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  • 9th Age Historical

    I try to test the waters for a historical counterpart of 9th Age Fantasy Battles.
    To be honest, i am a big history fan and this indeed sparked a good part of my interest in EoS, KoE and their predecessors too.

    Unfortunately there some problems defining the backround of 9th Ages human armies, as old habits and new expectations clash against each other.
    This leads to a situation, where new players might like the look of an human army, but cant play it, because the rules favor older GW models.
    Or they like the history of a certain people or a certain period, but dont find a counterpart in the backround.
    Also it is not clear how much fantasy elements should play a part in the rules.

    As such i would like to start a group, that goes back to the roots and starts up with only barebone plain humans, inspired by an
    actual history of warfare in the real world. Warhammer Historical and its derivates would be some kind of predecessor to this project,
    not unlike 9th Age FB and WhFB. This might be boring concept for some, but you can basically explore thousands of years of history if you want,
    learning about the deeds of ordinary men, that you would otherwise not believe to be true.
    From the chariots of ancient Egypt over the legionaries of Rome to the knights of Crusades into the
    Tercios of the Thirty Years War you can choose your army and wage war.

    But enough advertising.
    Aside from my personal interest in history, i have several aims towards this project.
    The first aim is, to get a ground level for a realistic historical ground combat games without dozens of fancy special rules that are only introduced
    for old commercial reasons and kept as a habit. These rules would be based on realistic environments with real fighters,
    real equipment and real tactics in backround. As such any army used there will breath its backround from day one and its style and behavior will not
    sacrificed for tournament effectiveness.

    With this core, a second aim would be possible:
    If everything runs fine, a friendly competition with 9th Age Fantasy comes into play, which at best will spark an exchange of
    ideas, that will help to improve both games. It might even be, that some historical armies could be used in Fantasy.

    Well, what do you think?

  • Very cool. The 9th Age project has plans to explore that in the future at some point but feel free to develop your own :)

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  • Using the game mechanics of T9A with forces that attempt to be historically realistic is an interesting proposition indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if the core mechanics would work better when not strained by all kinds of wacky special rules, or fantastic means of force concentration allowing face-melting damage output to be brought to fights. Yes, I am talking about getting rid of Steadfast as we know it ;)
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