#09 / Ambush

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    • #09 / Ambush

      Draw straight lines from the centre of the long edges to the short edges. (We'll end up with a diamond shape) then roll off to see who will be what. Highest roller is the attacker.
      roll of as normal to see who takes the first turn.

      defender's deployment zone: inside the diamond (blue) 6" away from the 'diamond's edges'
      attacker's deployment zone: outside quadrants (orange) 6" away from the 'diamond's edges'

      Attacker can deploy as many units in each quadrant as they wish. Defender has to deploy within the blue area. Scouts and Ambushers are used as normal.

      I guess favours MMU / MSU over other types of lists. Gunline or bowline would struggle as a defender but will be in a good position as attacker, since targets will be within range from turn 1. Defending ambush heavy armies might have fun. Fast hard hitting units (KoE, Chariots, Monsters, etc) will do ok.

      Undead or armies reliant on Ld bubble could struggle as attacker.

      The army was tired after a long march into enemy territory. They had chased the invading army away from their land but the general was pursuing to ensure there won't be a future invasion. General allowed his army to camp on a hill over night, a peculiar choice however it was a commanding hill overseeing the lands.

      Enemy watched the army camp and waited them to fall asleep, with the first light of the dawn they had encircled them ready to strike the finishing blow.
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