Join the 9th age organisation (WIP)

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    • Join the 9th age organisation (WIP)

      Hi all,

      The 9th age started a little more than 2 years ago and has grown tremendously. The aim with this thread is to provide an overview of the organisation and guidance on the joining a team.

      If you look at the below diagram, you see that at the top of the organisation we have the Executive Board (ExB). Don't be fooled by the prominent position, the ExB is primarily a coordinating function to ensure that the activities of the project is coordinated across its more than 300 volunteers, of whom most put in a fair amount of hours every week.

      The ExB is supported by three groups:
      • Human Ressource is responsible for maintaining good and skilled people and match their ambitions and motivating factors with the needs of the organisation. They work as a supporting function by announcing for and recommending applicants to team management, and by facilitating the onboarding of new team members. Moreover, they are involved in deescalating conflicts and reallocating or letting go of team members when needed. Apply for HR by PM to @Windelov and @ForsetisMuse
      • The Legal Team is responsible for minimizing any legal liabilities, and therefore oversees the creation of all products, use of logos and communication and interactions with external commercial parties. Apply for legal here
      • Advisory Board (AvB) is a group of individuals who all has demonstrated great insights in how to improve the organisation, connect to players, or keeping the project true to its purpose. As the name implies, the AvB is consulted on a regular basis by the ExB when to set goals and make plans for the organisation. Invitations only.
      The ExB works through management teams called councils (world builders, game design, publication etc.), which includes the heads of teams working closely together to maintain and develop the products related to their council. The councils are largely self driven (supported by an HR, Legal and AvB member) and enables the ExB to focus on high-level strategy, ensure alignment and set goals for the grander organisation.

      So that was a lot on the upper management part. Now comes the important part, our great and talented teams making the 9th Age:

      In general we have two different types of teams, function and tasks teams:

      Function teams are groupings of people with the same qualification/expertise. When relevant, the function teams sets and transparently shares standards and processes for how their expertise will be implemented.

      Task Teams are collaborative grouping of people with different qualifications/expertise formed to achieve a defined goal in a set timeline. This might be long or short term. Projects are run according to a charter endorsed by the council and potentially the ExB. All task teams have a Team Leader with the following tasks:
      You can apply to become a member of the Function Team; Task Teams are created through staff members already in Function Teams.

      A bit on team management: apply here for a team leader or coordinator function
      Display Spoiler

      Function Teams are lead by a head and (often) an assistant head with the following responsibilities:
      • Responsible for recruiting and dismissing and well being of team members, all in collaboration with Council HR partner
      • Responsible for providing function relevant input for council strategies
      • Deescalate conflicts within and across function involving department members.
      • Develop and maintain staff motivation and qualifications
      All Task Teams have a Team Leader with the following responsibilities:
      • Responsible for creating a charter for the task
      • Ensure that team delivers product per charter.
      • Coordinate tasks in teams
      • Deliver product according to priorities (quality vs time vs stress of staff)
      • Ensure that decisions made by the team is within scope and according to set standards
      • Works with Council to modify the charter if changes happen
      Both types of teams may have a coordinator, which is not intended to be content experts although they may be, and works with the Team Heads or Task Team Leaders with the following tasks:

      • Priorities tasks according to timelines
      • Developing and maintaining staff qualifications
      • Coordinate tasks
      • Help teams to clear problems or blockers

      So how do I join a team?

      You can find a short description of each of the teams below and a link for applying.

      General speaking an application should contain:
      - basic information about yourself and your background
      - your personal interest in supporting the project
      - the positions and kind of jobs your are interested to take on
      - the qualities you claim for yourself making you a good pick for the position(-s) in question
      - the time you think you will have available for the project in an average week.

      In the unlikely case you did not receive any reply within two weeks, that would mean that there is no hurry to fill positions in that particular group. In order to avoid such inconvenience, you are encouraged to apply for several groups. Note also that team leaders will naturally have a tendency to favor those individuals already known for good-spirited contributions in the forums.

      Beware, it can become quickly pretty addictive: most of our teams love so much what they do that they have a tendency to spend an unreasonable time with us! Once you will have joined a team, our Human Resources division will value your potential and your team spirit, and may determine if there would be other positions which would fit you better. Several of our team members started modestly, to see themselves propelled to decision boards!

