Fluff for the beast herds

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  • Fluff for the beast herds

    Afternoon longhorns!

    Inspired by a recent fluff post I wanted to start gathering scraps and titbits (one of my favourite words) of detail into the origins and history of our race.

    If anyone could point me to anything they have read or found I would be really grateful.

    Id love to get as much info as possible to try and start to write background for us :)
  • First attempt at adapting an Native short story

    In the beginning of the world, it was the Cloven ones who owned Fire. It warmed them on cold nights and gave them light when it was dark. The Cloven ones carried Fire with them wherever they went.

    One day the Cloven ones came to a great forest, this great forest was rich with game and plenty to feed the many hungry mouths. Not wanting to disturb the forest creatures that lived within, they set Fire down at the edge of the forest floor and began to hunt under the canopies. The creatures in the forest were so abundant and so large they wandered further away from Fire, eating the delicious fruits, acorns and animals as they went deeper into the forest.

    Fire blazed up merrily for a while, until it had burned nearly all of its wood. It started to smoke and flicker, and then it dwindled down and down. Fire was alarmed! It was nearly out “FEED ME, FEED ME!” Fire cried in despair. The Cloven ones had wandered so far in that they did not hear Fires cries.

    At that moment, Man came walking through the forest and saw the small flickering fire. “FEED ME, FEED ME!” Fire cried again.
    “What should I feed you?” Man asked. He had never seen Fire before.
    “I eat sticks and logs and wood of all kinds.” Fire explained.
    Man picked up a stick and leaned it on the North side of the fire Fire sent its orange-blue flames flickering up the side of the stick until it started to burn. Man got a second stick and laid it on the West side of the fire. Fire, nourished by the first stick, burned brighter and stretched taller and eagerly claimed the second stick. Man picked up a third stick and laid it on the South side of the fire and laid a fourth stick on the East. By this time, Fire was leaping and dancing in delight, its hunger satisfied.

    Man warmed himself by the blazing Fire, enjoying the changing colours and the hissing and snapping sound Fire made as it ate the wood. Man and Fire were very happy together, and Man fed Fire sticks whenever it got hungry.

    A long time later, the Cloven ones came back to the edge of the forest, looking for Fire. Fire was angry when it saw them. It blazed until it was white hot and so bright that they had to shade their eyes with both paws. “I DO NOT EVEN KNOW YOU!” Fire shouted at them. The terrible heat rolling from Fire drove the Cloven ones back into the forest in fear; they could not take Fire away with them.

    And now Fire belongs to Man, not Beast.