Pinned HE 2.0 Release - Feedback (only)

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • HE 2.0 Release - Feedback (only)

    Welcome Princes and Princesses!

    2.0 has been quite a journey for us and once I have enough time to do so I will be posting an introductory post running through how we got here, our experiences as ACS on the TT and what we feel of the final product.

    You should all have quite a grasp of a lot of the above through our very wordy spoilers (sorry about that, Calc has rubbed off on me and Pap) however it feels right that we pay homage to the reasons and the feeling as well as the mechanics before we embark.

    However, this thread is not to reminisce, this thread is the future!

    Once our 2.0 AB drops, and I'm sure we are all looking very much forward to that, please post all your feedback here.

    @Calcathin @PapaG and myself will be trolling this thread a lot for feedback to go back to the TT and BLT with so as such make sure your observations are concise and if you really want something changed, utilise our fantastic team for maths, graphs and eloquence to prove your point with more gusto!

    We all hope you enjoy the book once it launches and really delve into the depths!

    Happy 2.0 Highborn!

    Layout Team

    HBE Army Community Support