      Teams in World Builders

      Art Team: Apply here
      The Art team creates the artwork for the 9th Age and is responsible for the artwork presented as part of the full army book releases.

      Background Team: Apply here
      The Background team creates the background for the 9th Age and is responsible for the stories presented as part of the full army book releases.

      Army Design Team: Apply here
      The army design team (ADT) forms the foundation of the task teams designing the army books working withing the guidelines of the rules team and inspired by the background team and art team.

      Teams in Game Design

      Balancing Team: Apply here
      The Balancing Team (BLT) will cooperate with the ADT task groups and apply points costs to the designs created by the ADT. Likewise, the BLT will review the points costs for all entries in the various Army Books and provide appropriate points costs. Where necessary BLT may suggest changes of individual rules or their wording. The BLT will comprise of five regular members and undisclosed number of Apprentices.

      Playtesting: Apply here
      Supports the 9th Age project by play testing and reporting on games.

      Army Book Task Teams: Team members are recruited from relevant function teams.
      When an army book is to be updated or rewritten, a task team is established by members of Army Design Teams and Army Community Support, potentially also including a Balance Team and Rules Team member.

      Teams in Publication

      Rules Clarification: Apply here
      This is a language compatibility team supervised by the rules team. Members would be selected on their skill with the English language (other languages will come into play in the future and will be set up under the same premise as the English language team) and their ability to recognize and streamline the wording of the rules. Their work will focus so that all the rules in all of the 9th Age publications follow the same wording. The number of members will vary on the volume of work and availability of quality candidates.

      Layout: Apply here
      Supports the 9th Age project by helping out with layout of books and publications.

      Lectoring team: Apply here
      Supports the 9th Age project by helping out with grammar and spelling corrections for books and publications.

      Translation teams:
      Supports the 9th Age project by translating the publications into other languages.
      France: Apply here
      Germany: Apply here
      Italy: Apply here
      Korea: Apply here
      Poland: Apply here
      Serbia: Apply here
      Spain: Apply here
      Russia: Apply here

      Teams in Games Support:

      Data Analyst: Apply here
      Helps the 9th Age project with number crunching.
      In addition, in charge of developing an Elo system for T9A, and promoting it with tourney organisators.

      Product-Search Team: Apply here
      The Product Search Team looks out for miniatures, but also for all kind of commercial product fitting to the 9th Age.

      Tool Support: Apply here
      Supports the 9th Age project by updating Armybuilder/Battlescribe files and our developing software.

      Tournament Support: Apply here
      The Tournament Support is responsible to keep contact with tournament organizers running 9th Age tournament and coordinated support for and by the 9th Age project.

      Teams in Forum:

      Army Community Support: Apply here
      Helps fans of individual factions by answering questions to rules and background, and listen to the wishes of the communities to support the Army Design Team to ensure that the wishes of the community is implemented in the design of army books. ACS is to foster a friendly and productive environment within sub-forums dedicated to the army they support, however, ACS do not act as moderators in their respective forums. All armies should have at least one ACS.

      Community Engagement: Apply here
      Supports the 9th Age project by publishing content on the website internal Blog. Members are encouraged to be part of the HAT.

      Lexicon Team: Apply here
      Supports the 9th Age project by working on the website internal Wiki. They maintain the Rules Lexicon, for which they liaise with RTS.
      They are also in charge of the Background lexicon; for this tasks they liaise with BGS (Background) and ACS (Army).
      Finally, they maintain the miniature wiki, with the help of PST (Miniatures).

      Moderators: Apply here
      The Moderator is responsible for parts of the public forum, moderating its public discussions and handles housekeeping jobs of the forum. The Moderator works under the guidelines and supervision of the Head Moderator.

      Teams in Media

      Public Relations: Apply here
      The focus of this team is making the 9th Age project known beyond the existing community but also to interact with the community at large.
      A second task of that team is to plan and execute specific Public Relations campaigns, related to a specific T9A event.

      Social Media: Apply here
      This team aims at enriching the T9A Social Media with various contents, to promote the game on the Web. Focus will be made on hobby related activities.

      United Nations:
      They animate the non-English part of the forums. In many ways they are to be the ambassadors of the project among their linguistic community, including with interactions in the main Hobby website in their language.

      Product Owner - ID LAB