Nevalia, farthest north province of the Empire of Sonnstahl (Background for my army)

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    • Nevalia, farthest north province of the Empire of Sonnstahl (Background for my army)

      After playing some games, discuss strategy and army book content, I was missing something: immersion
      Therefore, I tried to give a soul to my army.
      Note that this is also part of a hobby project I will post some pictures in the right section but painting is almost perfectly sticking to this background
      Pictures in this post are coming from the net (Magic and other)

      Welcome to ....

      Nevalia, Empire's Septentrion

      Nevalia is a land at the farthest north of the Empire of Sonnstahl

      This is a desolated province with hundreds kilometers of coast beaten by the winds. The sky is often blackened by the tempests and, at this latitude, the sun light is blafard. Coves hollowed out of the cliffs shelter small fishermen towns but also smuggler’s lairs

      One of the fishermen Nevalia's harbors

      Nevalia does not count many peoples: the hilly landscape and desert moors only allow livelihood farming. The hinterland is poor and wandered by outlaws that the militias struggle to eliminate: it is easy to disappear in Nevalian's hills.
      The Nevalia lord’s revenues are essentially based on the trading with fleets navigating on the North and some silver mines in the mountains.
      Although this province is not an easy access to Empire due to its hilly topography, the Emperor gives troops to Nevalia's lord to protect Silver shiploads transiting in the harbors

      Nevalian Peasants. "Welcoming" with strangers...

      Roznov, Heart of Nevalia

      The "laughing" Roznov harbor

      The main Nevalian's city is the Roznov port city (Same name as the current lord)
      Roznov is a sinister harbor but is also the only refuge for big galleons navigating in the northern latitudes.

      There is many taverns in the town, welcoming human, dwarf or elf sailors. Docks are real death traps during the night even if the militia make their job with brutality. Better to take care with them, because they fire without hesitation when they suspect something is wrong.

      The town receive a little garrison of Empire soldiers paid by the Emperor (essentially demotivated troops because nobody wants to be confined so far in the north). Nevalia's lord seat in his palace, the major place for trading in the town.

      Roznov family's palace

      Indeed all the town's transactions have to be done in the interior court of the palace as the lord have a commission on all trade.
      In this little court named "Lion court", all can be traded or bought; the only rule is to access it without weapons. Any offender is merciless killed by the mercenary guard of the court

      Nevalia's lord is currently Alicia Roznov, the sole heir of the family following sinking of her father boat in the Sea of Storms.

      Even if young, she had to take possession fastly of all levers of power in order to guarantee her survival on the throne face to rivals families. She spend all her money to ensure fidelity of the Lion's court mercenary guard and she need even more. The money granted by mines, the tax on harbor’s trading but also less admissible sources : Rumors are telling that Alicia also manage a corsair fleet which launch assault on elves ships sailing off the coast, but nobody really wants to investigate on this subject.

      Alicia Roznov... During a nocturne negotiation with her corsairs.

      Roznov’s banner: fess of argent and gules with sable kraken.
      (Did it myself so please be indulgent, i am not a photoshop expert! :P )

      Nevalian Magic Academy

      The eastern Nevalia, near from The Beacons, have attracted some master sorcerers from the imperial capital city.
      Indeed, the extreme purity of the magical flows just been filtered by a beacon allow to make more powerful enchantments and are less dangerous than the polluted flows in the south of the Empire.
      Therefore, two magical masters, Ojanen and Raïna came into Nevalia to create the Nevalian Magical Academy. It was constructed on a rocky promontory dominating the sea at the farthest north of the province. Two aerial bridges allow the access to the academy in order for the peasants to sell their goods to the mages. During low tide, when at the top of the higher tower, the Astrolabe's room, it is possible to embrace kilometers of beach.
      The traditional magical disciplines are taught in the academy but the Alchemy and the Divination are the specialties :
      Ojanen is the Alchemy master, and the silver mines proximity allow him to never lack of material.
      Raïna is the Divination specialist. Her students are easily hired by ship's crew in order to help them to survive in the dangerous sea of storms
      Ojonen et Raïna have personally contributed to the conception of a convex lens system set up in the higher tower of the Roznov harbor. It allows to watch the sea over a long distance. On short range, it becomes a formidable weapon which concentrate the light and inflame the sails of the enemy ships.

      Raïna The Divinatrice. Ojanen Alchemist master.

      Nienoburg's commandery

      The Nienoburg town and stronghold.

      In province's south west can be found the small town of Nienoburg with its commandery. Knight master Bogatyr head up this stronghold. The ancestral castle guard the strategic road from omperial Capital city to Roznov.

      So near to the frontier, robbers band incursions are frequent : These groups launch their raid and disappear in the east lands because they know that repression will be terrible. Indeed, Bogatyr make a point to hunt them even after the frontier. Few can brag about escaping from Bogatyr's cavalry squadrons.

      Sometime, beast herd tribe coming from far east make incursion int he province to plunder and burn some villages. When it occurs, Bogatyr call Roznov family to rescue. And then he lead the battle with its better troops : the griffin knights of the commandery.

