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      Probably most people won't care about this issue, but I don't understand at all why the Ninth Age should have its own names of months of the year (like Tandemar, mentioned on p.133 of the BRB) but still keep real-world name of days, such as Wednesday, Monday, etc. which have no root in the setting.

      As a reminder, the current names of days in English and half of European languages come from mythological figures that are inherent to our world's history, not theirs.
      In English (and other Germanic langages), the days are named after the Sun, the Moon, and the gods Tyr, Wotan/Odin, Thor, Freya and Saturn
      In French (and other Romance languages except Portuguese), days are named after the Moon, the gods/planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn + references to Judaism and to the Christian god.

      In some of the other languages which I know (Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese), days are named after a number.
      In others (Japanese), they are named after the different elements (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Earth)
      In others still (Baulé), they are named after specific recurring actions.

      Additionally, in Christian countries every day of the year got the name of a given saint.
      The French revolutionary calendar replaced this with a name of plant, animal or tool for every day of the year (today 20th November is the day of the Roller, an agricultural tool).

      The WHF universe had a totally original 8-day system with names based on recurring activities (Bakery day, Tax day, etc.)

      Why don't we have such a calendar for the 9th Age ? To keep the real-world names for the days of the weeks sounds to me pretty unambitious.

      Or maybe did we just forget about it ?
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    • Ah good, I'd thought so ;)

      Sure, I found several typos also in the fluff text while doing the translation, but unfortunately I haven't noted them anywhere

      The two I can remember right now are these :
      p.126 World Hymn – in the 5th line « ley » should be « lay »
      p.132 Religion – there seems to be a problem in the 3rd paragraph « The answer lies in the strength of Mortals, the interaction with us, fleeting beings, draws divine attention » : no matter how I reread and turned this sentence this way or that way, I still can't make any sense of it, probably something is wrong like it should actually be two different sentences and something is missing ?

      Yeah we are really getting out of topic now :)
      Maybe I should change the name of this thread ?
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      First T9A player in West Africa

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