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    • Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.

      Hey everyone, classic painting blog coming up.

      Been drowning with all sorts of things non-Dread Elves and thought it was about time to post what I am working on here. I also upload everything I complete to this place:

      What to expect
      - Armies: DE, HE, SE, DH and Goblins. Mostly.
      - Terrain: Icy & Mountainous and Autumn mainly.
      - All WIP will be in spoilers.
      - Variating quality in paint jobs.
      - Sporadic uploads!

      I am welcoming all comments, from tips and suggestions to random thoughts my crafting might provoke (I have two models which to me resemble lemons). I encourage you to leave a word or two. Helps me do more :thumbup:

      Army Themes
      A look into the main colours and the thoughts behind my choices.

      Dread Elves (The Autumn Host) - Yellow, Gold, Brown, Bronze, Grey
      Display Spoiler
      I wanted to make these really pompous and decadent, arrogantly wearing bright colours in battle. Generally just full of themselves. So I chose a bright yellow as their main colour. I wanted to stay in warm colours and banned silver, making the metals gold, copper, bronze. I decided to make them Drow-like, their skin a colourless dark grey with cold white hair (mostly). The occasional red comes in for contrast and to catch your eye.

      For the bases I wanted something exotic and dark. I visited Iceland some years ago just never forgot the black volcanic desert and beaches. I threw in dark green bogwater for variation at times.

      Highborn Elves - Brown, Sand, Blue, Silver
      Display Spoiler
      By the time I began painting Highborn Elves, I was fatigued with colour and wanted something plain and earthy. These guys loves their gems though and I thought to really emphasize on those, trying to make them pop with a bright blue. I flipped my no silver rule for the Dread Elves and banned warm metallics for these guys, leaving silver. I could not decide on a skin colour, leaning towards a dark brown skin, but decided it would mix too much with their main colour.

      Basing was established immediatly, really bringing up the autumn colours I for some reason did not use with the Dread Elves. Wanting the hint of that old civilizations, I mostly have the Highborn Elves run across yellow-tinted white ancestral tiles, ruins and statues.

      Sylvan Elves (split themed) - 1) Teal, White, Black, Silver - 2) Brown, Gold
      Display Spoiler
      This branch of my collection is mostly trees with the rare elf here and there. I initially went for two themes, a healthy and corrupted part of the forest. Sometimes when i look at the models I want to homogenize the healthy into corrupted (as I like that one the most), but other times I love the duality. The corrupted theme, or haunted, is highly contrasted with little colour but bright teal, bordering a ghostly look, while the healthy theme is a classic woody autumn theme. I believe the idea for the split theme came from the two other Elf armies.

      The theme of the bases are plainly stolen from the former two elf armies, just more woody.

      Dwarven Holds - Blue, Black, Silver
      Display Spoiler
      The Dwarves! My second army after DE. They were a counteraction as well, and I went for turqoise and black as the colours of their hold. I wanted the dwarves to have more than just plain-looking silver and gold armour, and decided to again ban gold, but add a metallic blue. This is as much their army colour as their livery. Some red for elites and characters, brown and grey for less priviledged dwarves.

      The bases became a classic mountain feel, icy blue with snow and scarce grass over a grey surface. In addition, most of the models walk on painted tiles.

      Goblins - Light blue, Yellow, Purple,
      Display Spoiler
      One of the newest armies, I never aimed to make a stellar theme for these. Something fast and easy was needed. Converting most goblin units into Cave Goblin units, they mostly all wear robes. Being in a sarcastic mood, I began painting them as blue pyjamas (I tried white stripes on a few, but it was too time consuming - for now). Thus the Sleeping Theme was born and everything from nightmarish green idols to pillowfighting mad gits sprung forth. Hell, they even have a crescent moon on many models! I did not want classic greenskinned gobbos.

      They took over the dwarven ice bases (laziness/smarts)and are often found clamouring over toppled statues or building ramshackle woodwork in dwarven architecture. The cold bright blue fitted their pyjamas/night gowns.

