Axel Vicious at the Midlands GT 2017 - Wrath Warriors of the Dark Gods

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    • Axel Vicious at the Midlands GT 2017 - Wrath Warriors of the Dark Gods

      Hi everybody

      I’m back again and this time I’m reporting on my exploits at this years Midlands GT in the UK. As per usual I was taking my Warriors of the Dark Gods and as normal it is essentially mono Wrath with no magic and lots of monsters. So here’s my army, now with pictures and a little index. (Better pictures of the units of my army can be found here.

      You may be asking “Why on earth are you taking a Daemon prince, he’s awful?” and you may very well be right. A lot of my choices come from what I already have painted and what I want to paint next, so for this tournament my aim was to paint my Daemon Prince and my Bloodbeast. The Daemon Prince is a fantastic model and he’s been unpainted for far too long and by dropping my Manticore Lord I’ve freed up enough points in the empowered section to squeeze in another monster. The Manticore Lord was disappointing me especially after being killed by a unit of scraplings, that was unforgivable so I’ll give the Daemon prince a go. He’s carrying the obligatory Lucky Shield and the Crown of Scorn to help with Magic defence. Also he has Soulfeeder to hopefully keep him alive a bit longer on the battlefield. Didn’t take Daemonic Wings on him as it’s too expensive and taking that extra wound from cannons is just too painful.

      The BSB is a solid choice and with a 2+ rerollable armour save he is tanky and can stand toe to toe with most other characters in his inevitable challenge. He also gives the Warrior block a bit more punch.

      The Warriors are there to fill up Core points mostly but they are a good unit that can churn out a lot of attacks and do a lot of damage. I went for paired weapons over the other choices just for the initiative boost, getting to attack first can certainly help them survive a bit longer.

      The Fallen are a nice unit, I use them as chaff mostly as they are fairly cheap and being light troops with movement 6 makes them very manoeuvrable so they can chaff extremely well. They also hit quiet hard as well and can easily beat most other chaff in a one on one fight. The frenzy is a liability on them though.

      Crusher Knights are a main stay of my army as I’m going for a Wrath theme and nothing says Wrath like Crushers. They hit like a ton of bricks and terrify some opponents. Again though the Frenzy lets them down massively, they are constantly being led off the battlefield so I need to use them in the centre more where they can actually fight. I’d like to give them Daemon weapons but they’re just too expensive so lances it is. They have the Aether Icon as well to help stop people magic.

      Dragon Centaurs are another unit that I love, I think they get an unfair reputation from what I’ve read on the forums, these guys are fantastic. I previously took them with Great Weapons but thought I’d try out paired weapons as it’s cheaper and I have plenty of high Strength attacks elsewhere. With paired weapons and double stomp these guys should tear apart most infantry.

      The Mauler Chariot is an absolute beast of a chariot with 2+, T5 and W6 it takes a lot to kill this unit. Cannons are his main weakness but I’m going for target saturation so if they’re cannoning the Chariot then they’re not cannoning a monster at least. I’m very poor at using chariots though so I need to keep bringing him out to get better with it, hopefully.

      The Barbarian Horsemen are there mostly to act as chaff and hunt war machines. With a 3+ armour save they can be incredibly survivable and cause a pain to enemies. I love it when an opponent goes can’t get over a unit of fast cavalry having a 3+ Armour Save, it’s worth taking shields on these guys for that reaction alone!

      Onto the big guys and I’m packing two monsters this time around and first up is the Elder Dragon Centaur, forever here after to be referred to as the EDC. I used to really like this monster because with a stat line consisting of mostly 6s he is an awesome monster, however in reality he will leak wounds if enough fire power is put into him and once he’s under half wounds it becomes about trying to keep him alive. Also his 5 attacks just isn’t enough, it is far too easy for him to fail to hit and end up doing no wounds. If he’s fighting anything but infantry he can lose combat all too easily. He’s the most expensive monster in the game I think and he just doesn’t have the power to justify his cost, he’s certainly no Rock Auroch! His main use will be to scare opponents into focusing a lot of firepower on him and hopefully leave the rest of my stuff alone. At the moment he’s in the army because I lack anything to replace him with.

      The Bloodbeast, thought I’d give this guy a coat of paint and a run around. With him being able to use the Daemon Princes’ WS and Ld he should be quiet good in combat. WS 9 will mean that most units will be hitting him on 5s which should hopefully keep him alive. Having hatred as well makes him one of the most reliable units in my army, precious rerolls! What I wouldn’t give for some hatred on the Daemon Prince.

      That’s the list. The other army lists can be found here

      I only gave these a brief look before the tournament and I was surprised by the large number of Beast Herds. They are a good army I just don’t know where eople have been hiding all those Beastmen for so long. I didn’t particularly relish the thought of fighting Ogres again either, especially as all the lists are the all variations of the same list, yawn! I would like to fight the KoE peasant spam, I probably wouldn’t win but as long as I’m rolling lots of dice and taking models off I’m happy and against armies of 200 peasants there’s plenty of skulls for the skull throne!
      • Army List.JPG

        (94.45 kB, downloaded 320 times, last: )
    • So straight into Game 1 and I was drawn against Dwarven Holds and an opponent I’ve played many times before so I knew what to expect but he’s a very good player and kicks my a**e most of time, so I wasn’t very optimistic going into it.

      His list (I’ll put what each rune does in brackets because no one outside of the Dwarves knows what they actually do):

      King, General, Shield Bearers, Great Weapon, Rune of Destruction (D3 Wounds), Rune of Craftmanship (Magical GW), Rune of Fury (+1 A), 2 Runes of Shielding (+2 Ward Save)

      Thane, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Rune of Shielding (+1 Ward Save), Rune of Iron (+1 Armour Save), Rune of Dragon’s Breath (Breath Weapon), Rune of the Forge (Fireborn)

      Runic Smith, Shield, Rune of Gleaming (Hard Target + Distracting), Rune of Oaths (Stubborn), Rune of Resilience (-1 to Wound)

      Dragon Seeker, Monster Seeker, Rune of Precision (Lightning Reflexes)

      Thane, Shield, Pistol, 2 Runes of Iron (+2 Armour Save), Rune of Dragon’s Breath (Breath Weapon), Rune of Crushing (1 Impact Hit)

      23 Greybeards (G1), Shields, Champion, Veteran Standard Bearer, Musician, Gleaming Icon

      24 Greybeards (G2), Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician

      20 Deep Watch, Musician

      9 Seekers, Skirmish, Vanguard

      6 Hold Guardians

      10 Miners, Pistols

      So a nasty little list with very little shooting and very little in the way of chaff, a list that wants a fight and waits for you to break upon the shield wall. This is not a great match up for me, as much as my army likes a fight I like those fights to be over quickly and that just doesn’t happen against Dwarves. Also there is a lot of multi wound damage in the army, the King, Dragon Seeker and the Hold Guardians all do multi wounds so the majority of my army is under threat from them. My basic plan going in is to get the Daemon prince into the Dragon Seeker and hope he kills him before the Dragon Seeker can strike back. Hopefully avoid the Deep Watch which has the characters in and smash of the other units apart without suffering too many loses, easy!

      Game 1 is standard deployment and the secondary objective was Secure Target but we played it wrong and thought it was Hold the Ground, so this game was played with that as the secondary objective.


      So I deploy some chaff first and then deploy my whole army hoping to go first, which I do. The aim of my deployment is to swing down the flanks and hit them from behind but dwarves aren’t as slow as they used to be. I had a big lump of ruins right in the middle of the battlefield which I had to avoid. My opponent puts his King, BSB and Rune Priest in the Deep Watch and his other Thane in the Greybeards 1.
      He vanguards the slayers to the their right and I move the horsemen up a bit.

      Turn 1
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 1

      Nice quick turn for me, move everything forward but not too aggressively as I don’t want to get charged. Except the Daemon Prince, he can get charged.

