The Age of the Empire - an EoS project

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    • The Age of the Empire - an EoS project

      Hi everybody!

      I just want to share with you my current project: an Empire of Sonnstahl sonething-as-10000-points army (mainly made by Gw plastic models).

      It's a project that has been on the way for almost two years, even if a bunch of miniatures comes right from my youth.

      It's not my first Empire army, though.
      In 2011 I started one with my ex GF, and we enjoyed spending time together on the hobby. Then we split up and she let me keep the army we were building together.
      She kept the Dwarves 8|

      In 2013 my next ex GF bought me a Steam tank for my birthday. Her reason was "because I liked it".
      ...ok, I guess.
      She was quite nerdy too and at the beginning of our relationship we were working together on my (our) fantasy armies but, after a couple of years, I decided to sell everything in order to start 40k, 'cause she truly liked orks and I liked Eldar.
      I kept just the Steamtank, a bunch of spearmen, a couple characters and a volley gun, selling something as 250 miniatures.

      I truly regreted it later since I had a lot of 6th ed. infantry and some rare minis, including an entire unit of Teutogen guard.

      By the way after a failed approach to WoDG, at the beginning of 2016 I managed to have enough money to get back to EoS. So I started to buy models again in order to restore my army.
      Unfortunately I somehow lost control, ending up with more than 300 infantry, 50 cavalry and so on.

      This is where my army begins.

      At first, my greatest joy (and my greatest pain on the painting table)...
      Ladies and gentlemen, my Steamtank Maggie:

      You'll soon learn I love red and blue schemes.

      I named her after the character of Maggie Greene from The Walking Dead television show, since she's by now my favourite character.
      I usually have tv shows or music as background for my painting sessions, and when I started this Steamtank I was of course watching TWD.
      It was a call by destiny :love:
      She never disappoints me on the battlefield, and almost always survives the match. Her killing spree are impressive too.

      Oh, and by the way my other Steamtank is named Taylor (after Taylor Swift :huh: ), but that's a story for another time.

      Maggie took me almost a years, 'cause I find truly hard to paint not R&F models.
      I had painted even the interior and the turret is removable. Inside the tank I even put two engineers operating the cannon.
      That's how much love I put into this model.

      A sidenote:
      You'll notice that the base isn't done, and that there is a simple coat of brown over the bare black surface.
      That's because I still have no idea how to base my army and I'm thinking about resin bases for them all. But in the meantime I want my pieces to at least seem complete. And that's the handiest solution I came up with.

      I'll try to remedy about that in the next few months.
      But I truly hate to work on bases.

      Soon I'll try to upload my Imperial Guard with shields and hand weapon, hoping it can help some Sonnstahlian who has no idea on how to make them.
      I'll also try to make a couple more photos of my Steamtank and of its interior too.

      If you are still reading, thanks for your patience :) Hope you enjoyed.
      Fede, acciaio e polvere da sparo!
    • Well, of course!
      Here it goes:

      Sorry for the almost bad quality of the pics, as soon as I can I'll try to make better ones.

      In order to fill the crew in I had to use a couple tricks.
      The first one was the body choiche: I scramble around my entire bitsbox in order to find a couple that can stand inside such a small room and I came up with a solution using 7th ed. archers kit. I chose the kneeling body and the most protunded one, and tried to give them poses that can seem natural. So, one of them is using a shovel to put more coal into the engine, while the other is looking ahead to see what's happening outside and maybe aiming the cannon.
      The second one was to cut the bar under the turret on which you usually put the engineer's feet: without this passage, it was almost impossible to put anything higher than a cuolpe legs inside the hull.

      And now, about Imperial Guards with hand weapon and shield.
      I know this unit has been a big issue for many EoS players, and probably this won't be the best solution either since is built with many bits from OOP kits, mainly knightly orders and 6th ed. infantry.
      Still, greatswords' bodies are truly a good base to start with and you can obtain a similar (if not better) result using Reiters' plumed heads and 7th ed. sword arms from infantry kits.
      Less "Reiksguard" look, but still a good compromise.

