HE 2.0 Release - Summary and Key updates

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  • HE 2.0 Release - Summary and Key updates

    Hello our fellow Princes and Queens,

    This post is created as a quick way to gather in a single place all the information which describes the key changes which relate to our army in the 2.0 updates. This is not a discussion thread, it is just a quick reference for our community

    There will be an initial summary post (post following this one, and then subsequent posts will relate to how the different entries of our army have been updated and some rationale behind them.

    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Key summaries of 2.0 updates for HbE:

    The 2.0 updates for HbE focused mostly on:
    • Updates to the magic enchantments and creation of new enchantments as a result of armies being allowed up to 15 magic enchantments
    • Update to the magic-related army choices as a result of the changes to magic from the 2.0 core rulebook
    • Improve design of the army entries that were considered to need it the most (mostly underperforming), in order to make them have an attractive design to fill a more unique role and have the opportunity to become more competitive when priced appropriately
      • This was applied to Sea Guard, Prince of Ryma honour (new name Queen's Cavalier), Grey Watchers, Reaver Chariots and Frost Phoenix (in joint redesign with Flame Phoenix)
    Implement changes in design in some entries which were performing too well (from an internal army balance point of view) or where too much Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS).
    • This was applied to the Royal Huntsman on Lion Chariot, the Ancient Dragon and, partially, to the Flame Phoenix

    How did our Magic enchantments change?

    At a high level, the key focus on the redesign was to provide through magic enchantments an answer to some design limitations that could not be accomplished through the limited redesign options of the units. This was done in a way that it would help promote a larger variety of viable character builds and configurations than it exists currently. As an example:
    • On-foot characters got the Sliver of Blazing Dawn (spear) and Protection of Dorac (armour)
    • Horse Characters got the Nova Flare and Daemon's Bane, which are also sweet for Griffon and Yound Dragon options
    • Griffon and Young Dragon Characters got Glittering Lacquer and Starmetal Alloy
    • Dragon Characters got the Starmetal Alloy and Ring of Pearl Throne.
    • Sloop characters got the Starmetal Alloy
    • Mages got the Gleaming Robes, Amethyst Crystal and Banner of Becalming (plus existing Book of Meladys)
    • All fighty characters (except RH and Princes on dragons) got the Diadem of Protection for the much needed 4++ ward
    • Infantry got updates on War Banner of Ryma and the new Navigator's Banner, and core units also gained access to 75pts magical banner enchantments
    Where there was a good item in the BRB that met the needs of the army nicely, the HbE team decided not to create one specific for the army. This is a known risk, as pricing on this items is set at generic level rather than army-specific and are subject not to the teams approval but to core rules changes, but this was deemed to be the most practical path of action to cover most army needs with the HbE specific items.

    Examples of these useful BRB enchantments for the Highborn race are the Hero's Heart (weapon), most of BRB weapon enchantments which are great for Great Weapons, Death Cheater (Armour), Willows's Ward (shield), Alchemist's Alloy (shield), etc.

    How did our magic-related choices change?

    Magic rules changed mostly regarding our Army Wide Rules (AWR), Hereditary Spell, honours and magic enchantments (covered above). The Highborn army finds a key identity in its magic, and this was a key cornerstone around the redesigns.
    • Masters of Balance AWR changed to reflect a higher proficiency in casting spells by making it easier for our wizards to cast magic (and to have to invest less dice, which minimizes chances for miscast).
    • The Hereditary spell was chosen to reflect the protective nature of the army
    • Master of Carneig Tower (MoCT) was changed to better reflect the background of this entry, which is a warrior, a mage and a healer which invests its knowledge in multiple disciplines rather than focusing on a single magic discipline.
    • Order of the Fiery Heart was changed to better reflect a "Flame Avatar concept which rides into war fueling the power of its mount through magic". It also gained access to Alchemy, which was very fitting for the Honour and for the army to keep access to this path (as a result of changes to MoCT)
    • The three tiers of magic for Highborn mages are Adepts, Masters and Asfad Scholar (Honour) as opposed to most other armies who have as magic tiers Apprentices, Adepts and Masters. Thus, HbE has no wizard Adepts
    • The Sky sloop lost its bound spell option to keep focus on its shooting role
    How did our army entries change?

    This will be covered in more detail in the following posts, but in summary:
    • Our core units got an indirect boost with access to 75pts magic banner enchantments, which will give a new breathe of options to build from core
    • Grey Watchers move to Elder Service and gain a support protective role within the army: prevent Highborn units from being hit with enemy shooting and potential to support into combat
    • Sea Guard evolves from being a mere Spears + Archers into offering some tactical support capabilities in the form of Cover Volley to friendly units and a higher defensive skill in combat
    • Reaver chariots become a lighter chariots unit and gain access to command groups. They have only 3W now, but march much faster, becoming the fastest chariot unit in the game
    • Prince of Ryma (Queen's Cavalier) now sees its Horse version further differentiated from the Young Dragon and Dragon mounted one. The Dragon and Young Dragon version focuses on allowing more options than it did before (more allowance, 0-2 dragons) but requires all characters to be mounted on Eagles, Griffons, Young Dragons or Dragons.
    • Phoenixes get streamlined, having a single shared profile with distinct abilities. Both have Rebirth and a Unique sweeping attack function. They gain higher armour, but only Frosty keeps a ward save. The Phoenix mounts disappear and, instead, the unit Phoenixes gain a Rider upgrade
    • Ancient Dragon powerlevel is tonned down to reduce RPS situations, losing a point of Resilience and gaining a wound and faster march rate in return. Should be better against canons now, and worse against armies who have no cannons or no easy access to poisson
    • Lion Chariot Royal Huntsman sees its versatility reduced by losing stubborn against fear and a point of Armour save, as it was considered to be too much of an allrounder. As a side effect, Lion Guard are no longer stubborn vs Fear and instead are immune to Fear and Terror and gain Bodyguard (High Prince General), which is more inline with the unit's background.
    We hope that these changes will increase the list-building flexibility of the army, making many more choices competitive, and at the same time bringing some much needed focus back to the infantry units.

    The subsequent posts will summarize per entry some more fine design detail which has been provided in the regular weekly updates, which will be collated here for simplicity of access.

    Let us know in the Discussion forum if you find anything missing in this update which you would find it relevant that we added


    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view