      Dwarven Holds 1
      The army moves forward quiet fast, for dwarves, The Seekers run behind the hill so I can’t see them. That is the least Slayer move I have ever seen! How are you going to seek a glorious death hiding behind a hill?!

      In the Magic Phase he gets off -1 to Wound and Stubborn on the Greybeards 1 but I had no intention of charging them yet anyway.

      Turn 2
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 2

      I swing the majority of the army around the left flank and chaff up the Greybeards with the Horsemen. I back up with the Warriors and the Bloodbeast, hoping to avoid the Deep Watch block as long as possible (Not very Wrath, I know). Looking at it now though, I might have been better popping the Icon of the Relentless Company and marching in front of the greybeards, then moving the Fallen on the right to block the Deep Watch.

      In shooting the Horsemen shoot the Greybeards in front of them and kill two of the stunties!

      Dwarven Holds 2

      The Thane in the Greybeards charges out of the unit into the EDC but fails the charge, it was only a 6” charge and rolled a double 1. The Greybeards then just reform. The Dragon Seeker leaves the Seekers and moves up to the flank of the Daemon prince but out of sight of the Dragon Centaurs. The Seekers move right in front of the Daemon Prince daring me to charge them. The rest of the army runs forward. The Miners come on from the right and shoot at the Crushers, doing 1 wound.

      In the Magic Phase the Rune Priest casts -1 to Wound on the Deep Watch but I can’t let that through as I’m going to have to multi charge them next turn so I scroll that one. Next he tries to cast Stubborn on the Hold Guardians but I dispel it.

      Turn 3
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 3

      It’s time to unleash hell and charge everything! The EDC charges the Thane who tried to charge him, the Thane uses his Breath weapon and does 2 Wounds to the EDC. The Daemon Prince and the Fallen charge the Seekers. The Warriors, The Mauler Chariot and The Blood Beast all charge the Deep Watch. The BSB uses his Breath Weapon on the Warriors and does 4 wounds! The Warriors and the Blood Beast make the charge but the Mauler Chariot fails and falls short of the ruins so doesn’t have to take a lot of Dangerous Terrain tests at least.

      I don’t charge with the Crushers against the Hold Guardians because I think on average I lose that fight due to the Multi Wounds so I just back off and aim to charge the Miners next turn, hoping to then pursue off the board and hope the rest of the army is on hand to help out. The Fallen run up to chaff the Greybeards and the Hold Guardians, the Horsemen run over to help with chaffing duty.

      The Horsemen shoot the Greybeards and do a wound.

      In combat the EDC goes first and only does one wound to the Thane but suffers none in return. He wins combat and the Thane breaks, The EDC pursues and catches him and then runs into the Greybeards.

      I do the Seeker combat next and the Daemon Prince only does 2 wounds, the Fallen go next and only do 3 wounds. The Seekers kill the Fallen in retaliation and they do 1 wound to the Daemon prince. The Daemon prince then rolls a 6 for his thunderstomp, they all wound but the Seekers save 2 leaving one guy left alive! I could have really done with them all dying so I could have either turned to face the Dragon Seeker or overran out of his LoS but can’t do either now.

      In the big combat the BSB issues a challenge and the King accepts it. The BSB does no wounds to the King and the King easily kills the BSB as I can’t make any 5+ re rollable armour saves. The Warriors attack and do 5 wounds to the Deep Watch and the Bloodbeast does 7 wounds after thunderstomp taking 12 down in total, pretty good haul! The Deep Watch kill 3 Warriors in return and do 2 wounds to the Bloodbeast. We win combat but they’re stubborn and easily hold.

      Dwarven Holds 3
      Going into this turn things are looking pretty good. If the Warriors and the Bloodbeast can replicate that round of combat again I should kill the Deep Watch making the unit lose Stubborn and hopefully break them. Then I’ve broken the back of the army!

      The Dragon Seeker charges the flank of the Daemon Prince which is actually what I wanted so I was fine with that. The Hold Guardians charge the Fallen. The Greybeards face the flank of the Warriors, ready to lend aid if needs be.

      In Magic I can’t stop anything and the Rune Priest gets off -1 to Hit on the Deep Watch and gets -1 to Wound off on the Hold Guardians.
      The Miners shoot the Crushers and do 2 wounds killing a guy.

      In Combat the EDC kills 8 Greybeards and takes no wounds but the unit sticks, not a bad tally of dead dwarves though.

      The Deep Watch combat comes next and the Warriors kill 4 more Dwarves and the Blood Beast kills 2 more, leaving only 2 left in the unit. Between the Deep Watch, the King, BSB and Rune Priest, 5 Warriors die. I then roll for thunder stomps and roll a 6, yes! The hits have to be distributed amongst them equally and the King takes the extra one. I do no wounds to any of the characters but the 2 on the Deep Watch both wound so it’s straight to a 6+ Armour Save and he rolls 2 6s!!!! That is absolutely huge. If they died then the unit lost combat by 4 and an additional -1 for fear making it a Ld 4 break test, easy to fail that. As it is though they stick because they are still stubborn.

      The Dragon Seeker v Daemon Prince fight is on and the Daemon prince completely misses with his attacks and doesn’t do 1 wound! The Dragon Seeker punishes him for that and easily kills him with his ungodly number of high strength attacks.

      It all went wrong so quickly for me there but onwards we must go.

      Turn 4
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 4

      I’m killing something this turn so the Dragon Centaurs charge the flank of the Greybeards fighting the EDC. The Mauler Chariot charges the Deep Watch again and makes but takes 2 wounds to Dangerous Terrain tests. The Crushers charge the miners and suffer 2 wounds to shooting.

      The Horsemen move behind the Greybeards as they failed their march block test and do now ounds with shooting.

      In Combat the EDC and the Dragon Centaurs easily massacre the Greybeards and leave only 3 left alive, they break and both my units pursue and easily catch them.

      In the Deep Watch combat the Chariot rolls 6 for its impact hits, they have to be distributed amongst the unit and the unit makes on Armour save, the characters are a hardy bunch and take no wounds. The Warriors can’t kill the last guy and the rest of the unit attacks the Rune Priest but can’t get him either. The Chariot and the Bloodbeast pour all their attacks into the last unit guy and can’t kill him! With thunder stomps I do 1 wound to the King. The King and The BSB kill of the remaining Warriors wiping out the unit. The Bloodbeast and the Mauler Chariot lose combat and both of them break. The Deep Watch pursue the Chariot and let the Bloodbeast go (He’s only Ld 4 now and has no chance of rallying), they don’t catch the chariot but the chariot suffers 3 wound to Dangerous Terrain tests again.

      The Crusher Knights and the mounts only do 4 wounds to Miners, who do a wound back on the Crushers, killing off another member of the unit. The Miners are steadfast and stick.

      Dwarven Holds 4

      The Deep Watch charge the chariot, who flees and is then killed by more Dangerous Terrain tests (bloody ruins!), they then redirect into the Dragon Centaurs. The Dragon Seeker charges rear of the Dragon Centaurs as well. The Hold Guardians charge the Centaur Knight.

      In the Magic Phase the Rune Priest tries to cast -1 to Hit on the Deep Watch but I dispel it, he is then able to get off -1 to Wound and Stubborn on the Deep Watch in case something terribly unlucky happens I guess.

      In Combat the Crusher is killed by the Miners, the Hold Guardians don’t even do anything, they don't need to! I thought I’d blow right through those Miners but those hard stunties killed the Crushers all by themselves!

      Over to the Dragon Centaurs and the Dragon Seeker does 10 wounds and kills 2 Dragon Centaurs. The King then finishes off the last one. The Dragon Seeker overruns into the flank of the EDC. I’m not sure if this is correct. I would have thought as the Dragon seeker swung first after he has killed 2 Dragon Centaurs he then has to move up to be in contact with the last guy before the King swings so he wouldn’t be able to overrun into the EDC if he has to reform before he overruns. Anyone have an opinion on this? Did we play it correctly or does he have to shift over after he attacks?

