#11 / Double Ambush

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    • #11 / Double Ambush

      Determine table sides as normal. Deployment zones are along the long table edge, 12'' from the edge.
      Starting with the player that did not pick the table side, both player alternate deploying all their units, one at a time, following the rules for Scouts. With the exception that units cannot be deployed within 12'' of enemy units and within 6'' of terrain. Each payer deploys all his war machines at the same time. Each player deploys all his characters last, at the same time.
      Vanguards move as normal.
      Remember units deployed outside their players deployment zones cannot Declare Charges in the first Player Turn.

      Who Goes First:
      Players bid for the choice of the first turn, in the increments of 50 points. Player that finished deploying first places a bid a 0 points, the other player can start the bidding then. Winner choose who goes first and at the end of the game he gives his opponent the amount of points his bid finished on.

      In their eagerness to ambush the other side, both armies managed to ambush each other.
      Koom Valey's double ambush really deserves a wargaming reference, no?