      Bogatyr, leaving Nienoburg to hunt some thieves.

      Bogatyr's personality is completely opposite to mentality of Roznov and coast towns : his righteousness often suffer the pragmatic view of his lord Alicia. She never hesitate to use stratagems, cunning and low blows while Bogatyr hold on his honor code in every situation. These two important figures of the province find a stability : Alicia let Bogatyr manage his town as he want but always keep an eye on him using her spies. The only times Alicia needed to intervene cause strong disagrees with the knight commander. But Bogatyr always recognize Alicia's skills even if her methods hurt at highest point his honor.

      Atraxa's lighthouse

      Atraxa's lighthouse, Blazing torch of the Empire in the tempest...

      At west point of Nevalia, you can find the Atraxa's lighthouse. This gigantic tower was built by elves before they leave the continent. Blaze burning at its top is visible for miles around. It allows sailors to escape from reefs and cast anchor in the little creek at the foot of the lighthouse.

      Now belonging to the Empire, the lighthouse is now under the care of a monastery dedicated to Sunna. This covent include a batallion of the Sunna's daugthers order. The troup is led by Jaelle reverend.
      Jaelle is a savage warrior and her angelic visage hide all horrors she can do in the name of Sunna.
      Even the ruling Nevalia familly don't dare to intervene into the Sunna's church actions : Falling into disgrace usually means death or exil whil trying to escape inquisitors.

      Reverend Jaelle. An angelic visage but unlimited cruelty.

      Better not tbe accused of heresy in Atraxa. Trials are fast under the JAelle's rule, et she prefer to punish an innocent to let escape dark lord adorator (After all, innocents are welcomes in death realm by Sunna's herself).
      Sentences are sinisters and brutals : Condemned are fixed on a rack and thrown into the burning fires of the lighthouse during a tempest day. their howlings are carried by the wind as a warning to heretics.

      The workshop of Grumbar
      , the half dwarf.

      Lost in the hills at south of Roznov, you can find the Grumbar's workshop.
      Grumbar has born from the union of a harbor prostitute and a dwarf sailor, during a drinking night in the Twin Mermaids tavern.
      Grumbar grew in the Roznov's shallows, being the target of all racist discriminations of both Dwarf and human communities. The only light of his life was his mother who always help him during his childhood.
      However, the life of a prostitute is hard and short. She died during the 15th year of Grumbar. Therefore, he decided to quit Roznov and search his father. He finally found him in a southern harbor. More for duty than for love, the sailor oriented him to a dwarf forge master of his family. Grumbar passed several years to learn the forge secrets.
      He finally leave his master to mount his own workshop in his natal region. His work gained more and more renown in the Roznov city… Enough Renown to allow him to have a special order from Alicia Roznov herself, when she access to the province throne. She was perpetually the target of assassination attempts, so she order Grumbar a dress that can resist to most weapons. And Grumbar did it so well that Alicia now always wear it when she is threatened.
      Surprised by the quality of this first work, Alicia made another attempt: in the palace's cellars, an old steam tank was stored. It was partially destroyed during an old battle and never be used again. Alicia promised Grumbar that if he was able to repair this antiquity, she would cover him with gold.
      Some years have passed and Grumbar made many attempts to make the tank work again. Always without success. Nobody believe that he can do it now, but Grumbar continue to search...

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    • Pellegrim wrote:

      Oh nice .... so good to read some actual omniscient fluff - great style! #hopeT9Awilladeptthisstyle

      Shaman Snake wrote:

      I like what I see since it show starker and grimdark aspect to the EOS. I like the Empire of Sonnstahl but I currently feels like a copy and paste verizon of the empire replacing the cross with a sun. I'd love to read a story set in Nevalia.
      Thanks to all. This is encouraging for me :)

      Concerning #hopeT9Awilladeptthisstyle and "I'd love to read a story set in Nevalia.". Excepting the pictures mostly coming from wizard of the coasts (Magic the gathering), all is a personal work. So 9th age team is free to use what I will write if they want (I have no idea of what their background work currently looks like, perhaps I am completely at the opposite of what it will be).
    • Concerning miniatures, I have found almost all characters I described in the background :
      I will post some pictures of my work but I am not a really good painter, so perhaps you want to see some better pics (constructor official ones) :

      Alicia Roznov with her dress ready to battle. She will use a magic pistol and a double handed mace.

      Jaelle suited for battle :
      REAPER - Alaine, Female Paladin

      Knight master Bogatyr (on the right)
      Foundry miniatures REN16 - Renaissance Knights 5

      Ojanen alchemist master
      REAPER DARK HEAVEN - 03714 Viharis Tenspire, Wizard

      Raïna The Divinatrice
      REAPER PATHFINDER - 60135 Arcanamirim Wizard

      Grumbar ????
      If you have some ideas ...

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    • Shaman Snake wrote:

      If you don't mind long waits and spending the money you could try this.

      This makes me want to create my own EOS fluff.
      I know this one, but really too expensive....

      I have added where to find the miniatures like in the french version of this thread.