Crafting the Deal

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    • Crafting the Deal

      A well coiled beard is undeniable beautiful and indicative of a well cultured gentleman, but other than that most outsiders' image of us is very inaccurate. More the better really, how could I do what I do otherwise? The Prophets of Ashuruk sit at the top of course but sorcery is as rare in us as any other race. We can't all be at the forge all day and no one one with any self respect would put on the featureless mask of the Citadel Guard by choice. No. My people are craftsman without compare and our greatest craft is the deal. I sold camel-milk liquer in the Jotunn Peaks, Caiman Tooth in Longjing and visited every port in between. Who can say the same? There are rumours, I know. Scurrilous lies. Many honest folks can't feel they have received a just deal unless they see a merchant's ruin. If the deals were truly unfair how could I have repeat customers? I have fulfilled every contract I have ever signed to the last letter and punctuation mark. It is hardly my fault if a signatory can't read.....

      -----Overheard in a busy tavern-----