      Turn 5
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 5

      The Bloodbeast fails to rally and runs off the board. The Horsemen march away from everyone, I have to preserve some points.
      In combat the Dragon Seeker kills the EDC.

      We call the game there as there is little point carrying on. The Dwarves get the objective and we tot up the scores and it’s loss to me unsurprisingly. It’s a 20 – 0 but for some reason I count my points up wrong and make it a 14 – 6 before the objective. I think rather than deducting the cost of the horsemen from 4900 (4500 + 200 for General + 200 BSB) I default to 8th and go “my army cost 2500!” So apologies to my opponent, completely my fault I have no idea how I made such a stupid mistake but just goes to show, don't trust me, i'm terrible at this game! He still smashed me even with me robbing him of 2000 points.

      It was a great game and i think it was a lot closer than the score line suggests I think. I almost beat the Deep Watch block even though I planned to avoid them at first. If the Chariot had made his first charge (it was a 15”) I thkn that would have helped win it in the second round of combat. I also should have poured attacks into the Rune Priest, him giving the unit AP1 is huge as well all his spells. Next time I’m killing that guy as he is easily killable too.

      I’m so disappointed in the Daemon Prince as well. He was completely useless in both the combats he fought. Only killing 2 Seekers with base attacks and not even being able to score a wound on the Dragon Seeker as well! He should kill the Dragon Seeker on average but the odds of him doing no wounds are pretty low! He better buck his ideas up for the next game!

      I should have charged the Hold Guardians with the Crushers as well, they were only going to get killed eventually where they were so I should have at least took their destiny in their own hands. On average they would lose but as I’ve shown averages don’t always happen. They probably would have done no wounds and died to a Crusher in return but it’s better than being killed by Miners!

      In Turn 4 I shouldn’t have charged the Dragon Centaurs into the Greybeards either, should have tried keeping them alive by that point.
      Anyway, great game, I’m annoyed now that I’ve cheated my opponent out of 2000 points as well. I wonder what other massive mistakes I’ve made in the next game, stay tuned!
      • Deployment bat.JPG

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      • DH1.JPG

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      • DH2.JPG

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      • DH3.JPG

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      • DH4.JPG

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      • W1.JPG

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      • W3 bat.JPG

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      • W4.JPG

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      • W5.JPG

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    • After a disappointing result in Game 1 it was onto Game 2 and this time I was drawn against Saurian Ancients, not an army I have a lot of experience playing against. I played against Lizardmen quite a few times back in eighth but in ninth I haven’t played against them in at least a year so I have no idea what the current Saurian Ancient filth is. All I remember from playing them in eighth is hordes of skinks being supported by ridiculously good magic and then a couple of Saurus Cowboys running around being indestructible and incredibly annoying.

      My opponents list was as follows:

      Warlord, Raptor: General, Fleshrender, Armour of Destiny, Dragonfire gem, Divine Icon

      Warlord on Raptor, Great Weapon, Dragon helm, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Light Armour

      Skink Priest, 2 Spells, Jade Staff, Scroll of Shielding, Druidism

      Skink Priest, 2 Spells, Ring of Fire, Shamanism

      Skink Captain, Battle Standard Bearer, Skullsplitter

      2x 10 Saurian Warriors, Musician

      2x 10 Saurian Warriors

      10 Saurian Warriors, Spears

      10 Skink Hunters, Blowpipes, Vanguard

      8 Chameleons

      3x Taurosaur, Giant Bow

      Somethings never change when it comes to the Warlords on Raptors! These guys come with a 1+ Armour Save without even having to think about it so why wouldn’t you take them. Both of them have a 4+ Ward save to boot as well. I definitely have to avoid them because I don’t think there is much I can do against them.

      The army is very light on skinks which is a nice change from the days of eighth but has 5 units of Saurian Warriors which are very cheap and count as scoring so are good on any objective based scenario.

      I’ve never fought against the Taurosaur so have no idea what to expect but the fact there is 3 of them probably means they’re filth (no one takes 3 terrible units). I like to think I can win a Monster duel though.

      The deployment was Encircle and the secondary objective was Capture the Flags. I won the roll for deployment and decided to be the attacker (big flanks) and I also finished deploying first so got the first turn. We deployed as shown, as I dropped my whole army first my opponent got to deploy around my army and dumped the bulk of it on my left. The Raptor Warlord general was in SW2 along with the Skink BSB and the other Warlord Raptor was in SW1. Both Skink Priests were in the Saurian Warriors with Spears.

      For the secondary objective I picked the three units of Saurian Warriors on the right of the board (SW3, SW4 and SWwS) and my opponent picked my only 3 scoring units. My basic plan now was to take the right and swing around to the left. Hopefully take out the 3 scoring units and then keep mine alive to get the objective.

      Turn 1
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 1
      I move my army forward. I move the EDC over to the right of the Dragon Centaurs, away from the Raptor Warlords who would make quick work of him if they charged him. I was debating running the Bloodbeast back down my lines away from the Skinks as that is there number one target but decided to try and weather the inevitable poison storm coming his way hoping he’ll live long enough to get a charge into one of the units .

      Saurian Ancients 1
      The Skinks run forward and the Chameleons are able to get out of LoS of the Mauler Chariot, my fault, should have checked when I moved the chariot. The Cowboys run out of their units and form into their own unit, the rest of the army backs up.

      In the Magic Phase the Druidism Priest casts Oaken Throne which I let through (only so I can dispel it in my Magic Phase, what a novelty for me!). The same Priest then gets off Master of Earth on the EDC from the House or the Hill, I forget (Do either of them count as a piece of Impassable Terrain?), I fail to dispel it and it does a wound to my EDC.

      In the Shooting Phase the Skinks shoot the Bloodbeast and do 4 wounds to him! Those double shots from the blow pipes are lethal. The Taurosaurs then let loose with their giant bows and do 3 wounds to the EDC. I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about the Giant Bows, won’t make that mistake again.

      Turn 2

      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 2
      I decide to charge the Bloodbeast into the Skinks, hoping he can break them through terror or at least withstand the stand and shoot. It was that or run him away and just prolong the inevitable, he was dead either way. The Skinks care not for Terror due to cold blooded and he dies to shooting. The Dragon Centaurs are able to run down the flank of the Cowboys and are now in a good position to threaten the Saurian Warriors. The EDC decides to cower behind a hill, being on 2 wounds makes him a liability now. The rest of my army moves up as shown.

      In the Magic Phase I dispel Oaken throne. The Horsemen shoot at the Chameleons but fail to hit as they need 7s.

      Saurian Ancients 2
      The Saurian Warriors on the right charge the Fallen, not a charge I thought they would make as it was quite far but they do. The Cowboys fail a stupidity test and stumble forward, a stroke of luck. The Taurosaurs march forward, the Chameleons fail their march block test and can’t get away from the Horsemen. The rest of the army walk back.

      In the Magic Phase the Druidism Priest fails to cast Oaken and the only spell they can get off is the Ring of Fire on the Fallen which kills 2 (they are a magnet for Fireballs!). In the Shooting Phase the combined fire of the Skinks and the Chameleons only kill 2 Horsemen who pass their panic test. Now why couldn’t they only do 2 wounds to the Bloodbeast?

      In Combat I was initially worried about the Fallen but after doing some quick maths in my head I figured they should be alright for a while as they have a better damage output as long as they can stay alive. The Fallen kill 1 Saurian Warrior and take no wounds in return, making it a drawn combat. I was hoping for better but at least no Fallen died.

