Paths of magic tiers

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  • SkargitCrookfang wrote:

    Mr two cents, take it for what it is:

    Top Tier
    Pyro (10/10): Blasts the living hell out of everything it touches. Even nastier if you play in an MSU-heavy environment. Good ranges, decent casting values and lots of front-end damage. The attribute is hilariously effective at clearing chaff... Scorching Salvo is max-troll... the 3 tiers of pyroclastic flow are devious. This is just a great path; it does what it does (simple) and it does it well (KILL!).

    Divination (8.5/10): Love it. Always have, always will. The nukes are great troubleshooters, Scrying is one of the best spells in the game IMO and some of the buffs can sway a game. I don't really rate the conclave...coven...what's it called? Yeah, that's how often that whole ability comes into play for me... but guiding light is really nice in an army like Daemons where ...BSB? lulz...

    Also, stubborn plaguelings? More lulz.

    Alchemy (8/10): I still dig this one. Great synergies, interesting mechanics and decent nukes and buffs; a little something for everyone who can use it. Chain-casting with the attribute (Word of Iron/Glory of Gold -> 'Chem fire -> Nuke -> 'Chem fire -> Nuke) can be ridiculous if you can pull it off.

    Mid Tier

    Shamanism (7/10): Some neat spells in here. A little bit of a "trick" path, imo, but said tricks aren't hard to pull off and while said synergies aren't as easy as Alchemy to pull off, they are effective enough to try for (the attribute alone is grand). Overall, decent troubleshooter.

    Druidism (7/10): Doesn't rate as highly with me as it does with some, around here. Personal preference, I suppose. The base spells are a tad underwhelming, and to get the real meat out of it, you need the throne up... which drains power dice... blegh. That said, +3T or 7 raised wounds is a nice bit of fun. The terrain-based effects are also intriguing, but most opponents who have played against it a couple of times know what to watch for.

    Witchcraft (6/10): ... I almost want to rank this lower... but this path has surprised me in some games and totally disappointed me, in others. No real damage, but some great board control options... but with lackluster range. I love The Wheel Turns on my goblins... and a -1 to hit spell is always welcome... but, again, I look at pyro in case of goblins and think "...nah, I want to blow stuff up". I've found it extremely situational with my Daemons (and since I only really run Harbingers... 2 spells max... ehh... rarely worth the risk for a crappy spell roll).

    Occultism (5/10): Again... I almost want to rank this lower... but dammit, there are some gems, in here. The Grave Calls is an outstanding nuke. There are few cool tricks in here, as well (Pentagram-pulse casters are a bit fun, if corner case). Actually, outside of The Grave Calls, that is the main issue with Occultism (including the sacrifice)- it's an interesting build with very specific uses for each and every spell. Which is fine, if the situations come up... but don't count on it in an all-comers list.

    Bottom Tier

    Thaumaturgy (4/10): So much random. Spells like "Smite the Unbeliever" have high cast value for random effect and low impact. Blegh. Also, the inherit reroll 1s OOPS you blow up side of it is beyond irritating.

    Evocation (4/10): I put this here with a HUGE caveat: I don't play any undead armies. Now, said armies seem pretty decent with this (trait spell not even included in my mind on this one) but the path, overall, has some okay reroll based mechanics and... a couple of other tools. Casting values don't make me shy away... but when I compare it with Div... meh.

    Cosmology (2.5/10): Perfect example of something looking great on paper, but being pretty crappy in use. Maybe its just me... I really only ever get a chance to use it on my Dread Elves... but it never ceases to disappoint. Low ranges, the -2 to cast is...okay (cool mechanic, though). Overall, I feel like this was a path created with a great vision, but then given to the wrong users.

    Again, my two cents... don't take it as gospel, just my thoughts on the matter.

    Note: my X/10 rating is based on no metrics, data or thought. Deal with it.
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