
      - Massive Aspen Bow
      - Additional Hand Weapon

      Spirit Tomb (Survived)


      Warriors of the Waste (Opponent)

      Chosen Sorcerer (Survived)
      - Level 4 (Path of Disease)
      - Mark of Pestilence
      - Earthing Rod
      - Talisman of Supreme Shielding
      - Maxed out Armour
      - Warp Daemon Steed

      Chosen Champion (Killed by 2 Battlesphinxes)
      - Mark of Pestilence
      - Battle Standard
      - Talisman of Greater Shielding
      - Sword of Bashing
      - Maxed out Armour
      - Warp Daemon Steed

      5 Warhounds (Killed by Light Cavalry)
      - Vanguard

      5 Warhounds (Killed by Light Cavalry)
      - Vanguard

      5 Warhounds (Killed by Desert Chariots)
      - Vanguard

      Wasteborn Chariot (Killed by 2 Battlesphinxes)
      - Mark of Pestilence
      - Barding

      Wasteborn Chariot (Killed By Pyramid Knights)
      - Mark of Pestilence
      - Barding

      Wasteborn Chariot (Killed by Necrotitan)
      - Mark of Pestilence
      - Barding

      18 Favoured (Killed by Pyramid Knights)
      - Mark of Pestilence
      - Additional Hand Weapons
      - Full Command
      - Banner of Speed

      Chimera (Killed at range by a 'Righteous Smited' Necrotitan who bribed the Chaos Gods for some serious luck)
      - Breath Weapon

      3 Crushers (Flanked and Killed by Necrotitan and Battlesphinx)
      - Mark of Wrath
      - Lance
      - Full Command
      - War Standard

      Deployment: Classic
      Secondary Mission: Breakthrough

      Approximate Result:
      1,700 VP (Entombed Dynasties)
      600 VP (Warriors of the Waste)
      Entombed Dynasties Victory

      • There are errors in the 0.7.2 beta Warriors of the Waste army list regarding Additional Hand Weapons. Some entries, such as Favoured, have two listings for Additional Hand Weapons and have different points costs listed for both. We took the more expensive listing as the correct pricing, but this needs to be addressed for clarity and professionalism.
      • There was confusion as to how the boosted casting of Fog of Corruption worked in the Path of Disease. The boosted version states that the spell is an ‘aura’ and ‘universal’. The rules for both types are as follows:
      Aura: Auras are “area of effect” spells. When casting an Aura spell, all otherwise legal and possible targets (according to the rest of the Spell Types) have to be chosen as targets of the aura spell (for example, a spell with “Aura”, Augment” and “Range 12”” targets all friendly Units within 12”.

      Universal: Spells with the target restriction “Universal” may choose both friendly and enemy Units (or models if “Focused”) as targets.

      When my opponent (Matt) cast the boosted spell there were multiple friendly and enemy units within range. Because the spell counts as ‘universal’, does this mean that ALL units (including the chaos sorcerer) were hit by the fog or did Matt get to ‘choose’ which units were and were not affected. We played it that Matt got to choose which units were affected, but we were unsure to the point where Matt didn’t want to cast it to avoid a WTF situation. However in the end I told him to just allow it to affect my units. Perhaps some clarity in the Fog of Corruption and ‘universal’ spell rules here could help.

      • New magic phase is great and far less devastating; which is a good thing.
      • New line of sight rules are much better than 8th Edition’s TLoS.
      • Loving the rebalancing of unit options. Both Matt and I are taking units that during 8th Edition we never used.
      • New combat rules for breaking Steadfast when flanking with two ranks and allowing rank-and-file to always attack other rank-and-file are fantastic.
      • None really. Just perhaps clearer clarification of rules that I am sure will come in further draft releases.

      - Marching within 12” of the general is a HUGE improvement that allows for more offensive play with the Entombed Dynasties. I like that marching works within 12” of the general and not the hierophant. This is a good thing.

      - The lack of any Entombed Dynasty magic item slots for Talismans and Arcane Items is ludicrous. Considering that other nations raided ‘Nehekhara’ for their riches. Also, given the magical prowess of the ‘Tomb Kings’, having no unique Talismans and Arcane Items for the Entombed Dynasties feels very uncharacteristic of what the army should be. That said I’m sure this will be addressed with the reworked version in the future.