      Turn 3
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 3
      The Dragon Centaurs charge the Saurian Warriors on the left, the Horsemen charge the Chameleons and suffer no wounds from stand and shoot. The Daemon Prince and the Crusher Knights charge the Saurian Warriros in the middle, the Crushers fail their charge but the Daemon Prince makes it. I move the Chariot up to the Saurian Warriors fighting the Fallen ready to smash them to bits in my next turn. I chaff up a Taurosaur with the Fallen and move the Warriors up to fight it next turn.

      In Combat the Dragon Centaurs kill 7 Saurian Warriors and take 2 wounds in return, I win combat and the Saurian Warriors break, I then had a tough choice to make to pursue or to reform. The Saurian Warriors are 6” from the board edge, the Dragon Centaurs were in a great position where they were but if the Saurian Warriors didn’t make the board edge they would almost certainly rally next turn and annoy me. I decide to get points where I can and pursue them off the board.

      The Daemon Prince kills 4 Saurian Warriors, wins combat and the Lizards break, I don’t pursue with this guy and reform to face the left of the battlefield.

      The Fallen fail to do any wounds this time and take one in return but they stick. They have now lost frenzy though and their damage potential has decreased significantly. I can’t believe that 5 Fallen in two rounds of combat have only killed 1 Saurian Warrior!

      The Barbarian Horsemen kill 4 Chameleons and take 0 wounds I return, I win combat, the chameleons break and I chase them down and stay on the board.

      At this point I thought things were going quiet well. I’ve almost got all the scoring units with the Daemon prince facing the 3rdscoring unit and the Fallen fighting the other. I could have played some things differently looking back at it now like not charging the Crushers but overall I’m happy.

      Saurian Ancients 3

      There is just the one charge from the Saurian Ancient player, the Taurosaur into the poor Fallen. The Cowboys make their Stupidity and decide to go their own separate ways, one moves ot face the Dragon Centaurs when they come on the other moves behind the Warriors. Two taurosaurs walk backwards ready to shoot the Daemon Prince. The Skink BSB leaves his unit as do the Skink Priests. Everyone reaches a moment of realisation when they fight my army that they can go solo with characters and there is nothing I can do about it because I have no magic or shooting. And lone characters are so manoeuvrable that I can’t charge them easily.

      In the Magic Phase the Druidism Shaman get s off Oaken Throne and then tries to cast Master of Earth on my Daemon Prince so I have scroll it. I’m then able to easily shut down the Magic Phase. In Shooting the Skinks kill 3 Horsemen this time but the lone survivor makes his panic test. The Skink BSB is able to see my EDC and knocks a wound off thanks to Skullsplitter.

      In Combat the Taurosaur crushes the Fallen before they can even hit back. In the other combat the Fallen do 1 wound to the Saurian Warriors who do 5 in return to the Fallen, killing them all. Their destruction causes the Mauler Chariot to take a panic test which he then fails and runs away! That is completely avoidable and totally my fault, I should have left him far enough away to not be affected by panic, I didn’t have to park it so close to the combat! Although I still maintain that the Fallen shouldn’t have lost that combat on average, they certainly should have taken more than 2 Saurian Warriors down.

      Turn 4
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 4
      The Warriors charge the Taurosaur and lose a guy to shooting from the Skinks a top. The Daemon Prince and the Crushers charge the Saurian Warriors with 2 Spears. I’d like to say the Crushers failed a frenzy check and had to charge but they didn’t, that was my choice. The Dragon Centaurs come on in the corner and the Mauler Chariot rallies but I fear it’s too late for him to join the party now.

      I dispel Oaken Throne again.

      The Daemon Prince and the Crushers easily kill all the Saurian Warriors and the Crushers overrun off the board.

      The Warriors do 4 wounds to the Taurosaur, I was hoping to kill it if I’m honest but that might have been a bit ambitious. The Taurosaur kills 6 in return. I win combat but the Taurosaur is stubborn and sticks, I completely didn’t realise it had stubborn, my fault for not paying attention, it seems that it’s just Warrior Monsters that don’t have any decent special rules.

      Saurian Ancients 4
      The other 2 Taurosaurs charge the Warriors and only now do I realise what a huge mistake it was putting my Warriors into a Tuarosaur! The Warlord in front of the Dragon Centaurs charges them and the Other Raptor Warlord tries to charge the Daemon Prince but fails. The Skinks move around to the flank of the Horsemen trying to finish him off and the SW4 move away from the Chariot.

      The Magic Phase is a low roll and the only significant result is that the wounded Taurosaur is able to get a wound back.

      The Skinks shoot at the Horsemen and do 5 wounds but like a hero the lone surviving horseman makes all 5 armour saves!

      The Warriors don’t fare so well and all of the unit is killed by impact hits. The BSB does 2 wounds to the Taurosaur leaving it on 1 wound. The BSB is then thunder stomped into a puddle of blood! One of the Taurosaurs overruns.

      The cowboy who charged the Dragon Centaurs does 2 woudns to the Dragon Centaurs who do none in return but they lose combat and break. The Raptor Warlord doesn’t pursue as the Dragon Centaurs are off the board automatically.

      Turn 5
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 5
      The Daemon Prince charges the wounded Taurosaur, got to get me some points! The Crushers come on the board.

      The Daemon kills the Taurosaur in combat.

      Saurian Ancients 5
      One of the Taurosaurs charges the Crusher Knights and the other one stands in front of the Daemon Prince.

      In the Magic Phase the Priest gets off Oaken throne again, the Shamanism one tries to cast Awaken the Beast on the Taurosaur who charged the Crushers but I stop it, have to give them a fighting chance. The Druidism Priest then casts Master of Earth again on the EDC and manages to knock off the last wound, killing him. The Skinks are able to shoot of the last Horseman and the taurosaurs Giant Bow misses the Daemon Prince.

      In Combat the Taurosaur does 7 wounds to the Crushers who do nothing in return, they break automatically and run off the board.

      Turn 6
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 6
      The Daemon prince charges the taurosaur and does 2 wounds, Daemon prince takes none in return but the Taurosaur holds thanks to Stubborn.

      Saurian Ancients 6
      No charges and it goes straight to Magic. The Druidism Priest puts a wound back on the Taurosaur and puts a 4++ Ward on it as well. He then Casts Master of Earth on the Chariot but it does no wounds.

      In Combat neither side does anything of significance and the game ends.

      After adding up the points scored I have lost 16-4 and with my opponent getting the objective I lose 19 -1 in total.

      I think I played particularly badly in this game, I think it was due to my ignorance of the opposing army and just taking somethings for granted like the Fallen beating the Saurian Warriors. Although I never wanted the Fallen to be charged by the Saurian Warriors in the first place, I didn’t think he’d try that charge. Putting the Chariot too close to that combat, that certainly cost me the objective, that was just laziness on my part. I need to remember about Panic tests from losing combat and the havoc it cause to a battle plan. I used my Crushers poorly, they had the potential to cause a headache to my opponent but twice I misused them, the first time that failed charge into the Saurian Warriors, I should have moved them to face the Taurosaurs and the second charge into the Saurian Warriors, I should have just turned them to face the Saurian Warriors that beat the Fallen. That would have kept them alive and got me the objective. My monsters were completely useless in this game thanks to the Giant Bows and the Skinks, their shooting in the first turn had me on the back foot straight away.

      My ultimate mistake was thinking the Taurosaurs weren’t as dangerous as they are, that won’t happen again! At least the Daemon Prince actually survived the game, a rarity for him! I’m now on 4 points so it’s time to start feeding on the bottom tables, msut be due a win next, surely!
      • Deployment.JPG

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      • SA1.JPG

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      • SA2.JPG

        (87.06 kB, downloaded 263 times, last: )
      • SA3.JPG

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      • SA4.JPG

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      • SA5.JPG

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      • SA6.JPG

        (62.46 kB, downloaded 261 times, last: )
      • W2.JPG

        (90.1 kB, downloaded 264 times, last: )
      • W3.JPG

        (81.82 kB, downloaded 261 times, last: )
      • W4.JPG

        (78.22 kB, downloaded 263 times, last: )
    • Great reports. Enjoyed reading them so far.
      Seems that the luck wasn't on your side on game 1 and as you said you made some bad decisions on game 2.

