Costing of Spear-elves compared to concept

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  • @Nopuiiidorl Why make the change period, or why add the distracting and also remove fier?

    In the first case, I think it would be beneficial to focus the unit. Right now they're sort of an all-rounder, but being unfocused makes them not great at any one thing, but you still pay a chunk of points. It would lead to a lot less "well that was underwhelming" moments.

    As for why add distracting and also remove fier (compared to keeping fier and adding distracting), if both rules were to be had the unit's price would definitely go up a notch. Adding distracting helps focus the unit towards defense, but paying for fier on top may undermine this with the unit cost. I also, while I want our units to be elite, I would like this unit to be our "budget" choice (relevant to everything else). It also, from a background point of view, may start to be pushing the limits of how many special rules this unit should have. Even if not, I think it would be better to push the defense perspective, This is all personal opinion, of course.

    @ramesses2 I appreciate the TW2 insight :) the Flame Warden distinction is a nice one too!