Huge Armies and Allied Grand Army battles, suggestions

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  • Huge Armies and Allied Grand Army battles, suggestions

    First of all I want to thank for the effort, and even more thanks for the Quick starter that is a good way to recruit new players. but there is also another way to recruit new players, and that is through huge allied armies and using more of the official Rulebook with a little twist.

    Ofcourse there is house-rules, and ideas to this, but I can't think of anything more inspirational for the hobby part, than see a huge table with beautiful terrain pieces, fully painted armies, and even better - many of them at the same table. I just miss some loser rules for encouraging new players.

    So, during my time as player I have had many huge battles (not during 1.3) and I have many ideas for how to play huge allied battles. I couldn't find any other "rules" and ideas for this type of gaming, except the little on the "grand army" list building. Which I think is horrible bad. (Sorry abot that).

    In the Grand battles I think we should see more Character and monsters, larger blocks of infantry, and there are at least some of us who are hoarders when it comes to minis, so this I think could be something for the recrutation.

    Here is a much easier, less complicated, and suggestions for Friendly-, and hopefully more official list-building for Grand armies, and Allied armies.
    2 against 1 and so on...

    Armies over 8000pt isn't that big, its just crowded on that 4'x6' table.
    -upgrade table to 4'x8' for armies over 8000pt. 4'x10' on 10000pt

    Armies over 12000pt on 6'x8' table, and with 24" deployment zone

    Restrictions for Army-building over 12000pt
    Characters max 50%
    Core min 25%
    No restriction otherwise.

    Unit size increase with 50%
    "One of a kind" s no longer "one of a kind", and can add one more.

    About Magic
    3D6 - defender keeps highest and lowest

    For Allied Battles, we have often used a few rules
    -Allied armies can not get benefits from allied buffs
    -Can use inspire presence from general, and reroll from llied bsb

    Open for other suggestions
  • Let's better try a limitless formulA. So if I am in the mood to put 200k points on the table I could xd.
    I think the table increase of plus 2 feet each 4K points is reasonable. As you practically stack 4 feet deep tables.
    I think unit size restriction should completely dissapear I loved to see the battle reports of a guy that did 40k empire vs undead in 8th and had units of 120 ghouls or 40 knights xd. Also in the same fashion to prevent chaff abuse the unit minimums are multiplied by 3.
    The percentage restriction should stay but not the quantity so 0-1,0-4 etc pass to be 0-100.
    Magic no idea as I avoid it since 1.1
  • Limitless percent would be cool to try. Never tried it, but might work well.
    But the unit-size should not be limitless? (I refuse to play aginst 100 seekers! :P )
    Numbers of units X2 for each 8000pt?
    Or add 1Unit pr 2000pt over 8000pt might be cooler?

    when it comes to table size, we had great experience in addin 1' pr 1000pt in the past editions (1' pr 2000pt in 1.3)
    and armies over 6000pt (12000pt in 1.3) needs a deeper table, with deeper deployment.
  • When weve done mega battles we generally go 6' deep with 24" deployment zones and add 4' to table length for every 10-12k (of combined) points (in new points values). From my recollection we last did a seige and used 6 tables (our gaming clubs tables are a convenient 6x4) for a 6' by 24' game with about 20 feet of mighty fortress walls. Wonderful. Plus we managed to wrap it in a (longish) day with 5 a side players.

    Big battles are awesome