      - A problem that was regularly bought up on the Khemri Forum was the excessive cost of casting the basic version of many Tomb King spells. From what I’ve seen this has been addressed with only some of the new Path of the Sands spells. (Mainly the Lore Attribute and Skullstorm) For example, ‘The Desert Wind’ spell in ‘Tomb Kings’ and ‘Entombed Dynasties’ does exactly the same thing and costs 8+ to cast in both lists. The basic version of the spell works as the following:

      The Desert Wind
      Range 24”, Augment, 8+ to cast. “Target may perform a “X” Magical Move, where X is equal to the unit's Movement allowance”

      Now let’s compare that to the Path of White Magic Spell ‘Walk between Worlds’.

      Walk Between Worlds
      Range 24”, Augment, 8+ to cast. “The target has the Ethereal special rule until the end of the phase. The target may perform a 10” magical move

      Walk Between Worlds is clearly a better spell for the exact same casting cost, spell type and spell range. Walk Between Worlds gives the target a 10” flight move compared to an X move in The Desert Wind, which could be as little as a non-flight 4” move. Furthermore, Walk Between Worlds also gives the target Ethereal, which unlike other rules such as Frenzy, has no downside to it. This spell comparison suggests that for the 8+ casting cost; The Desert Wind is too costly, Walk Between Worlds is under costed, or a combination of both.

      From my gameplay experience, I feel that The Desert Wind should be dropped to at least a 7+ to cast, probably even a 6+ to cast given the clear advantages of similar spells.


      High Death Priest
      - Level 4 (Lore of Sands)
      - Book of a Thousand Incantations
      - Gemstone Amulet
      The improvement in the Path of the Sands makes me feel like I’m no longer forced to take a pricey wizard with a B grade spell lore. I also like the 50pt upgrade to a level 4 as opposed to a 35pt upgrade, making you think about whether the cost is worth it. I felt the Book of a Thousand Incantations was an important choice, as making sure I got the right spells with only one wizard in the army was pretty important and something I would pay 50pts for. In 8th I always put this guy on foot in an archer bunker, but given then new 12” general marching rules and that the game is no longer TLoS, I think I will pay the 20pts to put this guy on a steed in a Skeleton Light Horse unit for movement flexibility.

      Tomb Harbinger
      - Bone Engineer
      - Heavy Armour
      - Shield
      - Lance
      - Sand Serpent

      Wow, has the former Tomb Herald improved in the new iteration or what. This guy is just so much better than he used to be, just ridiculously better. Anyway gentlemen, whilst I haven’t played the Tomb Harbinger on a chariot or on foot, the fact that with a Bone Engineer upgrade he gives his unit hatred and +1 regen to construct units within 6”, means that the Sand Serpent is by far the best option for this guy. Why? On a Desert Chariot and Sand Serpent he gets +4/+3 move and +1 Wound. But having hatred on a chariot unit IMO is not as good as having hatred in a unit of Pyramid Guard of Pyramid Knights, as the ‘Pyramid Guard’ footsloggers and riders are just stronger than WS3 2A skeletons. The downside is that Pyramid Knights cannot get a mummy character with them, but at WS4 2A, they aren’t in desperate need of one either. Furthermore, a Tomb Harbinger with a 25pt Bone Engineer upgrade gives +1 regen to construct units, and with two of these guys in a decent unit of Pyramid knights with say, a Necrotitan or Battlesphinx (which has a similar movement stat) running along besides them, means significantly more protection and longevity for both units. This combined with the fact that a fully equipped Tomb Harbinger Bone Engineer on a Sand Serpent with a lance has 3A at STR6 on the charge, plus on the defence has T5, 3W and a 1+ armour save, 5+ regen, means for the approximate cost of 145 points each, two of these guys are a great buy for a large Pyramid Knight unit in a construct heavy army list. That said I agree with Zaidar that the range of the bubble regeneration should be more than 6" to make the Bone Engineer more viable in units outside of Pyramid Knights.

      Is the Tomb Harbinger overpowered on a Sand Serpent? Maybe. For me right now two of these guys on Sand Serpents will be an almost auto-include in any construct heavy list, which is something I think The 9th Age is trying to avoid. That said more testing is certainly required.

      Skeleton Light Cavalry
      Did their job. Points cost I think is right. With new line of sight rules will probably run a unit of 10-15 of these guys with the hierophant, especially if the hierophant is also the general. 14pt per model cost feels appropriate.

      Skeleton Bowmen
      In 8th these guys were my mage bunkers. I’d always park these guys behind units and shoot through the often spindly nature of most Tomb King units because of the TLoS and ‘asp arrow’ rules. Now, with units blocking line of sight, these guys will struggle to get shots off unless you put them in the front line, which when using them as a mage bunker (especially a hierophant bunker) carries excessive risk that I feel isn’t worth it.While players might put them in the front line with their mages and risk it, I think that Skeleton Light Cavalry will replace these guys as my mage bunker units. That said, I think for 6pts per model these guys are priced right.

