Exploring the world of T9A in terrain

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    • Little Joe wrote:

      Just a tiny update this time.

      The one to the left is new, it needs some cleanup tomorrow. The one in the middle at least looks a bit like a wolf now. I am not sure about the bat, but that corner was too empty. These were pretty challenging for me, hard and fun to do. I will show them on the roof when I finished cleanup.
      On the tavern sign sometimes more is better (adding a tomato), sometimes less (less bubbly froth).It just needs a bit of sanding now.

      I have been busy cataloging all parts I made (making photos with size reference) , I was loosing sight on the project. So I numbered all for easy future reference and had a closer look at what I still need to do. It is not much at all, basically finish the crenelated top and more tiny detail bits.
      I did finish some small parts but nothing really interesting to show.

      Oh yeah, and I have been trying sketching a bit for the art competition, I need more skill and a better pencil. :whistling:
      That is simply amazing green stuff work!! =O
      There are many magic rings in the world Bilbo Baggins, and none of them should be used lightly!
    • Thanks all, this thread should be more active again soon.

      I plan to do no preparation at all and just document something that has been on my mind for terrain. A side project and a bit technical. I have written some terrain articles for the 9th scroll and there will be a few more to finish this series and then beyond. One of the ideas I had repeatedly was to use Pepper's ghost.

      With a spare smartphone it should be possible to go small enough. The challenge will be to see how compact I can get and then make a proof of concept. Can't have me just blabbering weird ideas.

      Also expect a brain dump on terrain for manufacturing soon as well. It will be positive so no worries.
    • New

      Erkk wrote:

      Lovely work!!! Keep doing this please :)
      Thank you! Sorry for the late reply.

      Hello all, guess who is back?

      Let’s kick off with some thoughts on terrain you can buy for mass fantasy combat. There are some great buildings, a few companies making awesome ready to play terrain and that’s it for the most part. I will apologize right now to any terrain company with a nice bunch of terrain that I undersold with that statement.

      To pick up the obvious change in the rules at 2.05: buildings became impassable terrain with cliffs and anything else that would qualify. You still need one piece of impassable to build a regular table but you will most likely never need more than 2. Then why is it that buildings are by far the most common type of scenery you can buy?
      Sadly, in my personal opinion, the answer is that we are not the market. Taking a look at Kickstarters I realized that roleplayers or skirmish games get all the attention. So what is the difference besides way too many buildings: smaller, more complexity and too many dungeons.

      This had me step back to think a bit on what I had to do and which technical solutions were available to pitch 3D terrain that works for T9A. I think that I came up with some ideas. First and foremost terrain, when possible, needs a story or mission you could use it for beyond just the basic type. This allows it to be used for many different game styles. The simplest way to think of it for me is to make terrain that can be used in skirmish games as well and offers interesting tactical choices.
      This means there will be very few bare spots, which is bad when you want to play with big units. You can’t put a unit on a hill with rubble. Some solve this by putting 2D terrain under the 3D terrain.
      I think I found a different solution for foam terrain: add random stuff onto the flat areas. You can simply cut it off with a blade and have terrain with flat tops. Ok, I can hear you ask if that adds costs when such terrain is made and it probably will add. To counter that multipurpose terrain will save costs. Or added elements should be easy to remove, this results in extra terrain bits that can be used in many ways. Another alternative is to add very thin details or holes.

      A few examples:

      Here I will be adding a lot of details all over, making it a small harbor on a warft. This is very much work in progress. It should be very easy to cut away the boat and 2 boxes. I will keep adding stuff so that when you glue it together, you have half a wall or some small scatter terrain. In the center I will add a symbol, when keeping it below 2mm height; it should disappear in 2mm static grass of flock.
      I will be adding small details all around. This I am a bit conflicted about, adding detail is a lot of work for me and anyone painting it. Details on the sides where grass or flock should be added are colors and textures so it takes just one type of static grass or flock to make it look good (cost saver). More of course is better.

      This is where I added a hole on the top of the hill with a trapdoor (remember, too many dungeons), easy to hide with the heads from the statues. If you do not want a gap, then it will be super easy to fill it with cardboard for an even top surface. The statues expand the area you can balance units on top of the hill. Adding a third statue (knight holding sword standing next to the heads), You can use the hill as a cliff (impassable terrain) for gaming purposes.

      I like daily updates but the matter of the fact is that sculpting a bit here and there is bring to show fast. I have an idea how to counter that: 3D modeled images of ideas.

      The next week will be a bit busy, I hope to get this going again properly.