Black Swamp Beatdown - Toledo, Ohio

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    • Black Swamp Beatdown - Toledo, Ohio

      It is my pleasure to announce that I will be hosting my first tournament, the Black Swamp Beatdown (BSB) on Saturday, May 26th!

      The event will be a one day, 3 game tournament played at 6000 points per army using grand army rules. Cost will be $15 . No painting requirements. Hosted at the toledo game room (3001 sylvania ave, toledo, oh, 43614)

      Please email with your sign up and which army you intend to play. There is practically “unlimited” spots. Payment will be collected the day of. More info to follow.
    • Black Swamp Beatdown Schedule:
      8a check in
      9a round 1
      12p lunch
      12.30p round 2
      3.30p round 3
      6.40p awards

      Rounds will be 3 hours to accommodate the 6k game size. Trying to make sure everyone gets home by a reasonable hour even if things get behind schedule.

      Again located at the Toledo Game Room (store that the Bits Guy owns!)

      Scenarios to follow soon! Really excited about preparing for this event. Please let me know if you are able to make it so we can have a better pre planning. Event found on the BSB facebook group page.
    • Scenarios are posted on the Facebook Group
      I have drafted up a story to coincide with the tournament rounds. Enjoy!

      The Call from the Black Swamp
      26th Maey 3rd year of the 9th Age
      Spirits are broken. The men throughout camp carry themselves with a posture of defeat. Husbands miss their wives. Fathers miss their children. Craftsmen miss their labors. It seems that all of us long for something more than this endless endeavor of battle and “glory”. Bah! Whose glory?! It certainly isn’t the glory of my comrades. Captain Teodore’s glory, perhaps, but assuredly not the glory of the common soldier. Our lives have been the crumbling building blocks for the prestige of those in command… and the men grow weary of their pointless sacrifice. There has been much speak of desertion. Admittedly, I too have pondered the thought…

      30th Maey 3rd year of the 9th Age
      There has been word about camp spreading of a blade powerful enough to turn the tides of this dreadful campaign. It seems that spirits are rising at the thought of victory - the thought of returning home! Captain Teodore has commanded that we break camp at first dawn tomorrow. For whatever reason, I am engulfed with a sense of fervor at the thought of being part of such a campaign… is it just a change in morale? Is there something more being called of us? Why do I feel like I am directly receiving the call from this magical blade?

      Round 1 - The Call of the Oracle
      1st Juhen 3rd year of the 9th Age
      Just as we were breaking camp this huge, stumbling, hideous beast rolled through and approached Commander Teodore. Some of us attempted to slay the beast, but were either wounded in the process or fell in terror to her blood curdling shriek. She came bearing gifts for the Commander - with a message from a great oracle. Apparently the gift is a glimpse into the true power of the blade that this Oracle possesses. Word around camp is that she is seeking to grant this blade to a worthy champion, so she has sent her heralds out throughout the empire to draw forth the lust of armies thirsty for glory! With the men encouraged and a renewed morale, this blade will be ours! For the glory of country and king!

      Round 2 - We’re Getting Close
      5th Juhen 3rd year of the 9th Age
      The lust for this power has continued to swell amidst the ranks of our soldiers. Witnessing the power of the Swamp Hag’s gifts has embrazened the soldiers to continue to push forward through these Black Swamps knowing of the glory before us! Tomorrow we march further into the Black Swamp in search for this Oracle. But I must admit, their seems to be an ominous sense of dread approaching the deeper into these marshes we go. I also don’t remember seeing that many stars in the sky last night?

      Round 3 - The Oracle’s Swamp
      7th Juhen 3rd year of the 9th Age
      They weren’t stars… they fell from the sky in such dreadful chaos. It seems that something is trying to stop us from reaching our destination. Perhaps some wizard native to these parts? The Swamp itself? Maybe the Oracle is just seeking to toy with us like a predator plays with its prey before the slaughter. In anycase, the morale of our troops have been split. Some fight with such fury they could slay a giant. Others have already deserted and abandoned their brethren. But the allure of this artifact is making the men careless in their lust for power. They fight recklessly, without discipline. Commander Teodore commands in a way never before seen by any soldiers I have spoken with. It seems like you can hear him for miles, commanding the men towards victory.
      Tomorrow we break for the Oracle’s abode just past the horizon. Many have seen the smoke from the camp of another army. We know that this last chance for glory is going to be a menacing task. The calling to me came again in my sleep last night. It’s as if the blade desire to reside in my grip. Am I to be the champion of this Oracle’s blade? Or am I prey being played with like a child plays with their food…?