QuickStarter 2.0 // KoE poll

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  • crucial question! my bad for not being clear enough from the beginning. let me give it another go:

    (1) you, the total noob, visit the local store / your firends, and play your first game (or two). here you use the Sample List (the one in the poll).

    (2) you had kind of fun, even if you don't remember all the details. you go home, you download (for free) the QS, you find the Regular List (with levy, pegasi, trebuchet and so on).

    (3) now if you're the "exploring" type of person, you can try out other Sample Lists for other factions. if you're the "committed" kind of person, you can try the Regular List for the army you like the most -> Levy! Pegasus knights!

    (4) once things are getting a bit too familiar, here we give you two further themes lists to play with your factions. what could it be? Crusade? Fringe Knights?

    (5) you've seen so many units for your faction, and just as many for 15 other factions. you're hooked. welcome to T9A: Fantasy Battles.

    in short: YES,
    you only start with the Sample Army. here, you don't worry about points, unit selection, options. just play your first game.
    once you know the basics, go on and choose your own forces, using the Regular Lists.
    i hope this makes things clearer!
  • Themed armies

    The Duke's Castle
    1 Duke on Hippo
    1 Castellan on Warhorse
    6 Knights Aspirant
    30 Peasant Levy
    15 Peasant Bowmen
    1 Trebuchet

    The Holy Knights
    1 Duke on Pegasus
    9 Knights of the Realm
    ¿6 Questers?
    3 Knights of the Grail
    3 Pegasus Knights

    But this would change once we rewrite book. Our themes should be castle, crusaders, holy, hunting party. But its not possible to make a crusaders or hunting party, questing army currently
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  • My initial cost impressions:

    I see how the list mirrors what was in the TMS QS kickstarter last year. In the kickstarter, the KoE models alone were priced at $90 USD. This price struck me and others as a bit high, but was already heavily discounted from the TMS webstore (two boxes of Knights of the Realm, a box of Knights of the Grail, a Damsel, and a Lord would come to around $200 USD). @Kanadian cancelled the kickstarter and said he would look into making the armies cheaper.

    Poked around the miniatures section on the forums, found a range of prices: $6.25 per knight (Norba) to $14 per knight (Gamezone).

    Then I started looking at historicals, particularly FireForge:


    Works out to about $2.75 USD per knight. And one box of 12 can provide all of the knights for the list, if you paint the Grails a bit different. Now we're talking!

    The characters are a bit of a problem. Even just the Damsel and the Paladin from TMS costs almost double all of the FireForge knights; add them together and we're almost back to $90 USD again. Norba and Black Tree have cheaper Damsels, but finding an economical choice for the mounted Paladin may end up being quite an exercise for the new player.

    Unless, of course, TMS blows our socks off with their Quickstarter set relaunch!
  • Since we are talking about QS-lists I think there should be as few units as possible to keep paniting and building time, complexity as well as cost, to a minimum. The current KoE QS-list seems fine as it is since it covers most of my critertia for a simple QS-list (few units). The main problem I see with the list is that there is no shooting in it. I know that shooting is not the theme of our army but it still plays a vital role in the game over all. So I think adding a unit of peasant bowmen for example could be a good addition for the QS-list.
  • hi Zeitgeiszt
    paesant bowmen will definitely be in the QS list!
    just not in the Sample List - the one you play your very first game with, and the one we're discussing here.
    for this Sample List, we are indeed a bit limited in our scope of action, and we had to sacrifice something...
    but as you say, for people who want to play KoE in the QS, there will be bowmen in the Regular List and Themed Lists
    (as well as one warmachine at least, i think it's kind of safe to announce that).

    we really are focussing on the essentials: "buy one box & two blisters, glue and paint 14 dudes, go out and see what the game is about".
    hope this sounds like a reasonable compromise to you!
  • Results

    dear all,

    we can now close the polls and announce the Sample Army List for KoE we will be using as a starting point for playtesting:

    1 Paladin (mounted)
    1 Damsel (mounted)
    9 Knights of the Realm
    3 Knights of the Grail
    all have Aegis 6+

    on paper, this list is slightly more powerful than the other three we have discussed this week. we will thus pay special attention to balance for KoE, and if our initial impression is confirmed, you can expect some tweaks aimed at lowering the power level of this sample army.
    probably in a couple of weeks from now we'll have the means to start some serious playtesting. we will also have to work on Themed lists, together with you and your ACS. so thank you for participating so far, and see you soon for more information on KoE in the QuickStarter!