      I tend to skip to and fro between models. Rarely working on one model/unit at a time. Below is a quick selection of something I have laying around (still!). Feel free to suggest what for me to work on. Even units I have not begun yet.

      Display Spoiler

      Some of these are recent, some have remained unfinished for months. It is just to give you an impression of all the things I could be working on.

      From top to bottom

      (O&G) Goblin "Wolf" Chariot

      (SE) Wild Huntsmen/Briar Maidens

      (HE) Queen's Guard (exclude the male BSB)

      (DH) Anvil of Power

      (DH) Hold Guardians

      (???) Some colours I am trying out..…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe

      To kick it off I am reposting my contributions to two of the recent community painting projects. These are more mock ups than any representation of my armies and their respective themes though. Fluff was included and hidden in spoilers below.

      Fluff: Farx "Pipes" Rellison
      Display Spoiler
      You continue looking over the regiment dwarf by dwarf. Unimpressed, you spot a beardling with barely any hair on his face, a sour look in his eyes mixed with ambition which you guess spring from some sort of disappointment. Apart from the minimal armour and shoddy state it is in, you cannot help notice his weird equipment. Protruding from over his back are two gunbarrel-like pipes, but bent and different in size and looking altogether like junk.

      You ask him what this ramshackle contraption is. He replies, but does not meet your eyes, staring into your chest most frownfully.

      "It's a backpipe".

      You let him know you have seen quite a few bagpipes in your long years but nothing quite like that. He corrects you.

      "It's not a bagpipe. It's a backpipe".

      Contemplating whether he is mocking you or if he is merely a fool, you look over the roster and find Farx Rellison.

      Latest son in a long line of bagpipers, -a minstrel-, the only glory his family has ever come close to is that of the stories they regail and the cheer of the crowd. He failed to become an engineer and was forbidden to try again. Glancing at the gloomy beardling you begin to recognise parts of his "backpipe" as parts from various guns and artillery.
      You wonder what he is doing here and ask about the device. Pointing to what you know to be parts from war machines, he quickly and rather enthusiastically explains. His words fly high and low and describes everything in far too great detail. You find yourself annoyed, and yet somewhere amidst learning about finetuning the organ gun valves and the corresponding sounds produced, you learn that Farx shamed his family by "revolutionising" the bagpipe with his own new concept.

      The beardling grumbles and ends with a line about old dwarves stuck in their ways.

      You impatiently demand to know what he thinks he can do in your regiment.

      Twice humiliated, and with his original invention confiscated, Farx believes the only way to restore his name and prove the wonder of his backpipe is on the battlefield. Can't argue with glory, he proclaims, and swears he only used discarded parts to build this new scrap version.

      Knowing enough (more than enough) you stroke your beard and look him over before you..

      - Mercifully suggest another name for his instrument and let him be your musician.
      - Pat him on the shoulder and welcome him and his backpipe in the front. Guide the regiment with your war sound!
      - Let him think he is relaying orders with that thing, but have him work in tandem with a real musician.
      - Tell him to stuff that thing up -his backpipe- and get in the back ranks.

      You quickly forget his name.
      After a while you don't seem to remember him ever having a name.
      So you give him one.
      You name him Pipes.

      Fluff: Timothy Blass
      Display Spoiler
      Scene is between the Wife and the Crone.

      W) Here, this is his shirt. Please old crone, you must help me find my husband!

      C) I don't know what you think I am or can do. Have you checked the tavern?

      W) Don't you think I looked? They say he disappeared with the rest of the artillery crew when the dead host caught up to them in Prunn. I have been to the village; no body. No trace.

      C) A dead host is rumored to be lead by the foulest creatures imaginable. They don't waste bodies..

      W) But I know he lives! I feel it. The men did not see him die.

      C) ... You brought payment?

      W) I.. I did, if the word of your price is true.

      C) I don't know what you heard, but what I saw you leave outside will suffice. If you are certain this is what you want, I can scry for you.

      W) I must know.