      Desert Chariots
      The new free reform rule is great. In single rank units of 3 and 4 they do the job I feel. Shoot off and harass lightly armoured enemy units and then smash into them to finish them off, or play a supporting role in larger combats. That said the loss of what I already felt was an underpowered +1 strength per rank rule means I doubt you will see big units of chariots led by a Pharaoh or Prince in competitive play. I think this is a shame as such units would be very thematic and cool to look at on the table. These guys’ rules wise need a bit of work.

      Yhe 20 point price drop and addition of Swiftstide are a welcome improvement to these guys. In the game they performed well, with Matt having no shooting and in combat having serious trouble rolling those sixes. So I guess it feels like business as usual for the sphinx then. If your opponent can roll sixes they drop like flies, and if your opponent can’t roll sixes they’re like an Abram tank. Some have suggested dropping it to Toughness 7 and improving its armour is the way forward, but I’m not sure. But I agree that the ability of the enemy to roll sixes determines whether a Battlesphinx is as fragile as a Star Wars Stormtrooper or as tough as The Hulk is a gaming balance issue. Furthermore, give the howdah crew proper lances. Light lances on such a beast when charging is quite inadequate. Also, I think as a mount for a Pharaoh, the Battlesphinx needs a lot of work to make such a choice viable. I feel that as a mount it is over-costed given that you lose 4 Pyramid Guard crew and are given no reasonable compensation in points or rules for the loss of the crew. This guy needs a lot of work.

      Pyramid Knights
      These fellas are great. Can take a hit, but can also punch reasonable well. Their 3+ armour save I think is right for game balance purposes given that they dropped 10 points per model and gained lances as opposed to light lances. That said, they became very tough and punchy when combined with the Tomb Harbingers, but I think that could be more of an issue with the Harbingers rather than the Pyramid Knights. That said I also rolled very well with these guys in the game that obviously can skew results. That said over two rounds of combat they manage to wipe a unit of 18 Favoured off the table. (However I felt Matt armed and played the unit of 18 Favoured badly. Instead of having AHW they should have had HW and Shield with Mark of Pestilence or Halberds with either Mark of Lust or Wrath. If he had done this instead the results might have been different.) I think these guys are costed right.

      This guy is way better than the Bone Giant/Necrolith Colossus ever was. Like way better. In the two old books this guy was the despised loser of the army along with the Tomb Herald. When a Tomb King pyramid party was held, the Bone Giant and the Tomb Herald would be bullied by the other units and told not to come on the threat of being beat up. Whilst the other members of the army list boozed up and flirted with Khalida on the steps of the Great Pyramid, the Bone Giant and the Tomb Herald would be forced to hang out in some isolated decrepit ruin playing Nehekharan Scrabble talking about how despite their obvious exclusion, they didn’t want to go to the pyramid party anyway and were happy about collecting dust on everyone’s shelves. Yet afterwards they would go home and cry to Nagash about how their creators Alessio Cavatore and Robin Cruddace had both forsaken them.

      OK I got off track here.

      Before the game the Necrotitan must have read the infamous spoof book 'How to roll Citadel dice', as in the game the dice were stupidly kind to him. He was basically Arnie in Commando; whatever he shot or hit turned to death. He shot the Chimera off the table, annihilated a Wasteborn Chariot on the charge and then flanked and literally beat the Wrath out of the Crushers before running them down. “Necrotitan smash! Me do gud boss?” Good choice abandoning Unstoppable Assault and changing/simplifying the rule for grinding attacks. I think the common build for this guy at this stage will be the Massive Aspen Bow for shooting and Additional Hand Weapon for combat. Despite the insane dice rolling, I think he is costed about right.

      Spirit Tomb
      Big big changes here. Yet I think the changes were necessary. The power of the Casket of Souls and its auto-include status amongst competitive Tomb Kings players in 8th Edition was a clear demonstration of the internal imbalance and lack of proper synergy given to the Tomb Kings army list by its second iteration writer Robbin Cruddace. I actually think the +3 to channel is quite a good rule, I just think that the bound spell needs to change. Not saying it should be what it was; i.e. the ultimate war machine killer, but that an improvement and uniqueness should be added to whatever bound spell it’s finally given. Also, the name, please change it. The ‘Ark of Souls’ IMO is a much cooler name. Just sayin. This unit needs work.

      I know I know, blah blah blah blah blah! Yeah OK, I’ll stop talking now. I hope my play test feedback helps.



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    • Okay so I was very eager about the new rules and played my first battle last saturday. I played a 2000 points game against a Beast Herds player.

