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  • So we are due a new Giant sometime soon.

    I know i am am pretty pleased by the prospect - lots of epic models out there, and a lot of history.

    The giant hasn't been particularly fearsome for a while so this seems like a good opportunity.

    As no one solicited any input on what the giant should be I thought it might be fun to have an unsolicited discussuon on how to make the giant great again.

    Different things for different people made the giant fun. For me the things I would want preserved and the things I would want cut are:


    Alternative attacks. Being able to do more than just weaponskill, strength AP... like every other unit. Jump up and down or forcing initiative saves was not only characterful but added a lot of depth to the unit and when it was scary this was why.

    Decent cost. The giant is pretty ubiquitous, common. I feel it should be one of the cheaper monsters.

    Adjustments for each army. The core giant is common among a lot of armies (off the top of my head 4 of them). Currently there is the ability to customise each of them through ambush or armour... I like this. The same but different works for me.


    Random attacks. All of the good stuff but unable to plan? Unable to select what it does is not good.

    Utter irrelevance. Some abilities like the shouting one occasionally had almost no effect. Not good.

    I like the idea of a giant not being a specific creature but a generic bipedal monster, so that it can include just about any themed model out there.

    Any other strong views on the giant?
  • The reason the giant sucked (in my opinion) is because of two of things.

    1. He's a no save toughness 5 monster.
    It doesn't matter that he's got 6 wounds, he's relatively easy to kill or cripple with anything above St3.
    Even bolt throwers that normally aren't really much use vs monsters can drop this guy.

    2. Potentially Massive damage.
    There's a genuine risk he'll roll the one OP ability in his list of random attacks and you will lose massively.
    Thump with club? Your monster just got beaten to death
    Pick up and? Your character is now auto-dead
    Jump up and down? Your unit is now 10+ guys less numerous and you've just lost the fight
    Yell and Bawl? He wins combat and anyone who hasn't attacked yet doesn't get to.

    So what does he need?
    To be tougher would help, as would being given a decent save, as would being given more wounds.
    Less nonsensical damage would also help.

    Want him to still yell and bawl and get a psychological effect?
    Make it add +X to the combat resolution and apply Distracting

    Want him to still be able to thump with club and do a lot of damage?
    Make it a Crush attack

    Want him to be able to jump up and down on an enemy?
    Disallow him from stomping when he does that

    Ld10 and Stubborn can stay, unless he's made extremely tough, in which case that Leadership value needs to drop considerably to at most 8, if not lower.