      C) Well, if this shirt belonged to him, we have a chance. Hmm. I.. I see.. this man. Ti-mo-thy. Yes. Timothy Blass? And he appears to be walking. Still with his rammer for the cannon---

      W) Oh praise Sunna, is he well? Unscathed?

      C) Shush.. you cloud my visions.. hold on. His skin is darkened, muddy and.. rotten? I am sorry.. he seems to be walking with the dead. Those about him are dead.

      W) No!.. No..

      C) ..wait! He breathes, they don't. He is nervous. Crammed between the living dead.. marching endlessly.

      W) What! So he does live? But then I must save him! Where? Where?

      C) Hard to tell. The light is awfully dim around him. Could be ..they turned south on the main road? But I would hurry. He looks mighty tired. I wonder what happens when he exhausts his strength. Those around him do not rest..

      W) ...

      C) Hey now, hold up! I will be keeping what's mine! ... Running out here won't delay that. Ah, hello little miss.

      W) Fine. Matilda, come. Give the old woman your hand. Well, go on. Behave. I..must be off and.. goodbye.



      C) Ah, what remarkably soft little hands you have. We'll be having some good times, you and I. Just you wait.


      January 4th 2018 - Added Army Themes.
      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection

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    • Let's begin!

      First model up is this HE Gryphon Rider. I believe I painted the wings a year ago and only just finished the model before december. Failed to upload anywhere before now, so here he is!

      I thought of adding a shield, but did not like how it obscured most of the rider. I settled to imagine the fancy back of his seat to be his shield. Perhaps it slots into saddle?

      I also updated the introduction post above with Army Themes.

      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection

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    • .H. wrote:

      That's some good looking stuff on the blog!

      Curious what models those are as the Queen's Guard though.
      Thank you .H.!

      The models of my WIP Queen's Guard are mainly Dark Sword Miniature models. With the exception of a few other companies. A Reaper or two maybe?

      I wanted to have this custom squad of individual girls to boost the visual flavour of the unit. Might even name them based on deeds on the table!

      Thanks for commenting.
      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection
    • Sabious wrote:

      The models of my WIP Queen's Guard are mainly Dark Sword Miniature models. With the exception of a few other companies. A Reaper or two maybe?

      I wanted to have this custom squad of individual girls to boost the visual flavour of the unit. Might even name them based on deeds on the table!
      That's a great idea, I like the idea of highly detailed individual models for a (relatively) small unit like that!

      I might have to crib that idea when I finally get around to doing something with my HBE.
    • @.H. Steal all you can - and share when you're finished! :)

      @Aka Thank you! I Enjoy making bases very much :D The model is called Griffon Commander, from Coolminiornot. I cut the original rider in half, replacing him with the upper half of the GW Island of Blood Rider. In fact, the original rider model is the broken white statue laying at the feet of the griffon (4th image from the top)
      I think I also gave him the old Star Lance.
      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
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    • Just finished my second Scrap Wagon!

      This time with a fully functional launch module! Yes, the troll.
      Ever wondered how the wagons achieve their devastating speed? This is how. Trolls throw them down the mountain, obviously. You thought the grotlings had it in them to do it on their own? Nonsense!

      But why, trolls? For war, for sport? - For science? :huh: We won’t know.

      Results so far are unanimous. Grotling crews rarely live to graduate beyond crash test dummy.

      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection
    • Full steam ahead! Grudge Buster comin' through!

      When I received this just before new years, I could just not put it down. Had a great time assembling and painting it!

      I wondered what could be done with the base and in the end decided on a dynamic flyby through the woods, which evidently is a hazardous trip to make. I am still thinking about adding shields and other dwarven decorations, but maybe after giving the model a bit of a break. Also the ground could have rangers travelling or goblins raising spears below.

      What do you think?

      Also great thanks to @halstad for creating this beautiful model!

      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection
    • Mad 'At wrote:

      I love how it cut the top off of that tree! Great detail :)
      Yeah I could not help myself :D I try to make room for stuff on the bigger bases. I like them dynamic. Still might put people below the Buster.

      Next model finished is.. The Anvil of Power!