      My list:
      Pharaoh in chariot (general)
      Glittering Cuirass, Shield
      Sword of Strife

      High Death Priest (hierophant)
      Level 3, Sands
      Dispell Scroll
      Talisman of greater shielding

      Tomb Harbinger
      Bone engineer
      Heavy Armour, Shield
      Talisman of lesser shielding

      6 Desert Chariots
      Musician, Standard Bearer

      20 Skeleton Bowmen

      5 Skeleton Light Cavalry

      30 Pyramid Guard
      Musician, Standard Bearer
      Unyielding Standard

      6 Shabtis
      Additional hand weapons
      Muscian, Standard Bearer

      1 Necrotitan
      Massive Aspen Bow

      1 Spirit Tomb

      Unit analysis:
      I like the idea that kings and princes can finally have heavy armour now, only sad to see the Curse go (for now).
      I am not sure if I like the herald/necrotect combination, it is a great buff to the necrotect though, but maybe a herald having hatred is too strong? Really love the idea of him riding a serpent, it is such a cool mount option and hope to use it soon.

      Why have these been changed? I think they were perfect the way they were and actually though the +X strength rule for rank bonus was forgotten in the list, but I've read on the forum that this was not the case. Anyhow we played with the old rule, cause that is why I used the 6 chariots with paraoh in it. The charioteers also had 2 attacks each in the 8th book (though 1 in 6th), I think they should have this to make them tougher, especially for combat round 2 in which you have no more impact hits and extra strength bonus from the charge.

      Archers, horse archers and pyramid guard are all still good choices. Nice to fire with all 20 archers with the Volley Fire rule.

      Shabtis have improved quite a lot. They went against 4 charging minotaurs, but survived. Both monsters have the same statline, and in this case both had AHW, but I had more numbers and he had charge bonus, which evened it out pretty well. These have become nice. I read the article about S4 T5 instead, it would be maybe fore fluffy, since high toughness is a thing in this army, but I'm okay with it as it is. It should be tested against other monsterous infantry units.

      Necrotitan still seems good. I saw some lists (above) in which he has two weapons, but it clearly says 'or' in the rules. I like that he has better armour now.

      Spirit Tomb: the +3 to channel almost always ensures you of the extra dice which is a good thing, though Chain Lightning is not the most dreadful spell. Then again it does not cost all that much. I read people don't like it.
      Maybe it can be mounted on a chariot or a sphinx to make it some sort of aura unit (like a war altar) ?

      General rules analysis:
      First thing I noticed when we played the game was, what happened to fear? Just now I went looking for any notion about it on the forum, but could find it that quick. But I am really wondering, why doesn't the whole army have fear anymore? Is it a mistake or deliberate? If it is deliberate then why does a serpent cause fear, but a sphinx doesn't? (not even terror).
      My opponent and I agreed that the army still counts as fearsome, but I'd like to know what the official rule will be.

      Secondly, my wizard got Desert Wind, Cursed Blades and Incantation of Protection. Cursed Blades works well and Protection is also very good, especially the stronger version, but since ED can march near their General now, there wasn't much use in casting Desert Wind in my case. Maybe it was just this battle, for all my units sort of centered around the Paraoh, but it seemed a bit useless. I'll have to try it out a few more times.

      I also stumbled upon some general rules, I am not sure if I am allowed to adress these here, but 'make way' seems to be gone and characters can't be really hit in close combat anymore except for in a challange (or when R&F<5) ?

      Overall I really enjoyed a fresh start and am looking forward to what the future holds for 9th and the Entombed Dynasties :D
    • Since fear got a boost overall it has been tuned back on how many units actually get it. As many have said before, in this world there are many threats and somethings have become very common place in the world (Skeletons, Zombies, Ratmen). Now only the most intimidating units have fear, which will be stated in their special rules. Monsters like the sphinx all have terror. It's under the rules for monsters.
    • Hi everyone,
      sorry for my bad english, but I 'm not a perfect bilingual

      So, for me and it's the same for my opponent
      level: tournament player
      1 times in 9th
      not really balanced

      In general, we did not find that the V9 was better balanced than what existed before.First, during the movement turn, being able to make a marche brought General merely endorsed what does exist with End of times. This is good stuff, but it does not revolutionize the meta king of graves.

      The archers have lost nothing and that's a good thing.The new combat rules improves our warriors, it is the same for the other armies is therefore not a real boost, but a nice thing with a boost of the magic of light (like cc10), it gets pretty.