      Regarding the DS on game 1 I think you played it correctly. I believe you are supposed to remove the models first from the side where the DS is not connected so that no one would "slide over" even though this would mean that some dwarves would drop out of combat. Meaning that the one model which DS was cornered to would be the last one standing.(pg 63. Removing casualties - units engaged in combat).
    • Ielthan wrote:

      PrinceCharming wrote:

      Good job saurians!

      Great reports as always!
      Yes tripple tauro duo lord is a tough one to crack!
      SA warlords are crazy underpriced compared to other races, or perhaps it's other races combat lords that are overpriced tbh. Triple tauro seems like it shouldn't really be allowed at 4.5k.
      Another awesome report, love the old school maps in particular!
      Well warlords are the only option to some things, same with tauros.

      Warlords are underprised yea , but tripple tauro is nothing wrong With.

      If they dont charge they are crap, and if u neuter the thunderstomp, ots even worse
    • Awesome old school style reports mate loved reading them. I played Mal (the SA player) round 1 and he's a great guy. His list is very in your face and since you don't have any ranged threats really it does become a tough match-up for you!
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      ETC Zagreb 2018 - Wales - VC (Merc)

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      My YouTube channel:…6ASeHA?view_as=subscriber
    • So it was your fault @Eternal Flitter that i had to fight the Lizards! I did wonder what they were doing down in the bottom half. Wish you went a bit easier on him so i could have had an easier opponent :)

      I have the same problem with Ogres as i do with this Saurian Ancient list. Too many big tough monsters that do impact hits. They ruin my army if i can't engage them all at the same time to limit their impact hits.
    • So onto Game 3 and I was down on the bottom tables this time and I was drawn against an army I have a lot of experience playing against, Empire of Sonnstahl. My opponent was the only Empire player at the whole event which is a shame that the army has fallen out of favour. Here’s his list:

      Knight Commander, General, Shield, Lucky Charm, Potion of Swiftness, The Sonnstahl

      Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Barded Horse, Shield, Great Weapon, Flaming Lance, Stalker’s Standard
      Marshall, Griffon, Lucky Shield, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Star Mace

      Prelate, Horse, Great Weapon

      Prelate, Horse, Hardened Shield, Heroes Sword

      14 Electoral Cavalry, Champion, Veteran Standard Bearer, Musician, War Standard, Imperial Cavalry, Shields, Lances

      Electoral Cavalry, Imperial upgrade, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields

      4 Knights of the Sun Griffon, Champion, Standard Bearer, Gleaming Icon, Lance and Shields

      5 Imperial Rangers

      3x 5 Reiters, Repeater

      Arcane Engine, Arcane Shield

      So an all cavalry army with no wizards, a list that suits me fine, as long as I can stop the army from getting the charge I should be able to win. The General with the Sonnstahl worries me a little as he could kill my Daemon Prince in one round of combat if he rolls well. The Sun Griffon Knights can be problematic too if they are able to get around my army. With little in the way of magic as well I should be ok in that phase. The bound spells from the Prelates can be annoying but nothing too worrisome so I’m fairly confident going into it.

      The Deployment was refused flank which suits me fine, let’s me get into combat even quicker and the secondary objective was Hold the Ground (this is when it dawned on me that we played the wrong secondary objective in game 1), so hold the centre of the board. The big pyramid on the right we treated as a hill to make things easier.
      Display Spoiler

      As usual I deploy my chaff first then drop the lot to get the first turn, I can’t let the Reiters have 2 rounds of shooting me. My opponent put his General BSB and the Prelate with the Hero Sword in the main Knight bus and the other Prelate in with the Great Weapon Knights.

      It was a lovely painted army as well which makes every game much more fun when you have two well painted armies slogging it out! His army was rightly nominated for best painted as well.

      Turn 1
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 1
      I move forward with my army, I put the EDC down the right flank and the Dragon Centaurs down the left flank. The Daemon Prince isn’t needed on the left of my force so I move him down to the centre.

      In the shooting phase the Horsemen kill a Ranger, first blood!

      EoS 1

      The Griffon Hero is able to see the Bloodbeast and declares a charge against him. I didn’t notice that the Griffon Hero was just on the hill meaning he could see over it, my mistake but it’s still a ballsy charge from my opponent, if he misses with that Star Mace my Bloodbeast is going to eat him! The Rangers move up to chaff the Crushers.

      My opponent skips the Magic Phase as he can’t do anything worthwhile so straight onto shooting and the Reiters all let loose at the Warrior block, probably a smart move as if you can whittle them down a bit then they are much easier to fight later on. The Reiters only do 5 wounds to the Warriors though, I was expecting it to be harsher. The rangers shoot at the Daemon Prince to get rid of his Lucky Shield and manage it.

      In Combat the Griffon does 2 wounds to the Bloodbeast who then does 2 in return to the Griffon Hero. The Marshall then swings with his 1 attack from the big Star Mace and hits, wounds and does the 3 wounds necessary to kill the Bloodbeast. Oh well, it’s not a complete disaster, at least he’s down to half wounds. The Griffon reforms to face the Crushers who will be unable to charge him due to the Rangers standing in front of them. The Griffon Hero could prove to be a problem later.

      Turn 2
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 2

      The Crushers charge the Rangers, I was hoping to kill them and get a nice long overrun into the Reiters on the hill, then maybe another overrun into the Sun Griffons. The Fallen charge the Reiters hiding behind the hill and lose 2 guys to shooting but make the charge. I move the rest of my army up as shown.

      The Horsemen try shooting the Griffon but do nothing as expected. In the close combat phase the Crusher Knights easily kill the 4 Rangers but only manage a 5” overrun, I needed at least a 10” overrun so it was ambitious. The Fallen kill all the Reiters before they can attack back and then overrun.

      EoS 2

      The Griffon Hero charges the rear of the Crushers and in a n unexpected move the big Knight block declares a charge against the Daemon Prince, I was not expecting that at all! One unit of Reiters dives in front of the Warriors and the other unit chaffs up the EDC.
      In the Magic Phase the Prelate in the main block tries to get off the 5++ ward but I scroll it, figured I use it now before he dies. The prelate then casts re roll to wound on the unit and then goes for the +2WS and +2I which I do stop, can’t have the General swinging at the same time as me.

      In the shooting phase the Reiters in front of the Warriors do 1 wound to them and the other unit shoots the EDC but fail to do any wounds.

      In the Daemon Prince combat I issue a challenge, as I have to, the General bravely steps up and it’s on! The Daemon Prince is only able to do 1 wound to the General, I was hoping to kill him as he has no ward save but yet again he lets me down with his measly 5 attacks and fails to hit with 3 of them. The General swings back and does 2 wounds to the Daemon Prince and the horse misses. I lose combat but I’m stubborn on Ld 9. I make the break test thankfully and I fail to Soul Feed a wound back. The Daemon prince is now down to S6 which makes his job that little bit harder next round. My opponent didn’t realise the Daemon prince was stubborn when he declared the charge and admitted it was a mistake, he should have just charged him out on his own, especially against me because even if he failed it I can’t shoot or Magic off the General.

      With the Crusher knights the Griffon fails to do any wounds, the Crusher Knights do 1 wound on the Griffon Hero and then the Crushers get rid of that last wound before the Hero can swing, phew! I was lucky that the Hero got a rear charge on the Crushers, if he was able to get a flank charge off I would have been in trouble. He probably should have charge the Sun Griffon knights in there as well but he thought his Griffon hero would do the job on his own.