      I scratch built this from rocks, sand, a few bases and the anvil from a momminiatures terrain set, I believe it was. I used to have a titanforge model, but through the years it was just too steampunky and futuristic with its engine and robotic arms. So instead I made this! I like the sense of the Runic Smith climbing to the top of some mountain or precipice to reach the anvil. Only made available through his apprentice, of course!
      I refrained from adding guards, as the extra models would soak up the entire basing.

      Also check the signature for more pictures. I did not want to flood the gallery more than I already have and do ;)

      WIP for this model

      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
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    • Time for a terrain update!

      An elven structure and some more ice themed pieces for my icy terrain collection.

      This one can be played as cliff or building, though the rules for rectangular buildings came out after I mounted it on the board. Temporary solution is having an extra rectangular board underneath, until I make something more permanent.

      Most of my terrain is modular, in the sense I use boards or "platforms" onto which I place terrain type tokens. Such as the Forest and Ruin tokens on these images. If nothing is there, it counts as water.

      Now to make those new chasms..…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe…e8d84d34613c9ab1475f59cfe
      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
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    • Foot Knights!

      This is a new army for me. I had such an urge to paint knights I just dived right in. Here are my first 20 foot knights (looking to up that to 40 sometime).

      I was in a mood for a darker theme, especially trying colours my other armies don't have too much off. One thing I always shied away from was black, so I had to make that the main one! I decided to pair it with a burgundy red to give it a strong colour, yet not your typical red&black guys. I also decided to try painting without metal colours. Not that I lose any sleep over trying to make fancy light effects on the armour. I just wanted these guys dark and gritty. Like a disgraced order. An army of Black Knights? Who knows.

      Models are Perry, Fireforge and Mirliton bits. The hero on the side is one of the Raging Heroes freebies (Celenia) whom I gave a shield instead of her original crossbow. So far she will be a character, until I one fateful day reduce her to a regular knight, should some other model usurp her.

      Also, I tried around with the heraldry and really liked the Black Tower against a Burgundy Sky, however it is simple and (so far) leaves me lacking any symbols adorning tabards and capes. I think I would need a third colour for this? If you think you know just what they need, please suggest it in a comment :D

      On the shields you will see I have toyed around as well. Tower, chains, stripes.. I can always redo the shields when I know what I want. What do you think? Uniform or not? Lastly, the banner was also a new experiment. Made it from linen cloth and now is completely stiff as plastic, due to the dried white glue I used. Pleasantly surprised about that outcome.

      Enough text! Enjoy the Paladin and the Black Swan Knight (champion) lead the foot knights!

      WIP Banner
      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection
    • Good point, Frumious! I will keep that in mind :)

      But first, another addition. A BATTERING RAM. A sacred one. Sacred Battering Ram. What is so sacred about this siege engine? Well… it is blessed by the lady! Or.. it is built from a sacred tree! Or.. the pisspot of a saint was smelted into the ramming head?

      Whatever the case, I needed a break from painting R&F knights around a week ago, and a burst of creativity had me scratch build this in two full nights. Certain this could only be done on a bigger base (thus making it solely a unit filler), I rejoiced when finding I was able to fit it on a 40x60mm base as to serve as my Reliquary. Again, I aim for a slightly grittier theme for my Equitaine models and a siege engine attracted me more than a relics.

      About the design. It was amazingly easy to make, just based of Google images. Granted, some of it does not make sense. Why is it not reinforced on the inside? Why the huge front opening exposing the peasants? (I put the arrow in there as a comedic remark). Obviously, it is just a model and to fit the men inside reinforcement had to go, and once the men were there, I found it terribly sad to not be able to see them! Thus there is only half a wall in the front.

      I found the Fireforge Foot Sergeants (my peasants) were great models to use, seeing some of them hunch over quite far. With a little greenstuff I managed for them all to grip and use the ram itself.

      Quite happy about the entire piece! What do you say?

      WIPs of the ram (including the peasants inside)

      Painting stuff: Sabious' Crafts - Painting, terrain, etc.
      Offsite complete collection