      And here for me the biggest problem. Magic is not the forte of tombs king. You can not have more than one more dice with the channel. Now the lore Nehekhara has also had a downward revised, which no longer allows dobtenir real synergy. A king graves can not now dominate the magic phase.

      That is why I think the army while friendly in this new codex has become worse than it was in V8. And that's why, and it is only my opinion, it is not an army able to win in tournaments.

      As I see the V9 and other armies, for some-match up I did not even need to deploy my army to know that I lost.I hope you would look for these remarks, I do not offer a solution but try to finally make a king tombs competitive armies, or at least given him a chance to get out tournaments.

      At present I do not even take this new codex to make a fun game. It's a things I could have done in V8 but absolutely not in V9

      Good job and good work to complete this V9

    • We played a round of 2500 points: EoL vs. ED

      Player experience: Somewhere between Experts and Tournament

      This was the first game for both of us with the newest draft for both armies. We were both testing some ideas, so there might still be some improvements for our lists.

      My EoL-List (with the newest draft):
      Display Spoiler
      Pathmaster, Book of the Tower, Ironcurse, 2+ armour, Lucky Charm
      Handmaiden, BSB, Radiant Gem
      Mage 2 (High Magic), Magic Resistance (1), Dispel Scroll

      32 Seaguard, Banner of Light, CMS
      2x 5 light Cavalry

      25 Swordmasters, Banner of Sorcery, CMS
      6 Knights of the Dragon Realm, MS
      Horse Chariot
      Lion Chariot
      5 Shadow Watchers
      Coast Guard Reaper

      2x Giant Eagle
      14 Queen's Guard

      My opponents ED List:
      Display Spoiler

      High Priest, Dust Cloak, Dispel Scoll, Gemstone Amulet
      Prince, Royal Sphinx with Anti-Crumble-Aura, Dragonscale Helm, 5+ Ward Save

      5 Light Cavalry
      12 Archers, M
      14 Archers, M
      4 Chariots, S
      4 Chariots, S

      23 Guard with Shields, CMS, Unyielding Standard
      2x 2 Vultures
      4 Sand Stalkers

      Spirit Tomb

      Here really really short the highlights of the game:
      - I got the first round and could destroy 3 chariots by shooting with the queens guard (in round 2 the unit was destroyed).
      - I underestimated the bigger range and the mobility of the Sand stalkers, they killed 3 Knights in one round, which meant my whole left flank would get destroyed
      - My Sea guard panicked due to two wounds from the catapult.
      - To save his Hierophant, he was forced to attack my Sword Masters (+ Master of Paths) with both sphinxes. In the magic phase, my Earthblood is banned everytime, but I manage to cast Wildform to strengthen the sword masters. I accept the challenge prince vs master of paths, but I throw 1, 1, 1 when rolling to hit (every 2+ would have been a hit -.-). Afterwards, I fail all armour saves and my general dies. That's the second round I cannot harm the other sphinx, because I simply do not roll any 6 when rolling to wound. This is the point where we stop playing, because there was nothing I could do anymore.

      After the game, we both talked a little bit about the units and our thoughts were roughly the same. Since I play ED as well, I thought I'd share this with you:
      Prince on Royal Sphinx:
      The greater march range was really good and finally brought some more mobility, which was needed. Also, the prince is quite tanky. However, with 392 points also really expensive. There could be a slight drop in points for the Sphinx (something about 30 points maybe).
      Alternatively, it should gain the Undead Construct rule since it clearly is one.

      Free Movement brings back memories from old editions... We both love them^^.

      Pyramid Guard with Shields:
      Sadly, they didn't really get into the game due to a giant Eagle and the early death of my sword masters :/.

      Unit size 2+ is great!

      Was shot down directly after showing up by 7 Queensguard + Coastal Reaper. The new Underground Ambush is really nice though, it really benefits from it!

      Sand Stalkers:
      The new Gaze in combination with skirmisher is great, even without ambushing. You've had some good ideas here!
      We forgot that skirmishers can march and shoot... This is actually a big deal with a shooting attack that's as strong as their gaze. This range is too strong in our opinion because a big unit can simply march to many targets and destroy them without any counter measure (14" + 12" range is insane!).

      Spirit Tomb:
      Was quite a disappointment. Due to the rather limited range, it had to be deployed on the front line (my elves were a little behind as well, 30" were not enough to fire at me in round 1 while placing it behind archers). In the whole game, it killed one giant eagle, but that doesn't mean the opposite cannot happen.
      3D6 has quite some damage potential indeed, but it feels rather overpriced with 135 points, since it does not provide D3 Energy dice anymore. We came up with some ideas to improve it:
      - Lower cost to something about 115, lower channel bonus to +2 (or to +1, but allow channeling dispel dice as well), wailing spirits: whenever they inflict damage, the Spirit Tomb regains 1 wound
      => This way, getting two Spirit tombs is more rewarding due to a lower channel bonus. Also, the additional healing allows it to really stay at the front line. An alternative would be to add an additional crew or grant it a 5+ ward save against ranged attacks; otherwise it will be shot down quite quickly.