      The only issue then is shields: if you don't mind using non Gw shields there's plenty of around, from greek hoplites' to norman knights' ones. But if you want a more "Gw looking" unit, my siggestion is to arm yourself with patience (and a dremel) and go for some Dwarf clansmen shields. They could fit well, even if it would be better to go for 6th ed. infantry shields.

      Now, to my first unit: the Guardians of Von Galax Manor
      And I ensure you in italian it sounds waaay better.

      Bodies needed for a 30-men unit (including filler):

      -15 7th ed. Greatswords bodies (legs and torsoes, and I obviously suggest to mix them)
      -11 6th ed. Infantry bodies, possibly the armoured ones (there are 9 armoured torsoes and 4 couples of leg plates in each 19 men kit)
      -1 6th ed. Infantry champion (for the filler)
      -1 6th ed. Empire kinghts

      As you can see what I tried to do is to put the most armoured soldiers in the front line in order to make the unit seem more on full plate than it actually is. As sometimes historically happened, the less armoured dudes are in the rear.
      I used an unarmoured body and mixed 6th and 7th ed.bits to make a drummer, while the champion was inspired by a conversion appeared on January or February 2007 Wd.

      The filler was inspired by one of my favourite artworks from 6th edition armybook.

      Here a couple of close ups:

      From left to right:
      - Blond as gold (at the time I was running out of Reiksguard heads )
      - The two handed brothers (actually there are two, one was not painted when I took the pictures). It was made with Grey wolf knights' arms in order to be put on the first rank when I want to play an Imperial Guard unit with great weapons
      - The champion, with a Nulner's head on his base. Just 'cause one of my club mates plays an EoS Nuln themed army
      - The falconeer. There was this bretonnian arm just sitting there in my bitsbox, waiting to be used on something notable
      - The Holy roman imperial guard, similar story: it was a 5th ed. shield I truly wanted to use, and it's the only model in this unit not carrying a Reiksguard shield

      The filler.
      It's a 40x40mm base in order to avoid any proxying issue. My plan was to make it bigger, but this way I can field it even with 15 men units.

      And the artwork inspiring it:

      Finally, a picture of the unit (and a Prelate) while it was still a WIP:

      Hope you enjoy!
      Fede, acciaio e polvere da sparo!
    • After quite a while, here is more!
      I've taken a couple pics of the Imperial Guard models I like the most:

      These two dudes, as I already said, are there to fit the first rank when I want to play my Guard with great weapons instead of hand weapon and shield. I really like the way the two handed hammer arms fit on 7th edition Greatsword bodies.

      But they're not always on this duty...

      Here, instead, they're guarding a couple of grim high rank personalities:

      - Helmut Schwartzhelm, Inquisitor
      He was made starting from a dark Vengeance cultist champion, from which I removed carefully torso and arms and fit in a greatsword body.
      I wanted him to carry a simple hand weapon and a pistol, but in the meantime to seem ready to face any danger. I found the greatswords' head truly fitting the role, as this old man has been fighting heresy and chaos for many years.

      - Luther de Valerì, Archbishop of Von Galax's lands (Prelate)
      This model is built up on a greatsword from Gw's 7th edition box. He's armed with a weapon from the White wolf knights and his left arm is from Militia.
      The helm is the part I'm most proud of: it was made with a Bretonnian knight helmet, with cut off heraldry, a Bretonnian shoulder pad and a couple candles from the new plastic war altar.

      I've also taken a better pic of Maggie's crew:

      Then, my current painting project: my (second) army bsb
      He is Conestable Johann von Lynn, a Marshal who carries the colours of his family, Vassal to House Von Galax.
      It was made starting by a 6th edition command sprue with a 7th edition pistoliers' head. I have to admit I bought this model already built except for the head, so this is not truly a work of mine.

      And lastly, this guy:

      Can you guess who he is and where my inspiration came from?
      Fede, acciaio e polvere da sparo!