      Turn 3
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 3

      Turn 3 seems to be my favourite turn as everything charges, it’s glorious! So the Mauler Chariot and the Fallen charge the Knight bus. The EDC declares a charge against the Reiters who fail their Terror check and run away, the EDC then redirects into the Great Weapon Knight block who make their terror check and I make the charge. The Fallen on the right charge the fleeing Reiters off the board and duly follow them off the board too. The Crushers charge the Sun Griffons.

      Onto a large round of combats, so we’ll start with the Crushers. The Demis and the Crusher go at the same time, the Demis do 1 wound to the Crushers and the Crusher Knights do 5 wounds back. The Griffon knights manage to get a wound through before the Crushers themselves get to attack. The Crushers do 4 wounds on the Sun Griffons leaving one guy left, he automatically breaks and the Crushers run him down and then run off the board. That fight was always coming down to who charged first wins so I’m glad it was me.

      The EDC strikes first in his combat and does an impressive 4 wounds to the knights, very happy with that! The Knights swing with their Great Weapons and get 2 wounds but I make 2 6+ Armour Saves like a boss. The horses then manage to get a wound through, it’s always the horses that do the damage! I win combat but the knights stick.

      The Warriors easily win their fight by killing all the Reiters before they can strike, they then pivot to face the Knight block.

      In the big fight we go straight to the challenge and the General chugs his Potion of Swiftness meaning he gets to go first. Luckily he only does 1 wound to the Daemon Prince who stays alive on 1 wound. The Daemon Prince can only do 1 wound in return so there is still another round to go if this combat continues. The Chariot with it’s impact hits, all its crew attacks and the Mauler beast fail to do a single wound to the knights, he made Armour Saves like you wouldn’t believe, at least 10 3+s. The Fallen meet with the same indestructible armour and do 0 wounds. The chariot takes a wound back in return. I actually lose combat by 3, wasn’t expecting that to happen. The Daemon Prince and the Chariot stick but the Fallen break and run away. The knight block shifts to the right to get more attacks on the Chariot.

      EoS 3
      Well that was a pretty good turn for me and the Empire are really on the back foot now with only 3 units left in play, ok they’re they’re probably the bulk of the points but they’re not in good shape. The only movement he can do is turn the Arcane Engine around to face the EDC.

      In the Magic Phase the Prelate in the Knight block casts the 5++ ward on the unit but I dispel it as I have to kill the General this round. The Prelate in the Great Weapon Knights casts the +2 WS buff meaning I’m now hitting them on 4s rather than 3s.

      Straight to combat and the EDC one is first. The EDC only does 1 wound to the knights this turn and takes 4 in return, ouch! I lose combat by 4 and break. The Knights pursue and catch the EDC but stop when they touch the Arcane Chariot.

      In the Challenge the Daemon is finally able to get that last wound of the General. The Chariot again fails to do any wounds thanks to some ridiculously good Armour Saves but I can’t complain as everything else is going my way. The Knights can’t wound the chariot either. I lose combat again but we all stick thanks to the proximity of the BSB.

      Turn 4
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 4

      The Warriors charge the flank of the Knight bus spelling their end. The Fallen rally on the pyramid and the Crushers and the other Fallen come on the board.

      In the big combat the Daemon Prince issues another challenge, now that he has actually killed someone in a challenge he gets re rolls to hit and to wound, the first time that has ever come in to effect for me! (The Gaze of the Gods is such a pointless rule that only comes with draw backs and a not very useful benefit.) The Prelate steps up to face the Daemon Prince as the Knights are going to need their BSB this turn. The Daemon easily kills the Prelate and to help he Soul Feeds a wound back, putting him on 2.

      The Warriors and the Chariot do a whopping 1 wound to the Knights, I cannot get across how good his rolls for Armour saves was! The Empire BSB wounds the chariot but I win combat by 6 and thanks to the bonus in Ld reduction thanks to fear the Knight block fails it’s Ld test and breaks. The Chariot and Daemon prince pursue and catch them.

      EoS 4

      The Arcane Engine charges the smaller unit of Fallen and the Great Weapon Knights charge the other Fallen. In the Magic Phase the remaining Prelate is only able to get off re rolls to wound on the Knights as I stop the other two spells.

      In combat the Arcane Engine kills the Fallen with impact hits and overruns off the board. The Great Weapon Knights take no wounds from the Fallen and kill them all in return, they then overrun behind the pyramid.

      Turn 5
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 5

      I fail my own internal frenzy check and move everything over to the right of the board, I will kill the whole army!

      EoS 5

      The Knights turn around and the Arcane Engine comes back on the board.

      Turn 6
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 6

      Only at this point do I remember about the objective and realise what an idiot I have been. I have no way of getting a scoring unit onto the middle of the board edge. I try and reform the Warriors wide but they can’t do it so no one is getting the objective. I really should try and remember objectives instead of succumbing to the red mist of Wrath!

      Anyway, the Mauler Chariot charges the Knights, I didn’t want to risk my Daemon Prince which is why he’s where he is and didn’t go a top the pyramid, he could have easily gotten killed by those knights. The Crushers charge the Arcane Engine and easily kill it on the charge.

      The Mauler Chariot on the other hand only does 2 wounds to the Knights and takes 4 in return. I lose combat by one and am now regretting only sending the chariot in.

      EoS 6

      The Mauler Chariot is actually able to kill 4 knights, the last of the Knight unit, leaving the Prelate who can’t do the last wound to the Chariot. He loses combat and breaks but is run down. So at least I killed every man of the Empire this game!

      After totaling up the scores it’s a 17 – 3 win and no one gets the objective. The game went pretty well I think except for forgetting about the objective and needlessly throwing away 3 points. I wouldn’t mind but the dragon Centaurs did nothing this game and could have just sat on it all game. The only other fault of mine was moving so far forward initially and allowing the Griffon Hero to charge the Bloodbeast, apart from that I think I played well.

      My opponent should not have charged his block at the Daemon Prince but in fairness he did come very close to killing the Daemon Prince so it almost payed off. He would have been better soloing him with his General and leaving the Knights behind. Always nice to end Day 1 on a win so after that it was on to Game 4.
      • Deployment.JPG

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      • E2.JPG

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      • E3.JPG

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      • W2.JPG

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      • W4.JPG

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      • W5.JPG

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      • W6.JPG

        (67.34 kB, downloaded 223 times, last: )
    • @Ielthan Thanks mate. Gald you like them, good to know people are reading them. I took a lot of photos at this topurnament but most of them are really bad and unusable. I think the lighting in the venue was just not bright enough and as i was rushing taking the pictures they are just mostly blurry. I'm finding that with most gaming halls sadly.
    • Sunday has dawned, so I drag my groggy head into the gaming hall for Game 4 and I was drawn against Sylvan Elves. Another army I haven’t fought that much in the ninth age but I have plenty of experience fighting them back in WFB 8th ed. With my Warriors I don’t mind them too much because my army is extremely fast so I can mitigate their shooting somewhat by just getting in their face so quickly.

      My opponents list:

      Dryad Matriarch, General, Apprentice Divination, Treesinging

      Chieftain, Great Elk, Battle Standard Bearer, Wildhunter Kindred, Elven Cloak, Long Bow, Greatsword, Talisman of Greater Shielding, Divine Icon

      Druid, Shamanism, Wizard Master, 3 Spells, Shielding Scroll, Treesinging, Sacred Seeds

      5 Heath Riders, Musician

      5 Heath Riders, Long Bow and Fast Cavalry

      14 Sylvan Archers, Musician, Black Arrows

      2x 8 Dryads, Champion, Skirmish

      6 Wild Huntsmen, Standard Bearer, Flaming Standard, Sylvan Lance, Shields

      5 Wild Huntsmen

      4 Thicket Beasts

      10 Rangers, Musician

      10 Pathfinders

      9 Pathfinders

      So a different sort of Sylvan Elf list from the others that were their this weekend. Having a Dryad Matriarch as a General seems an odd choice for me but it keeps the cost of the General down. For an Elf the Chieftan is nothing to be sniffed at, with the Divine Icon he certainly has my Daemon Prince worried, if I can get to grips with him on my own terms I should be alright but you never get the match ups you want against Sylvan Elves, their too damn quick!

