It's time for Africa !

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    • Thanks for your contribution. :)
      It looks kind of Koghi.


      Karak Norn Clansman wrote:

      What's not to like?
      Not IP-free.
      It can serve to artists as inspiration, as you said. But not for direct use in our Homebrew AB.

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    • I swear I saw this pic labelled as « Sundjata Keita » and his warriors somewhere.

      Looks very Koghi anyway, I've used this pic to advertise our project, though, yes, it should not be used in anything we publish…

      Even if they might not be exactly « Malian », we've written up the background in the way that the Koghi empire includes many different nations under their own « kings », but who all follow kind of the same way of fighting, customs and caste system, as well as competing smaller « independant » nations. So Benin can be one of them, we're not that precise ;)
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      Little comments on either Mukumbusu Wrestling Apes or Kegiz Gavem – the Ethiopian Dwarves of Light.

      While we give them a chance to be commented, we could also discuss what could follow.

      Calisson wrote:

      some interest has been shown for the following:

      - Daemons of the Rift (this one should wait until the new DL are released)
      - Vermin "anteaters", gnoll-like miners of Darkstone. (done)
      - Gorilla Ogres (with benevolent Pygmies) (done)

      - Antelope and Buffalo BH
      - Tarzan SE.
      I would like to add an interest I am growing about the O&G of the Mountain of the Moon, given that we have done their Dwarven neighbours of Kegiz Gavem. I feel that developing Somali-like Goblin pirates with a blend of Mad Mullah and Mad Madhi could be hilarious. Not forgetting the inspiration from Funj cannibals. Having spent many months in Djibouti, that is a part of Africa which I know a bit.

      What do you guys think?

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      - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves
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      Oh yeah !

      Sorry at the moment I'm on holiday at my parents in Belgium so i'm mostly busy playing BloodBowl with my brothers and friends, but I'll be back next week to give a thorough reading to those last two armies ;)

      Excellent idea about Orcs !
      GHAÂAÂAÂARN ! — The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young
      First T9A player in West Africa
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      Taphrian O&G Background.

      Sea Goblins

      Sea Goblins infest the open sea, the islands, the coastline, the coastal region, the lakes, the rivers…

      Ashore, they are not visible until you stop, in the middle of nowhere; then a group will suddenly appear, which you had not noticed. Before you think of it, they become hundreds.

      At sea, they often sail with mixed crews, adding an occasional Human or Dwarf, or joining another species’ crew.

      With Sea Goblins, you can discuss and compromise. They are the best tradesmen in the region. They buy pretty much anything, and sell even more – especially crap. They will sometimes manage to sell you your own goods. While you bargained gently with them, they have stolen your pants. It is said that their magic-users may even bargain their fiascos… Their counting is very approximate, but incredibly efficient: a Goblin boss can share five silver coins between ten of his sailors, and keep two for himself, just by making promises which everyone will believe.

      They do fish, but they don’t like much the taste of what they call “fish meat”. True, it would be less disgusting if eaten fresh, or cooked, or both. At sea, it’s quite easy to tell honest fishermen from pirates: when you meet them, they are fishermen. When you leave them, they become pirates. These pirates are not that bloody: they only want after your purse. And your clothes. And your belongings. And they may ransom you as well. And keep your ship for ransom, too. As long as you pay, you’re fine. Not comfortable, mind you, you’d be surprised to learn what someone may endure. But you’ll be fine. You’ll be in trouble only once you’re done paying.

      Enrigo di Montefreddo – Secrets of the Blood Red Sea
      Cannibal Goblins

      Cannibal Goblins are found inland, mostly in the hilly region between the two streams.

      You can discuss with them… from the cooking pot. Actually, they have a strong sense of humour. A sick sense of humour, but humour nevertheless.

      They are not interested in your purse… except the natural one which dangles down between your legs. The widely spread custom of making eunuchs testifies about their taste for what they call “mountain oysters”.They say it gives them a lower pitched voice – possibly that is only relative to their victims. And don’t ask what they do with their female captives, it is horrible.

      As a matter of fact, their attitude seems to change according to what they ate last: they say that they absorb the qualities of their foes. Pray that they ate last a snail rather than a lion! In harsh times, when there is only hyena dung to eat, it does not make them much friendly – but it could be worse: the pessimistic says that sometimes, there is not enough dung for all of them.

      Many of them have lost a phalanx, or a bite of ear: that is because they become body buddy after eating mutually some part of their bodies. Those who survive the ceremony become buddies for life. From now on, if someone eats one of them, he has to eat the other one as well.

      They have a king, but that king has no authority to speak of, he is rather elected to be in charge, which means to be the scapegoat in case anything wrong happens. After a year, another one is elected, or earlier if the scapegoat has been eaten, which is most of the time. Those who survive the year are titled “Heir of Unis Dynasty”, which more or less assesses that their flesh is unfit to be eaten. They become the living embodiment of The Cannibal Hymn:

      Bull of the Sky, who shatters at will,
      who lives on the being of every god,
      who eats their entrails,
      even of those who come with their bodies,
      full of magic from the Island of Flame.
      Whom he finds in his way, him he devours bit by bit.
      And likes to live on hearts and their magic.

