A look from the outside in, from eight edition fantasy to T9A

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  • A look from the outside in, from eight edition fantasy to T9A

    Hello ninth age community-and especially the fellow sylvan elf players out there that glory in the woods. :)
    After reading a large amount of sylvan elves information on the forums, and being impressed with what the game has become to this point, I would like to share a very interesting opinion that I feel could benefit the community- the game is doing very well at creating a rank and file wargame that people can learn quickly and get hyped about.
    I have been in Norway for the last two years on leave, and have not had time to play, nor have I had the stuff to play, so the game got generally forgotten about. But as it should happen, a year into those two years I heard about the ninth age, a revival of the game that I thought was long dead. (I use the term revival lightly, seeing as the game is currently moving away from the old format)
    I was immediately energized for the hobby, and have been following the game ever since. After some rules changes, plenty of YouTube videos, and some time spent reading the rules, i made plans to play some games. after one, and my only game thus far, my expectations were confirmed that the game is alive!
    So, the reason behind this post is to discuss a question that lots of experienced players have asked, and I will hopefully try to answer- because of all the changes...will it be too hard to learn the game?
    This question I feel has created a decent amount of heat, or I guess, excitement, around the topic of new editions, or small hotfixes.
    To answer the question, I would say that the game has actually gotten easier to play, much to my surprise, and more organized.

    The game I played was with a friend after we spent.an hour making lists and trying to figure out how the game was built. I had played eighth for quite a time, and my friend had never seen warhammer, but due to me ranting about the ninth age, he agreed to give it a shot.
    After list building, we whipped out the rule book and played the game. It took roughly two hours for 3000 points in version 1.3.4. We were both pleased with how it went, and then he returned from the trip and bought into the game.
    On the other hand, I am just finishing my time here, and am excited to jump headfirst into YouTube battle reporting, which will be based around the progression from a newer player to a rules and tactics sound player.
    But, the overall review of the game so far is that the rule book, the way that it is designed, makes for a good, tactics based wargame, that I feel is very close to being one of the most balanced games out there.
    Shoutout to the rules team and all who made this happen so far-
    I would like to further the same question out to others that have learned the game... share your experiences! How long do you feel it took you to "catch on" enough to play a game?
    A progressive wargamer

    Content Team

    Sylvan elves, Undying Dynasties, Kingdom of Equitaine. Best three armies.
  • I played Warhammer, then stopped because I was mainly concentrating on 40k, then the Old World died.
    I got hooked again when I found a local group of players that were trying T9A, and in a feel of relief, I realized that playing with my existing army was possible again.
    Moreover, I consider that the Seven Sins should be destroyed as an army background.