Army building and restricting duplicate unit choices

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    • Army building and restricting duplicate unit choices

      I thought this didn't really belong anywhere, but here I am putting it in feedback.

      I was looking at the army restrictions, and while generally speaking I have no problem, I do have a criticism of restricting core choices.

      While it is usually to the detriment of the player, to have only core choices and no special or rare- I see no other reason to restrict core choices to 3 duplications (4 choices)

      So here's my question, is there an army or armies which have an unfair advantage when they take only character and core choices? (If there are, doesn't that mean those core choices are imbalanced?)
      If not, why not simply set a minimum core choice instead of a maximum?

      Admittedly, to do it properly will be a long and arduous task to set a universal balance with all armies.
      So for now why not implement something like a global mainstay rule? One special/rare choice for every core choices.

      Something like that?
    • We have to present a more balanced and error-less temporary army compendium (TAC) first - the TAC files will provide the answer if it is possible at this early stage or not to remove the 0-3 choice without creating a series of balancing issues.

      Our goal atm is to update and fix as much of the TAC file as possible because we want it to be stable in approx. 1 week. - afterwards discussion can be based on a solid lasting common frame of reference.

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    • Sure, I understand that. I do want to point out 2 things though.

      1) if you balance the core rules now, it'll be more comprehensive and complete but it means taking longer to complete the armies.
      2) if you balance every army as it is right now, you "might" need to rebalance it if you change the core rules later.

      You probably do understand those 2 points already, I just wanted you guys to know I also understand things like this and respect any decision you make. I'm a thinking person and find deep satisfaction in problem solving, brain storming and tinkering with things.
    • Synergy is the answer to the question of why 0-4 max
      Although I generally agree that if a Core unit needs to be capped at 0-4 for balance reasons, then there is something wrong with the unit itself.

      However in the case of this 0-4 rule, if after playtesting we see that nobody hits the upper cap (4 of the same Core units) with extremely competitive lists, we can just remove it while safely thinking that it will not cause any major problem. If lots of people hit the 0-4 cap in competitive lists, then it will stay. And if only 1-3 units hit the cap, then those specific units will need to be looked at