Homebrew - KoE 2.Disco

    • Jousting vs undead / otherworldy means = auto hitting when charging and at worst 75% hits when not charging. Is it intended that hatred works always?
    • Love the shield
    • Old audactiy back + New questing oath should be decent (still worse then 1.3)
    • Old renown. Like it (new one is meh...)
    • Piety is somewhat OP i think 4++ always ward on grails?
    • Why no flying piety?
    • Wrmywood too good. way too good. on a questing weapon?
    • like the green knight banner. Perhaps remove the +2 movement. Too good this part i think
    • damsel ld 8 finaly
    • Secret latern new mount?
    • Tower shield exxxeeeepsnive lol :) i dont disagree though
    • dislike no change to crusaders
    • reliquary sounds really bad lol
    • Ah found the mount :)
    • Mmh buffwagon? Looks too much like EoS for me. Even same spells almost

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
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  • Things i absolutely love:
    • jousting
    • tower shields
    • divine attacks on Grail Oath, no 0-1 limit
    • All the virtues (i prefer expensive and powerful rather than "cheap and probably better off not taking to save points if i lose this character")
    • Most of the items (Uther's conviction is MUCH MUCH better)
    • Aspirants (mostly, i'll explain below)
    • The concept of the Consecrated Lectern (maybe make it choose one unit rather than aura, since buffs aren't supposed to be a strength, than it can be cheaper)
    • Hippogriff Knights
    Things i'm i would change if i could
    • Give Knights Forlorn option to swap bastard sword with handweapon and tower shield
    • Aspirants, it think they should stay Off 3, especially since they have the jousting rule
    • Pegasus Knights, id keep them at 2hp since now we have Hippogriff Knights, and they can be hopefully cheaper, and just make the two fliers even more different
    • Wyrmwood Core - i'd replace Wyrmwood Core with something other than a breath attack, something that helps the charge better. Don't like my duke using magic or ranged weapons, just a personal thing, doesn't feel right
    • Grail Oath - i'd make it even stronger and more expensive, like in addition, causes fear, rerolls to hit. And instead of +1 off and def, i'd like to see "off and deff is set to 8 prior to modifiers". a non-grail duke should fear a grail paladin

    But honestly i like it
  • Some humble thoughts:

    Aegis on serfs : No, It’s not acceptable to have blessed peasants, blessing should be reserved to knights !

    Blessing: 5++ always is too strong, just reduce the requirements to ap 2.

    Jousting: YES but without the last sentence, it’s way too powerful against undead and daemons.

    Tower shield: Love this idea, add some Italian spirit to our medieval army ^^

    Piety feels too strong with a good blessing, a 4++ always, or even if we have it with ap 2, it’s too strong. 5++ should be a max, useful against many small attacks.

    Daring: I would love to see the previous version back, +1d3, very helpful to increase the range of danger. Psychologic warfare ^^

    Audacity: YES

    Wyrmwood Core: Why do you reduce the strength ? S5 is good as it is the only effect of this weapon enchantment, and it’s one use only…

    Banner of the last charge: Perhaps we could keep the R&F restriction but only add the bearer himself, to limit (as Klexe mentioned) the deathstar possibility but allow the BSB.

    About costs for your army book, I’m not good enough in mathammer (not good at all) to speak about ^^


    Castellan looks still useless, that’s sad… But I have no idea right now to change that…

    Aspirants: Yes, but perhaps they should cost more as they are, this way, far better. 34 pts for a heavy cavalry model with 2A, 2+ 5++ and reroll charges looks not fair. Off 4 is too strong also, or you should down the defensive skill to 2 or 1.

    Tower shield 10 pts per model ?! Damn… A good idea, but I will never try it at this cost. Peasants unit are not elite infantry, we take units of 30-40. Would you pay 400 pts for this ?

    Another idea should be to decrease the cost (3-4 pts per model perhaps ?) but add a gameplay limitation. For example: Can only be used if the unit haven’t move at all the previous turn. We can this way make some defensive walls to protect our flanks or englue the enemy. Could add a +1/2 armour save perhaps, this way.

    Green knight: Perhaps 5A S6 are a bit too strong for this cost ?

    Trebuchet looks still too costy for their utility, imo.

    Consecrated lectern looks really interesting like this, but perhaps the hard target is too strong for the cost. Or we could reduce the effect at 6’’ ?

    I love the idea of a chariot anyway.

    Green Gardians: Do we really need them ? I don’t think so…

    Hippogriff knights: YEEEEES I love that ! Some fantasy monstruous cavalry for a fantasy cavalry army, at least !

    BTW: Good job, it's really an interesting book you made ; )
  • I find the tower shield priced good.

    18 points for a unit which will always be hit on 5+? From core? Good tarpit.

    Abkut s4 ap1 wrymwood.

    It is as good as s5 against most enemies.
    Stronger against 2+ as
    Worse against zero as

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  • Yeah, I like the idea of turning the core "insignificant" unit in to an elite defensive only unit.
    Off2, s3 and no attacks from front rank (including champion).

    But is way more a bunker, and can support knights in a way they can't currently.

    Note: Aspirants no longer have 2 attacks on the charge, but do have Battle Focus.

    Re the Aegis 6+ on peasants, I figured this isn't Bretonnia anymore, but the entire army worships the same deity.
    I'll change it to receiving 6+ if the army prayed. They're in the knights service after all.