Change to Unstable to Balance Multiple Combat Resolution for Undead Armies

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  • Change to Unstable to Balance Multiple Combat Resolution for Undead Armies

    The problem is that if 3 units of 20 zombies lose combat by 20 in a multiple combat each unit loses 20 wounds (60 models) but if its only 1 unit of 60 zombies only 20 wounds are lost. No other mechanic in the rules set gets amplified over the number of units that you have. It makes tactics with the undead armies very unstrategic and straight forward. Elite units must fight on their own because if they combine in multiple combats with core units they will die from crumble (the core units are terrible and die in droves).

    I propose a mechanic that keeps the main theme and character of the unstable rule but changes it slightly in multiple combats to make the rule more fair. The proposed change:

    "In multiple combat with 2+ unstable units only take one break test and divide the wounds evenly among all unstable units."

    This means that the 3 units of 20 zombies lose combat by 20 and take 20 wounds total divided by the 3 units (so two units lose 7 and one unit loses 6 wounds). This is the same as the 60 zombie unit that loses by 20 which lose 20 wounds. This is perfectly sensible. I don't understand why it was the other way to begin with. This really should be the rule. It would make playing these armies so much more fun and strategic without making them too powerful.
  • The unstable rule always prevented the player to block an enemy unit with a cheap big unit (like zombies and skelettons) and the charging with better units to support.
    I think, it never made sense at took away a lot of fluff and tactical possibilities for the player.
    Single characters and elite units crumbling completely because 20 zombies were killed in the same combat really limits the way of playing.

    I would even go further an not divide it proportional to the units but in another way...which I am not sure about.

    Quick Starter Team