      The main unit that worries me are the Wild Huntsmen, I have vivid memories of these guys single-handedly killing my whole Kingdom of Equitaine army. They are utterly lethal on the charge with 3, S5, AP1 attacks. They can tear through knights and monsters alike. I’ve heard tales of the Rangers but never faced them myself before.

      The Deployment was Counterthrust and the Secondary Objective was Breakthrough. We both have 3 scoring units each (only one unit of the Heath Riders can score) but mine are much quicker and tougher so he will have his work cut out trying to remove mine and I’ll have the hard job of just trying to catch his.

      Display Spoiler

      So we alternate deploying units, my opponent ends up with an extended left flank and I have an extended right flank which I put a lot of units on. I keep my Chariot in the back ready for any attempt from the Wild Riders to try and avoid my EDC if I don’t get the first turn. I’m also wary of the scoring unit of heath Riders, sneaking down my flank so I keep the Horsemen back to prevent that. However in the vanguard move the Heath Riders turn around and run behind their lines. The Pathfinders have scout and drop on the left of the board making for quite a bow heavy flank. The BSB is in with the Wild Huntsmen 1, the general is in the Dryad 1 unit and the wizard is slumming it with the Rangers.

      I win the roll off for first turn so it’s straight to the Warriors.

      Turn 1
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 1

      After a lot of umming and ahhhing on my part I decide to just throw the EDC straight forward at the Wild Huntsmen, I do some maths in my head and figure who should be able to take a charge from them thanks to his T6. I then position everything else around the EDC so that the Wild Huntsmen can’t just run around him and get behind my lines. I move the right flank forward quite cautiously for me as again I’m terrified of the Wild Huntsmen, especially with the BSB in. I try and frenzy bait them with some Fallen.

      Sylvan Elves 1

      In an entirely predictable move from the cowardly Elves they all walk backwards quickly rather than face the pure destructive force of the Warriors, I don’t blame them. The Wild Riders facing the EDC do charge though. The Heath Riders with Bows stay in front of the Warriors ready to flee if the Warriors charge (which they will). Also the Wizard in the Rangers uses her Scared Seeds to plant another forest where she is, it’s getting pretty dense with forests on the right hand side of the board now.

      In the Magic Phase the Wizard attempts to cast Break the Spirit on the Fallen and manages to cast it Irresistibly, I decide to let it through as I’d much rather watch the Miscast than worry about the effects of the spell. The Miscast kills 4 Rangers who are Immune to Psychology and so don’t care about their own death. The wizard then dusts herself off and tries to cast Swarm of Insects on the Bloodbeast but I dispel it.

      In the Sylvan elves favourite round all the Bows are aimed squarely at my Bloodbeast and enough find their mark to kill him. I’m not too happy about that, especially as all the shots were wounding on 6’s!

      In the Wild Huntsmen fight the Huntsmen are only able to do 1 wound to the EDC who then strikes back and kills 3 of the Wild Huntsmen. The EDC wins combat but the Huntsmen pass their Ld test, but they have lost frenzy which should help.

      Turn 2
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 2

      The Warriors charge the Heath Riders who flee, I thought this was a risky move as if he rolls above 10” they are off the board, as it is he rolls a 3” flee, the Warriors catch them giving them a big advantage for next turn. I run the Fallen up in front of the Wild Huntsmen, they lose one guy to Dangerous Terrain tests from the Break the Spirit (totally worth it), the Wild Huntsmen are now unable to charge anything besides the Fallen so I’m able to safely bring the rest of my army up. I run the Crushers up the left flank basically hoping that by having them there he the Pathfinders might shoot them rather than my EDC (If he can kill the remaining Wild Huntsmen)

      With no Magic and Shooting it’s straight to Combat and the Wild Huntsmen fail to cause any wounds on the EDC as they only have 1 attack each at S4. The EDC does the 2 wounds necessary and the Wild Huntsmen are no more.

      Sylvan Elves 2

      No charges from the Elves this turn. The Thicket Beasts move up to block the Warriors but it does give them a flank charge. In a sneaky move the Wild Huntsmen are at the back of the board ready to flank charge my Warriors if they do charge the Thicket Beasts in the flank. The Dryads, BSB and the Heath Riders all move to the left behind the house but the Dryads are not completely hidden. The Dryads 2 on the reform to face the Crushers. All the Bow users stay put ready to unleash some extremely accurate bow fire at my troops.

      In the Magic Phase the Wizard tries to cast Totemic Summon but fails. The wizard then tries to cast Swarm of Insects on the EDC again but I’m able to dispel it.

      The Pathfinders line up their shots against the Crushers, I was very much expecting the EDC to be their target. They kill one Crusher which leaves me with an interesting proposition, I can take one model off of the left or the right. If I take one from the left that will leave them with a flank charge on the Dryads (which will then see them run off the board) or they could just run past the Dryads and go straight for those pesky archers. Alternatively I could take a model off of the right and then I’ll have a front charge on the Dryads, if I can kill them all on the charge (which is risky but not far from impossible) I can then overrun straight forward and be right on top of the archers in the back field. I decide to do the latter and charge the Dryads in the face!

      The Sylvan Archers shoot at the EDC but do no wounds.

      Turn 3
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 3

      The Crushers charge the Dryads right in front of them. I’m not charging the Thicket Beasts with the Warriors as the Thicket Beasts as Toughness 5 makes them very difficult to kill and if I don’t kill them all or break them then the warriors are going to get flank charged by the Wild Huntsmen and die. The BSB in the Warriors is able to see the Dryads however, who are just poking out of the corner of the house, the General is in there so it would be nice to kill her or at least tie her up. He only needs a 7 on 2d6 and in a flashback to Game 1 he rolls a double 1 and fails. The Daemon Prince charges the Thicket Beasts and I throw the Fallen in there as well to help out.

      The Fallen who have been doing a great job of annoying the Wild Huntsmen so far make their frenzy check and their march block tests and continue to do their job by standing in front of the Wild Huntsmen. Now that the Fallen are chaffing up the Wild Huntsmen the Huntsmen would no longer be able to charge the Warriors if they had charged the Thicket Beasts. However I had to make two Ld 8 checks to get in that position so I still think I made the right decision by not charging the Thicket Beasts.

      I run the EDC behind the house so that he will be taking less shots next round and avoiding a charge from the BSB. The Chariot moves up slightly, he is doing a great job of stopping the Sylvan Elves from just running down my left flank and getting the objective. The Horsemen and the Dragon Centaurs run down the right flank.

      The Horsemen fail to shoot off any Rangers so it’s straight onto the combat phase. The Crushers go first and manage to kill 7 Dryads, leaving one alive, bugger! The dryad runs off the board and they follow them off the board.

      We go to the Daemon Prince next and he is only able to do 2 wounds to the Thicket Beasts, the Fallen fail to do any but they do a pretty fantastic job of getting their butts kicked and 3 die. I really shouldn’t have thrown the Fallen into the fray, especially as only one is in combat with the Thicket Beasts so I’ve just given him combat res! The Daemon Prince takes a wound too. I lose combat but we all stick around. The Thicket beasts go wide to stop the Warriors from getting past them next turn, if they’re still alive.

      Sylvan Elves 3

      No charges are forthcoming from those cowardly shooty elves! They all decide to just run off to the left. The Dryad Matriarch goes solo and leaves the Dryads, she moves behind the house ready to blast some magic at something.