      The mandatory upgrade is a bit expensive. We'd lower the cost to 105 points.

      25 points for +1 armour save is ridiculous. I can only imagine taking this when I know I face a lot of skinks... Maybe lowering this to 15 pints is a good idea?
      Also, with 6 (7 with Devastating Charge) Attacks and greater mobility the sphinx appears to be more attractive than the Necrotitan, even though I really like the changes it received. Both fulfil quite similar roles at the moment with the colossus being more offensive.
      By allowing multiple weapon options for the Necrotitan, the Necrotitan can become some multi-functional monster, to set both units apart a little bit.

      Path of the Sands:
      Seems fine, but we were wondering why Soulblight (Path of Death) has casting value 10+, while Dessication has 11+, when both have the exact same effect?
      Also, the casting value of The Desert Wind felt a bit high since it only affects a single unit now. We'd lower both casting values by 1.

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    • Played a 2000 point game VS the new Beasts. Here are my thoughts...

      My list was
      lvl 4, path of sands, scroll
      Prince with some stuff
      50 Horde of Skeleton Warriors with hw sh
      24 Archers
      4 chariots
      8 Ushabti
      4 Vultures
      2 Scorpions

      high lights of the units.
      Skeletons with parry and a Prince are solid... I love this unit, but it may be a tad op...
      Ushabti are a solid unit and I cannot be more excited about it!
      Necrotitan is a HOUSE! I cant envision it getting any better than it is!
      Vultures are a solid unit.

      low lights of the units..
      I still dislike our chariots... I dont know, I just feel they should be stronger than they are
      Casket is horrible now. And it leaves a hole in our magic phase.
      Scorpions... I love scorpions... but I dislike the points on ur current scorpion. It should be cheaper, like 70 points like it was...
      Underground Ambush is bad. I dont like it. Ill explain this later.

      So... Chariots. I had a unit of four chariots. It got flanked by 5 of the new flying Beast unit, and I lost the entire unit. The whole unit to pretty much a tougher harpies unit. Unacceptable...

      I "shot" the new casket like 4 times and managed to do like 2 wounds total. Bad dice on my part I suppose but at 135 points it needs to do more than that. Even with the +3 to channel its lacking. Also, removing it from the magic phase leaves a hole that needs to be filled. Since most of Path of Sands is Augments and Hexes there is very little to do in the first turn or two. Ill make a suggestion for this below...

      While I love scorpion stats, I dont think he is worth 85 points and I hate that you have to put out the entombed tokens during deployment!! Here is my suggestion...
      Underground Ambush
      A unit with this Special Rule follows all the rules for Ambush. However, instead of entering the battlefield from a table edge, place an Underground Token anywhere on the battlefield (except below enemy units and impassable terrain). Then scatter the token 2D6" and then place the unit with any part of its base touching the center of the token.

      If it is not possible to place the arriving unit (due to the token being below or within 1/2" of impassable terrain or units, or because there is not enough room to fit the unit), the unit remains buried, test if it arrives from ambush next turn. Keep the new location of the token (and scatter it again when the unit arrives). However, should the centre of the token end up beneath an enemy unit (or within 1/2" of it), place the unit in base contact with this enemy’s front facing instead (maximizing contact as normal). The arriving unit counts as charging and no charge reactions can be taken. If there is no room to place the unit in base contact (never align the enemy unit), follow the normal rules for when the unit cannot be placed. If the token scatters off the table edge, the unit is considered lost, will not roll for Ambush any more and will award full VP.

      So Path of Sands. While I like Path of Sands it needs some adjustments. The Desert Wind. I feel this spell needs to go back to how it was... the base spell needs to be 12" Aura and the boosted version should be 24" Aura. And when I mentioned the Casket leaving left a hole, I think our #6 spell should fill that spot, especially if there is no intention of bringing the casket back to how it used to be. the Skullstorm is a very lackluster spell. Ive never been a fan of vortexes and this one just feels out of place anyway. Why not replace it with...

