Random painting and stuff

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    • Random painting and stuff

      Stuff this time:

      Runebound miniatures.
      Runebound is a roleplaying/adventure game for 1-4(or 5) players. Check it out, seriously it's a great game.
      It also has some miniatures to represent the players heroes and here they are:

      Left to right:
      Lord Hawthorne, Laurel of Bloodwood and Corbin the Dwarf

      L to R:
      Lyssa the weird cat woman, Master Thorn and Elder Mok an orc shaman

      I've decided to start work with Hawthorne as he is a very empire-esque miniature and he's in general a badass.
      I'll probably give the characters backstory and more info once they are done, but for now here's a bad close up picture of him:

      It's okay, it has frenzy.

      Just Flank It © KoE - Tactics 101
    • kollibri wrote:

      just love the orc shaman and the elf. are you planning to highlight their bases somehow?
      Some of them have a colour theme. Like Hawthorne has lots of blue in him and elder mok has purple. I was considering doing the bases with their respective colours to make them easy to spot. At least the outer edges.
      It's okay, it has frenzy.

      Just Flank It © KoE - Tactics 101
    • Well this didn't take long at all but Hawthorne is finally finished.

      Lord Hawthorne of Seragart is an accomplished warrior. He has fought in many battles and defeated many foes. Songs have been sung of his bravery, and the mention of his name conjures images of gallantry in the minds of people. He is driven by a desire to live up to the deeds performed by Sir Rodric the Strong, a warrior of legend to whom Hawthorne claims to be related. He also searches for the elf-sword Coravim ("Brave Heart"), a blade of renown with which Rolan of Kell is said to have slain the Dragonlord Margath. While both may be fools errands they push Hawthorne ever onward into whatever peril awaits!

      Here is his hero card which describes his abilities and stats. (Also reference image!) Reach and Vicious Strike are his unique abilities that boost his combat abilities. Top right is his 'dice stat'. Dice are used for movement and exploration. Middle on the right is his health, fairly obvious. Bottom right is his hand size. Hand size determines how many skill cards the player can hold at once, skill cards can be obtained to learn new skills or discarded (called exerting) which allows to reroll any dice roll or activate other abilities (such as Vicious Strike). The 3 numbers on the bottom represent the characters stats. Red is physical might, yellow is perception/agility and blue is intelligence/mind. Stats have an effect on stat tests (higher=better) and they also limit the amount of skills a character can learn. Skills are divided between the 3 stats and your stat limits how many skills of said stat you can have. Since Hawthorne has 1 intelligence he can learn one intelligence skill, any further ones require him to discard one of his intelligence skills so he has only 1.

      Gameplay-wise Hawthorne has no "magical" abilities or movement abilities that some characters have. Instead he can push himself further in a close combat encounter than any other character. He does not rely on magical tricks but instead prefers to smack people around. Kind of a balanced character with more focus on physical abilities and strength over magic or agility.

      Hopefully more heroes will join him soon! Not sure who I'm going to do next. If people end up reading this you can cast votes for who you want next!

      Lightbox next time for better pictures?
      It's okay, it has frenzy.

      Just Flank It © KoE - Tactics 101

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    • kollibri wrote:

      Orc Shaman! And I would like to propose to make the base black and the rim blue, I believe the blue color now steals away from the model, especially the cloak that's also blue.
      You are probably right . I'll paint it as you described.
      I'll throw a new picture of him soon.
      It's okay, it has frenzy.

      Just Flank It © KoE - Tactics 101