      The Winds of Magic blow strong in the next round as a double 6 is rolled. The Wizard goes first and casts Swarm of Insects on the Barbarian Horsemen which I let through and it causes 0 wounds, I love that 3+ Armour Save on the Horsemen! The Wizard then attempts to cast Totemic Summon again and fails to reach the 11 required, failing to cast again. The Matriarch has obviously had enough of the Wizards ineptitude and decides to cast Unerring Strike on the EDC, with 5 dice! This ballsy move backfires as she inevitably rolls 2 6s causing it to be cast irresistibly. I let this one go through obviously. It does 9 hits to the EDC but only 2 of those are 4+, unlucky, I then save 1 of them meaning he takes a wound. The Wizard only rolls a 1 on the D3 for the miscast so just takes hits but it’s enough to kill her.

      The Pathfinders and Sylvan Archers are furious about the death of their Matriarch and open fire at the Mauler Chariot, doing 3 wounds!

      The Daemon Prince smashes the Thicket Beasts again, doing 2 wounds which take one of the beasts down. The two remaining Fallen are duly flattened by the Thicket Beasts leading to a drawn combat.

      Turn 4
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 4

      No charges this round, the BSB jumps back into the Warriors who reform 5 wide but still can’t fit through the gap between the house and the Thicket Beasts because of the 1 inch rule. I really need the Daemon prince to hurry up and kill those Thicket Beasts. The Fallen run up to stand in front of the Wild Huntsmen again. The Barbarian Horsemen fail their march block test so can only swing around to the side of the Rangers and can’t leave the Dragon Centaurs with a full charge on the Rangers next turn.

      The Crushers come back on the board and the Mauler Chariot and EDC move up to cover the left flank.

      The Horsemen use their throwing weapons on the Rangers and kill 2 of them leaving the unit with 4 Rangers and a Wizard.

      The Daemon Prince does 2 wounds again to Thicket Beasts in Combat taking the unit down to 2 models. The Thicket Beasts do no wounds in return but they lose combat and pass their break test.

      Sylvan Elves 4

      The Sylvan Elf BSB charges the Crushers and the Wild Huntsmen finally take the bait and charge the Fallen, I think they failed their frenzy check. The rest of the army on the left castles up, you wouldn’t think the objective was to get in your opponents deployment zone. The rangers back up a bit.

      In the Magic Phase the Wizard attempts to cast Totemic Summon for the third time in a row and actually manages to reach the power level needed but I then scroll it. The Wizard then attempts to cast Tree Singing but I dispel it.

      The Archers who are busy hiding in the corner of the board open fire at the EDC who this time takes 3 wounds, leaving him on just 2.

      The BSB who charged the Crushers swings first in that fight. He does 3 wounds to the Crushers, removing one model. The Crusher Knight retaliates but fails to cause any wounds as does the Crusher. The remaining Crusher has lost combat by 4 and fails his break test. The BSB doesn’t pursue as he doesn’t need to, the Crusher is right on the board edge and runs off.

      The Wild Huntsmen kill all the Fallen on the charge before the Fallen can swing back. On the overrun the Wild Huntsmen do exactly what my opponent doesn’t want them too, they run 11” and have gone far too far. The Warriors can get a nice easy flank charge on them now.

      The Daemon Prince roars in frustration and uses all his combat prowess to inflict one wound upon the Thicket Beasts! The thicket Beasts do nothing in return and lose combat again. This time they fail their Break test and flee! The Daemon Prince pursues and catches the Thicket Beasts and his pursuit handily takes him into the flank of the Wild Huntsmen!

      Turn 5
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 5

      I decide that as there is only 4 rangers left in the unit now is the time to charge them and get all those juicy points contained in that pesky Wizard. I would like to charge just the Dragon Centaurs in but the Horsemen are blocking their charge so the Horsemen have to charge as well, so both in they go. The pivot for the Horsemen on the charge means that only 1 Dragon Centaur can engage the Rangers. Not ideal but I think I should have this combat. I felt like I had to charge the Rangers now because if I just position the Dragon Centaurs in front of the Rangers then that Wizard is just going to jump out of the unit and I’ll never catch him.

      The Warriors march forward to get the objective. I run away with the EDC who now sits on 2 wounds and is 1 wound away from giving away half points. The Chariot back up, away from the BSB.

      We go straight to the Rangers combat who put all of their attacks in the Horsemen, I’m expecting to lose 3 or 4 guys but the Rangers make no slip ups and kill the whole unit! 4 guys just butchered my Horsemen in one go! The Dragon Centaurs do 3 wounds to the unit but lose combat by 2 and break from combat, they flee from the Rangers who fail to catch them. I was not expecting that result at all, I thought I had that in the bag, I’m still dumbstruck at this point as I’ve just given away 650 points there.

      The Daemon prince finally finds his fighting ability and kills 4 of the Wild Huntsmen who fail to do any wounds on the Daemon Prince who then soul feeds his wound back that he suffered earlier. The Wild Huntsmen break, the Daemon prince doesn’t pursue and the huntsmen flee off the board.

      Sylvan Elves 5

      I’m getting a bit panicked now, I thought I had this game all sown up when my Daemon prince went into the Wild Huntsmen but I’m about to lose my Dragon Centaurs and so I only have 1 scoring unit in his deployment zone. Although his units are all tucked into the corner those Heath Riders are very quick and could run across the board in two turns easily. This would mean that no one gets the objective.

      The ranger and the Wizard charge the Dragon Centaurs off the table, the Rangers then roll really high for their charge and run off the board themselves. The rest of the Elf Army moves out of the corner as they have to to be able to shoot at anything. The Heath Riders wheel around and run as fast as they can towards my deployment zone.

      Pathfinders 1 had to dive out of the way of the Heath Riders and are out of range of any targets so can’t shoot. The Sylvan Archers marched and can’t shoot so with only one unit of Pathfinders to shoot nothing much happens as they fail to do any wounds on the Mauler Chariot.

      Turn 6
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 6

      The EDC runs away as quickly as he can. The Mauler Chariot hides behind a hill, this isn’t very wrath of me but I can’t let them take any wounds or I’m giving away points. The Warriors and the Daemon prince just move forward, unable to achieve anything this turn.

      Sylvan Elves 6

      It’s crunch time as we see if the Heath Riders can make the deployment zone (Deployment zone for this scenario has been set to 12” on despite the initial deployment type, it would be madness to try and remember the actual deployment zone with Counterthrust). Thankfully for me the Heath Riders are 1” short of the 12” Deployment zone, phew!

      The Archers all move up to face the Daemon Prince and the Ranger and Wizard come on the board. Straight to Magic and the Wizard casts Swarm of Insects on the Daemon Prince and I fail to dispel it. It does 12 hits but cannot do any wounds. Both units of Pathfinders and the Sylvan Archers open fire on the Daemon Prince and also fail to wound him.

      The game ends there and we carefully add up the scores. It is actually a 10 – 10 on the points but I do get the objective luckily and it’s a 13 – 7 to me. I even now wonder how it was so close, I was completely murdering the Elves that game but I just failed to get any of the expensive units. I never realised how much the Pathfinders cost. If I realised at the time I probably would have thrown both the Crushers and EDC straight forward in Turn 3 to try and catch them.

      I’m annoyed about the Dragon Centaurs running off the board and I’m still shocked by the quick death of the Horsemen. Those Rangers are not to be sniffed at, 2 attacks each, with Great Weapons at Initiative 5, they can do some serious damage to whatever they fight. I think that the Daemon Prince actually making contact with the Wild Huntsmen was not the blessing it turned out to be. If he had fallen short the Daemon prince could have flank charged the Rangers and the Warriors could have flanked the Wild Huntsmen, that would have worked out more favourably.

      Still a wins a win and it was a very good game. Extremely tactical and a lot of cat and mouse style play going on. Despite the Sylvan Elves being a shooty army I still couldn’t just rush forward as they have some serious threats as they showed.

      So with 2 wins and 2 losses it was time to go into the last game of the weekend.

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