How new LOS will affect VS

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    skrak wrote:

    Nicreap wrote:

    I have played heavy jezzail lists as well, but the part you are leaving out is that you have equal odds to take wounds as you do to hit your target, did I still take the shots? Yes, but it's still a rather low probability event.
    Yep, I must agree, probably the trickiest thing about jezails and wether shooting them or not. I usually picked them in big units 5 or 6 to avoid autopanic and combo them with ld 9 VD pathmaster general. If the chances are low and the target is too cheap, better don't shoot em :D
    I hope jezails will be still useful on 2.0

    So far I have found Jezzails to be perfectly fine in 2.0. There are only a small handful of situations where the new LoS impacts them, and movement or deployment can easily offset those changes.

    The important thing to remember is Los is a 2 way street the same thing that keeps those jezzails from shooting that cannon, keeps a fireball from hitting them. ;)
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