      6: Incantation of the Death Spirits (ok, so my naming is bad... but you guys can figure out a better name IM sure)
      15+, Range 48", Hex, Direct, Damage Instant
      Roll a D6: on 3+ choose an additional target within 6” of the target. Continue rolling until you roll a 1 or 2, choosing new targets within 6” from the previous one for each 3+. No unit can be targeted twice. Each unit suffers 3D6 - Ld wounds with the Armor Piercing(6) special rule.
    • Played a 2400 Points Tournament using TAC 0.8

      My skill: Intermediate.

      My list:
      Pharaoh, HW&S, Mithril Mail, Talisman of WS 4+, Strenght Potion
      High Death Priest, 4th level, Thousand Incantation.
      Death Priest, 1st level (sands) dispel.
      Harbinger, snake, Bone Engineer, rerollable 2+ armour
      Harbinger, snake, Bone Engineer, force to reroll to wound, armor 2+

      20 archers, musician
      60 warriors, full command, war banner
      3 chariots, std. bearer, banner of fire
      3 Vultures
      4 Snakes, full command, banner of +1 movement

      Necrotitan with bow
      Necrotitan with bow
      Tomb of Souls

      GAME 1

      Opponent: Dwarf. Skill: Intermediate. Secondary Objective: secure the target (nobody achieve). Result: Dwarf win by 1000 pts (+2 using rulebook percentage scores).

      Dwarf list:
      Runesmith (generale)
      2 Demon slayers
      2 Dragon Slayers
      3 x 15 Slayers Skirmishers
      20 warriors (or longbeards? dunno) with Ambush
      20 warriors (or longbeards? dunno!)
      2 x Cannon
      2 x Gyrobombers

      Quick game report:
      Dwarfs stay well away from combat, only casting an unit of slayers into the fight and grinding chariots and archers down. Herald within the Snakes didn't benefit from "lookout sir", so he simply snipe them out with cannons and artillery. Really good shots. I did nothing with 14 bows shots. I get the Gyrobombers down using Chain Lightning... damn I'm gonna miss that spell... on turn 6 i lost a giant due to double cannon hit.

      Game #1 Enemy Units Overview
      I really played too defensive, so i payed a lot for that against such a though shooting phase (dwarfs are still dwarfs!). But i really enjoyed to see for the first time in my whole tournament experienc such a fast dwarf list. Slayers are amazing! Incredible glass cannon, capable of dealing too much damage not to fear them to the bone. I knew everything i would have throw to them they'll grind it to pieces. Really like these new dwarfs.
      Good: cannons are far more funny now and no more laser-targeting. Slayers are incredibly funny and though, i really like this improvement and this meta change. Much appreciated.
      Not that Good: Maybe Demonslayers are too cheap for the massive damage they do. 120 points for 6 Str6 attacks with MW(d3) is absolutely incredible. I would rise his cost by, like, 20%.

      GAME 2

      Opponent: Elf of Light. Skill: Intermediate. Secondary Objective: King of the hill (nobody achieve). Result: Entombed win by 1400 pts (+2 using rulebook percentage scores).

      Elf list:
      Prince on Ancient Dragon
      BSB on great eagle, rerollable 2+ armour
      4th level Wizard (path of Life)
      2nd level Wizard (path of White Magic)
      20 phoenix guards
      5 Shadows
      2 x 15 Archers
      2 x 6 ellyrion reavers (with banners!)
      3 x Ballista

      Quick game report:
      Elves play defensive, I run forward and secure middle. Giants shots down a ballista, then Casket shot down a second one (I'm gonna REALLY miss Chain Lightning!). Snakes take archers down, but get charged by the dragon, the BSB and ellyrion. Necrotitans grinds down what else remaining. At the end, Elve remains with 4 reavers (with banner!), the wunded BSB and the wounded Dragon. He manage to keep banners within 6' of the middle hold by my big unit of skeletons so he manage to not allow me to get the bonus points. Shadows take down by close combat, and get wiped out when it explodes.

      Game #2 Enemy Units Overview
      Ancient Dragon is really a solid piece, but really expensive. I outnumber him so much he could only play that way. Plus, he feared my two bow giants so he stay behind an hill with both dragon and eagle until he get the opportunity to charge my snakes.
      Good: pretty everything.
      Not that Good: Dragon Breath Weapon range is really really low. I would increase ALL breath weapons at least to 9'. Maybe dragon is too much expensive. Also, Phoenix Guards should be Immune to Psicology (see game #3...).

      GAME 3

      Opponent: Elf of Light. Skill: Intermediate. Secondary Objective: bring one unit on opponent deployment zone (nobody achieve). Result: Elf win by 1700 (+3 using rulebook percentage scores).

