Smallscale Naval Fantasy Wargame by T9A?

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  • Smallscale Naval Fantasy Wargame by T9A?

    These are certainly long-term thoughts and not to be read as a jab to get something peripheral done now: Would T9A later on be interested in releasing their own smallscale naval fantasy with the demise of Unchartered Seas, there seems to be a scarcity of supported naval fantasy games around if I don't miss anything crucial. My guess is that a nifty set of rules for naval fantasy wargaming could fill a fun little niche and stir up new life in it, possibly with some producers following suit with ship releases if we're lucky. The escort vessels are one of my best sellers, believe it or not, thanks to Man o' War collectors it would seem, and that game has been out of production for decades. So the small undercurrent exists and is persistent.

    Here are some boots standing around for some enterprising group of creative people who are good at rules to fill. Not tomorrow, but perhaps in years to come, if the core game gets so well settled that parts of the team wishes to expand and try something different for a change?

    Please keep this at the back of your heads, not least for background/artwork reasons since we all love to read about and see ships and naval action even if we don't play with them. Just brainstorming about what is possible with naval fantasy action and craziness can lead to odd background elements introduced into the lore proper for the landlubbers to appreciate it existing on the sidelines. Like here.

    If some T9A members eventually volunteer to tackle a naval fantasy wargame, my advice would be to keep the army lists wide. Let there be squadrons of small cannon boats and escort vessels, all the way through galleys, caravells, cruisers and gigantic leviathan vessels. You know the drill: The more the merrier, like a true smörgåsbord. And likewise, scenarios revolving around coastal fortresses, merchant convoys and monster hunts (hunting for monsters of hunted by monsers?) and Pirates of the Caribbean style madness are always welcome aside from the usual style of naval fighting.


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  • Oddly enough I was discussing this just last week. I think it is possible, however there were four different people in the conversation and four different visions so anything is likely to be controversial.

    Also, I couldn't get the vision for an SE or a SA set of ships (some thought SA could build on the backs of sea-lizards, although no shortage of issues with that either.

    If this does get rolling, I would be keen to dive in.
  • Saurian Ancient ships shouldn't be too hard. Turtle howdahs, aquatic Dinosaur cousins with or without howdas, saltwater crocodiles, catamarans, big canoes and rafts. Mix and match. Why take one variant when one can have both?

    Sylvan Elves are stranded, although something like a giant tree grown together with lesser trees and plants to form a living ship could be conceivable. Complete with treemen for boarding actions and throwing rocks. ...or swimming treemen. :D
  • Here I am in my element: the sea!

    Basically, naval battles can be envisioned at several scales:
    - strategic: map = worldwide; units = fleets. Example = Risk.
    - tactical: map = sea area with probably some coast, some islands, some harbors; units = ship. Example = Dreadfleet.
    - individual: map = two ships, or one ship and land; units = either individual models or small units. Example = T9A with specific terrain.

    Long term wishes for naval battles in T9A have been discussed already internally indeed - but very casually, as there is no workforce at all for that.
    I see no reason why it could not be done as Homebrew, and if/when possible, it should not be hard to officialize, given it has hardly any incidence on the main game.

    For a strategic game:
    It would be based on the world's background, with mild incidence from the faction's different ships.
    The game will be easy to build, with a flat map, a few markers.
    The difficulty, besides finding more interesting rules than Risk, is to know the background.
    Here, if there was a Homebrew team willing to set it up, I would gladly offer my help, as I have a clear idea of the strategic maritime issues in T9A.

    For a tactical game:
    It would be based on a very detailed description of each faction's ships, with the world's background not needing much to be detailed.
    There would be a need for great models to support the game.
    The difficulty, in addition to create a better game than Dreadfleet which was a fiasco, would be to find appropriate models. This could be solved with 2D prints until a supporting company takes charge of creating nice models.
    Here again, if there was a Homebrew team willing to set it up, I would gladly offer my help, as I have a clear idea of the maritime technologies available to each faction in T9A. Also, I have great relations with supporting companies.

    For a game at individual level:
    It would basically a scenario for the regular T9A game, with a specific terrain and some adapted rules.
    No need to detail much the world nor even the ships available.
    I see no specific difficulty, as players would use their usual models, they would just need a specific terrain, which could be 2D.
    Here as well, I would offer my help, but merely as a naval specialist.

    My personal vision in 10 years includes all three levels incorporated in a very wide range of games linked with T9A.
    All of you who read this thread may contribute directly to that vision, if you start a Homebrew team for that purpose.

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  • Karak Norn Clansman wrote:

    Would T9A later on be interested in releasing their own smallscale naval fantasy
    Yes there is definitely interest for it. It is on my to do list :)

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