Rethinking: KoE Characters, Vows, Virtues, potentially command group upgrades

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  • Marcos24 wrote:

    I feel the same as you towards the streamlining. I think it removes a lot of depth and details that draw interest, and makes it easier to get bored with less customization of units that contribute towards potentially different strategies and tactics.

    But I don’t believe it was to force “wysiwyg” so literally, it was said that the purpose was just to decrease confusion among different units regardless of what types of weapons or armor the models themselves had.

    However I think it still failed in that regard ultimately and the game isn’t significantly quicker. So I think overal it hurt the game. That sort of thinking and design should be reserved exclusively for the quick-starter
    I do. It literally happened right after the big debate over whether or not we wanted WYSIWYG to be a thing, and the whole thing got shut down by the mods because it was a huge debate. Many of the people calling for it were on the rules teams at the time, and it was a central point on their reasoning behind "decreasing confusion". I didn't like it then, and I still think it's a black mark on the game now

    Queen of Pants

    To plagiarize Cato the Elder "And further WYSIWYG must be destroyed"
  • Ludaman wrote:

    So I’ve been reading and mostly keeping quiet since we’re pretty far off from the big update that will allow us to implement any of these ideas, but here’s my two cents:

    1. We need a “Champion of the Grail” character entry. Basically our version of the Chosen Lord for WotDG. It’s hard to balance Virtues, Enchantments, oaths, mounts and equipment for our characters without overpricing for “possible combinations”. If we start with an improved stat-line and special rules it’ll be easier to price appropriately, make those of us who want Grail-Characters to finally match the fluff happy, and avoid broken combos. This would be a top priority for me in an update.

    2. If we build in 3 or 4 options into the “Grail Champion” character instead of allowing them the full range of virtues (much like the exalted herald) we can focus the virtues list into a more unit-buffing direction.

    I see this as one of the best options we have moving forward.

    Mmh decent.

    About grail entry I agree.

    I like the 7 divine virtues for Dukes and in this case grail entry only more.

    While paladins etc can only take lesser virtues.

    But splitting oaths could really help with balance and give us some more entries

    Marcos24 wrote:

    Yeah but look at @Klexe army or @The Kremlin , klexe uses angels as pegasus knights, the complete opposite of WYSIWYG. The streamlining doesn't prevent anything like that. But again, i dont like it as options and variety is what helps make lists unique and more fun
    I use an angel as hippo lord.
    Come on dude... As Pegasus units? Angels don't grow on trees.
    Especially my good old fella Sebastian
    Too close to home; too lightly guarded!