      Elf list:
      Chosen of Asuryan
      BSB on foot
      4th level Wizard (path of White Magic)
      2th level Wizard (path of White Magic)
      30 Swordmasters
      25 Sisters, bows with Str4, Flaming
      2 x 20 Seaguards (those with lance, shield and bow)
      1 x 5 reavers (no bow)
      1 x Ballista

      Quick game report:
      I pretty much dominated this game until turn 4. My giants take down the sisters, my chariots get the reavers, my casket give some pain around, my other giant crush an unit of seaguards, my snakes take care of swordmasters for 2 combat rounds (actually winning the first by 2 due to their charge by 2). But then, 3 lucky shots take down a giant and i lost a charge on swordmaster's rear, I was forced to engage them with the skeletons and i hold them for like 4 combat rounds... I thought I could win that combat using my spells (they were reduced to like half of starting models by snakes) so I dont' cast my chariots on the flank of them but I try to get a flank to the other seaguards instead.
      But elf roll really well and deals lot of wounds, so i lost by 14 and was forced to place my hierophant in contact. When he dies, the other giant died too. At the end of the game i remain with the casket and a chariot.

      Game #2 Enemy Units Overview
      I really enjoyed this game. First turns I was pretty confident in my Necrotitans, so i run forwards seeking destuction. When i saw i was taking the upper hand, I started committing mistake, for example not dealing 3d6 impact hits on the swordmasters flank... how stupid! I could have really won that. So I'm REALLY, REALLY HAPPY TO HAVE LOST THAT GAME. Because that shows that this game is no more a fortune-driven game, but it's really strategic game where you pay for such errors. Really enjoyed the game (my opponent too!!)
      Good: pretty everything, i like these new elves.
      Not that Good: I think Swordmasters beign Immune to Psicology is really a lot for this unit... Phoenix Guards should be Immune to Psicology instead!


      Tounament Overview:

      I see the experienced players reach the top, and the novice one going on bottom, in an almost predictable ladder (Italian champion was partecipaing, and arrived 1st). So everybody at the place agreed that this game is far less fortune-driven and far more strategic than before. Everybody was incredibly happy and willing to play again. I think that was the first tournament in my whole warhammer that I bring a list that I like AND that is also capable of winning. That's the best thing ever. 10/10.


      Entombed Dynastyes Units Overview:

      Pharaoh: great piece, beign now able to easily reach Armour Save 2+ make it a real living anvil. 150 for price is f
      absolutely fair.

      Death Priests: as ever, just cheaper. But Book of Thousand Incantation would not cost 50 points, too much not for beign a Loremaster... picking spells is good, but not worth 50. Maybe 35.

      Harbingers: they are good, but not SO good. The Bone Engineer rule is strong, but the aura range make it usable only in the unit they are in and force you to play and deploy really really packed. Extending this range is a must. I suggest increasing it to 12' (but 9' may be fine too) or simply give a direct non-stackable 5+ regen.

      Snakes: impressive unit. With Hatred and Str6 they deal the punch agains everything they charge. With regeneration, you get a really though unit, absolutely worth his points. Maybe too much? No. Because you pay an huge price: manouvrability. They occupy a lot of space on the table and it's hard to reform, facing the enemy and remain close to casters and counter-charger. A fine price we pay for such a strong unit, now finally competitive.

      Archers: good as they are. The promise nothing, but they manage to place some wounds around. 20 of them take care of little chaffs and are a nice mage bunker, as ever.

      Chariots: extremely funny unit, extremely effective with Free Reform. Price to 45 is fine, because they are a supporting unit (until we get the +1 Str on impacts again...)

      Necrotitan: I am terrible at using those bows, but they are not when it's time to fight! Amazing monsters, really a grinding machines. They win combat against everything i throw them. I remember when, in 8th edition, a pack of 20+ arcers could stay against him even on charge, whit huge disappointment of the player that spend 170 points on him. Now, for 190 points, this monsters does exactly what he's supposed to do: bring the real pain! Love it.

      Casket: guys, you really make my day giving such a spell to this piece! Chain Lightning is great! Can easily wipe out any chaff, extremely effective against flying units wich are a pain for us. People don't realise that d6 Str6 hits are stronger than Ld check, so they let him pas almost every time... and he KILLS almost every time... bouncing several times and dealing low, but realiable damage all around.... such greatness! Gonna really miss it if we turn back to LD check...

      Path of the Sands: i love this new lore. Really buffd from 8th edition. No need to seek power elsewhere, I think our spells are perfect and you can really rely your strategy on them. No more need of light o death lores to be competitive. Excellent work, Rules Team!
      Alessandro Bartoloni - Italy
      Dynasties for the Undying Dynasties!!

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