      Mad Goblins

      There is a breed of goblins called Mad Goblins by everyone including other Goblins, but who call themselves True Goblins. They are the most religious Goblins you can imagine – and much worse than what you can imagine. Their life is made of strange prescriptions, which contradict each other, and vary according to the moon phases, the time of the day, the age of the captain etc. They have all kinds of prohibitions concerning food, and reversely they eat mushrooms which would kill anyone else. Sometimes, they fast all day long, only to devour more at night, making them to act strangely the next day, even by their own standards.

      The problem is their intolerance: everyone has to abide by the same prescriptions, or suffer the chastisement of sacrilege. They seem to hate life, death, movement, immobility, colours, blindness, heat, cold, and worse than everything else, middle ground. They will often incite you to engage in their endless and senseless theological discussions. You have to make a choice: if you participate to their wacky debates, you’re sure to lose your mind; if you refuse to discuss with them, they will kill you - but only after more of their mad preaches.

      They pretend that the religion of the dynasties downstream evolved from their own, but the Humans did not stay true to the original belief, and all that remains of them are bones, cursed for eternity. They pretend that they were the original Pharaohs, who used to rule them all, Humans and Goblins together. All evidence denies that, but they care little for evidence.

      Tribal Orcs

      Tribal Orcs. They live in Stone Age. They use clubs, often made from camel bones. They are weary of anything technological, in particular the smell of black powder. But you never know if it will make them panic or enrage against the source of their angst. They are incredibly superstitious and have all kind of taboos. But reversely, whatever superstition they believe seems to become true. For example, they trust their blue war paintings to make them invisible. Have you ever seen an Orc with a Blue War Painting? No. That was because it actually worked fine. They wear elaborate tattoos, which provide them stone-hard skin. So they claim, and believe. Try at your own peril.

      @VisconteDimezzato, you might like this one. :GobboShudders:

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    • New

      The suggested background for Mountain of the Moon's O&G seems to please.
      From this BG, I see little changes to bring to O&G AB. It would be a fluffy AB, very close to the original.
      Comments welcome.

      Sea Goblins = Common Goblin.
      New: They may use nets. + Ambush + Ambush from any water piece + lots of magic objects. + seafarer’s weapons.
      Loss: no Orc Overseer with Ballista. Shady Git = steals, rather than kills.

      Cannibal Goblins = Forest Goblin.
      New: They may use all 3 Gnashers units & mounts, in addition to spiders. + Ambush. + Hyenas in addition to Wolves
      + new rule: Last meal was… (random, most good, some bad).
      Loss: Strider (Forest).
      + Cannibals: instead of pursuing, they eat.

      Mad Goblins = Cave Goblin.
      New: Aegis. Hatred and Frenzy. High psychology. + Hyenas in addition to Wolves. Access to more mushrooms.
      Random influence of the Moon, when it raises or sets during the game.

      Tribal Orcs = Feral Orc (Born to Fight and Battle Focus, Frenzy and Aegis (6+)).
      May ride War Boars.
      New: Access to war paints, providing relative invisibility and better Aegis. Run faster.
      Loss: They only use Clubs. no armor, no bow, no chariot.
      Rule telling that technological weapons gives them either fear or more frenzy.

      Army Rules: All kept. Mammoth Stabber changes name. Hereditary Spell = same.
      Special equipment = all new, adapted to Taphrian fluff.

      Skewerer Ballista, Greenhide Catapult: same.
      Gargantula, Great Green Idol: no change.
      Loss: Common Orc Iron Orc, Boar Chariot
      Trolls, Grotlings, Scrap Wagon Giant

      Comments? :)

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      - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves
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      Nice Goblin ideas. Though wouldn't trolls be found virtually everywhere? With Warhammer in mind I can easily imagine Taphrian Troll variants, including some tropical river or swamp trolls wrestling with giant crocodiles and hippopotamuses, and even tree-swinging jungle trolls (kills what it lands on). As to the swamp/river trolls, I can likewise imagine saltwater variants along some coasts, among the sharks and saltwater crocodiles and monster squids and stingrays and so on.

      Just dropping by to say that some group or another on Deviantart seems to be running an African tribe art challenge. Been shamelessly spamfishing among the more promising artworks just in case anyone would like to draw anything for T9A. In case you find any image very much to your liking, you may want to ask the artist for permission to use it in an army book.

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      I deleted Trolls because they are strongly Scandinavian, and associated with cold climate.
      I am keen to examine any African legend which would replace them, but no, no troll in Taphria.

      For the artwork, indeed, I have trouble to find a good one. In the spoiler is what I made. Not that happy, if there are alternatives, great.

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