ETC 2018 Team Wales application

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    • ETC 2018 Team Wales application

      Team Wales European Team Championship (ETC) application

      Thank you for considering applying for Team Wales for the European Team Championship in 2018.

      There are many ways to approach the ETC with regards to how the team will prepare and play. Obviously everybody wants to have fun, but what defines fun can vary from individual to individual. For a team event, it’s important to make sure that everybody is on the same page to prevent people being disappointed once there. This year the team has decided that we will build on the good work of 2017 and try to push the team forward to not only perform at a higher level, but be more inclusive to a wider group of players than before.

      To produce the best results from the team and their armies, all lists will be written as a communal effort and all team members will be expected to contribute. The ETC requires a lot of research to be done prior to the event in both list writing and preparation of pairings, which all team members will be expected to commit to.

      Team Timeline

      Applications open for team30th August 2017
      Applications close for team30th October 2017
      Team selections finalised14th November 2017
      Germany warmup event (Herford)April 2018
      4 Nations warmup event (TBD)May 2018
      Denmark warmup event (Herning)June 2018
      Lists finalised for ETC1st July 2018
      Pairing data completed for ETC23rd July 2018
      European Team Championship (Zagreb)August 2018

      Minimum Requirements

      Please read the minimum expectations that we have for players playing for Wales at the ETC. We understand that life and plans are fluid, but would expect all players joining the team to be willing to do the following.

      • Take 5 days off in early August for the ETC in Zagreb
      • Attend at least 3 tournaments of 40+ players in 2018
      • Attend either, or ideally both, of the Germany (April) or Denmark (June) warmup events
      • Attend the 4 Nations warmup event (May)
      • Be flexible with regards to which army and list they will play

      There is also the general need to be happy to pay the money required to do all of the above. On average it costs somewhere between £1500-£2000 depending on the tournaments attended and the distance travelled. Our hope is that sponsorship will reduce this amount considerably, however, we ask that you not rely on this, as we cannot guarantee sponsorship a year out from the event.

      To ensure we are able to secure travel, accommodation, attendance at events and team equipment, successful applicants will be asked to submit a lump sum to a team account upon joining the team. This will likely be in the region of £150.


      Please send the below questions and answers in the body of an email to The deadline for applications is October 30th 2017 at 23:59.
      • Name
      • Age
      • Contact information, mobile, email, skype ect
      • Nationality and country of residence
      • Relationship to Wales:
        • Born in Wales?
        • Live in Wales?
        • Have one (or more) grandparents that were born in Wales?
      • Are you a member of any gaming clubs?
      • Roughly how many games of [lexicon]9th Age[/lexicon] did you play in 2017?
      • What armies do you have access to; for practise and the event?
      • Do you have any preferred armies or builds?
      • Do you have a play style? (E.g. aggressive, conservative, [lexicon]gunline[/lexicon], magic heavy)
      • Would you be willing to play an army that you do not own or have not played before?
      • Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the team?
      • Can you confirm that you are willing to meet the requirements set out in the previous section?
      • If not selected for the team would you be interested in a non-player role as a coach?

      Hopefully we will have many applications to choose from and i will contact every applicant by phone to let them know if they made the cut or not, so please do not forget to add your relevant contact information.

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