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    • Thanks for the questions.
      No champion needed, and the cost is for the whole unit (otherwise it would be really prohibitive).
      Will clarify next edition:

      Future edition wrote:

      Must choose an Animal Spirit - same cost for unit as for Characters

      May upgrade one model to Champion - 20

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    • I must admit it, I'm addicted to theory-crafting and list building :( :P
      So, I built a list for hopefully testing Vanhu soon :rolleyes:
      Some things I noticed while list-building:
      • There are LOTS of options and combinations, this'll be a nightmare to balance.
      • While I'm building a Koghi list I always feel that 4500 points are not enough for everything I need; with Vanhu I struggled to fill the points as I quickly had all that I needed for my plan.
      • It's really difficult to build a fighty character, having short spear as only weapon option limits the enchantments you can give him.
      • It's impossible to protect your characters, you only have access to shield enchantments. I think that's intended but surprised me as I tried to protect my BSB.
      • Holy Maids champion needs should be 120 points, as she is the one that gives the Wizard Conclave spells.
      • Coaliton of Cheetahs seem really good (read that as probably OP).
      • General feel of the army is that it's really strong, you always find the tools to deal with anything. My initial gut-feeling is that may be a bit overpowered.
      My list and little review of the units and battleplan:
      • War Chief (general): Honey Badger, Crystal Ball, Tales of the Vile Poacher. Stays on the Holy Maids bunker, giving Hatred in area, provides magic defense and one buffing spell.
      • War Chief (BSB): Warthog, Ostrich Feathers, Ritual Scarifications, Supernatural Dexterity, Rhino Hide, Banner of Speed, Dragon Staff. Goes into the Runner Warrior deathstar, giving them +1Str, he attacks even before those pesky elves and a breath weapon is always cool to deal with chaff or add free hits to a combat.
      • Wise Man: Adept of Shamanism, Honey Badger, Binding Scroll, Talisman of the Void. Accompanies the general on the Holy Maids unit, giving them Bodyguard, provides more magical defense and more channels to help me have magical superiority.
      • Wise Man: Adept of Druidism, Zebra, Weather Dance Headress. Goes into the Married Men bunker, he's a totally supportive character, controlling the weather, healing, regenerating units. Zebra spirit gives me the possibility to have another shooting defense in the form of Hereditary spell.
      • 40 Runner Warriors: Vanguard, Ritual Scarifications, Ostrich Feathers, Full Command, Rending Banner. The win condition of the army. Str5 Impact hits, lots of Str5 attacks with Hatred plus any buff that I can sneak in on the magic phase. The unit will Vanguard forward, I'll spent all the resources necessaries to keep it alive from shooting/magic the first turn and to remove any possible redirecting enemy unit; on turn 2 I charge (Banner of Speed gives them an average 14 charge distance) and hopefully I win.
      • 15 Married Men: Spear, Painted Shield, Ritual Scarifications, Champion, Musician. Just a bunker and core tax.
      • 20 Holy Maids: Full Command, Rending Banner. Helps with magic superiority, protects deathstar's back and can be a nice secondary fighting unit with +1Off, Hatred and Spears. Wakanda Forever.
      • 10 Spirit Guards: Ostrich. 20 HP on 10 bodies that regenerate, this unit can hold a flank.
      • 2x6 Coaliton of Cheetahs. These are too good to no field them, average charge distance of 21 (they roll 4D6 and drop the 2 lowest), the idea is not to Vanguard with them to charge on my first turn to remove any chaff that can threaten to redirect my deathstar. Each unit deals 24 Str4 attacks, that is a LOT.
      • Father Lion. Gives Stubborn to the deathstar, deals good damage and helps with Cheetah's Discipline issues.
      • Three-Horned Rhino. Similar to a Chariot that hits really hard, will protect one of the deathstar's flanks.
      • Lone White Tusker. Huge monster that will hold the other flank.
      Weaknesses of my deathstar: Shooting/Magic and Chaff/Redirections.
      My plan against that: Magic superiority, I channel 4 Veil Tokens per turn and I have 6 spells and one bound spell to cast per turn, I should be able to cast any spell that I need. I have one Binding Scroll and Crystal Ball to nullify or at least minimize enemy's magic on his first turn.
      Against a shooting army, I can choose a Rain Dance and my priority will be giving the star Hard Target with my Zebra Wise Man.
      Against an army with lots of redirection units, Thunder Dance, Swarm of Insects and Cheetahs long charging should clear the way of my deathstar.
      If something goes wrong, I always have Distracting and I can give Regeneration to my unit.
    • Yeah it does look like you have too many units ! 8o

      They'll surely die super fast though, and don't forget that as soon as you lose one of your units or characters, it impacts all the others !

      I actually like the way how you can't defend with too many magic items, as it means you really have to rely on magic and Animal boost, that is, on your own army strength !
      I think that's totally the spirit of Vanhu.

      But let's see if it can actually work first :D
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