MSU Sylvan Elves battlereport

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    • MSU Sylvan Elves battlereport

      Hello guys

      Its long time since I have made a batrep, so im sorry if there is miss spelling, some things or turns who is confusing or missing pictures, im working on taking pictures and play at the same time :)

      Anyhow I would like to share my experience with my MSU Sylvan Elves, I love MSU and always have, but I suck at it, so my focus is to learn and play MSU on a competitive lvl in 2.04, so my list looks so far:

      Koller wrote:


      binding scroll

      Race spell




      20 dryads

      2 x 10 Archers

      15 forest guards

      3 x 7 blade dancers

      2 x 5 Wild riders


      2 x 5 Briar maidens

      4 thicket beast

      6 Sentinels

      I won't go into details, but I know I have a lot of magic also feel free to say what you would change.

      My opponent played HBE and his looks so far I know like this:

      HBE wrote:

      Cainreig Lord, GW, and Book of arcane power

      BSB with ninja spear

      A big block of spears with FC

      10 Knights

      5 Reavers

      5 Ryma knights

      2 BTS

      8 queens guard



      10 skirmish lions

      A big block of Swordmasters

      We played King of Hill and we both picked the field in the middle. swaped drops a couple of times until he dropped one of his BTs and then i put my whole army down and took first turn.


      That poor farmer how do you explain that to your wife.

      After Vanguard

      So my plan was to shoot at one of his BTS and take it out, the wild riders should put some pressure on the left side so his knights and spears just can't walked forward.
      Anything else is in the forest, Blade dancers in front because I would really like to try them out

      I deployment closed so my druid master could cast some spells, since there was no river and the hill was far away it would be hard to cast Thoughness and regen spell, so had to have her close to my BDs and Thicket beast.

      SE Turn 1:

      CHAAAAARGE! Briar Maidens charged the weak Reavers, without doubt these forest sisters with Poison attack and their bodybuilder mounts could easily deal with those Fimsy high elves.

      After that I moved most of my army forward, but still so I was in the forests.
      The bladedancers moved into charge range of his ryma knights in hope he would charge them

      One Wild rider unit moved to the left side of the house so they could threat the flank of the knights the other one moved to the right and had a discussion about what wood the house was made off.

      Nothing big happend I cast the wood elves spell on the wild riders to the right, so they would be int he comfort zone and strenght spell on the blade dancers to the right.

      My 6 sentinels took aim and gave a BT 3 wound, bravo guys bravo! and 10 archers finished the job, the last unit took aim at the Queens guard and killed 4 of them! I was very proud of my archers.


      Was a bit embarrassing the sisters only killed one guy, while the reavers killed 2, so a draw.

      HBE Turn 1:

      Lord of the High Born Elves saw how the Sylvan Elves charged first turn and insisted to show how i was done, so he charged the Ryma knights into the bladedancers to the left, the Ryma knights horses had trained parkour and diden't give a flying F about the forest.

      The rest of his army did not move that far, except for the big block of Swordmasters and the eagle who tried to frenzy bait my Wild riders


      He casted the HBE race spell and better aim on BT that was it.


      Sloop shooted at dryads and killed 2, sisters and BT shooted at the other sister unit and killed only 1, but hey after my shooting phase I would also feel a bit unsecure.


      I took 3++ wardsave on the blade dancers, he killed 2 bladedancers and I gave nothing in return, So I had a Stubborn LD 8 test with reroll...... Don't worry I made it ;)
      SIsters vs Reavers he killed 1 and I killed 2, the reavers fled and turned around.

      SE Turn 2:

      I charged the Blade dancers in the flank of the Ryma knights, the wild riders to the right took a frenzy check and made it.

      In the movement phase there was open spot in the HBE defense line so my wild riders to the left behind the house, sneaked in out of the knights front arc, my eagle moved to take the charge from the Swordmasters.
      The briar Maidens to the left, tried to bait the knights to charge them.


      I dont remember i got any spell through, nothing important.


      Took out the last BT and Eagle.


      I took the lethel strike dance on both Blade dancer units and killed the ryma knights, EASY!

      NOTE: After the picture was taken i changed the formation on the blade dancers who charged the ryma knights, beacause it was not legal, my center was way off

      HBE turn 2:

      The best defense is CHARGE! So the High born commander decleared with the Lion guard on the blade dancers to the left in the forest, the Swordmaster unit charged the eagle.
      The Lion guard needed a 6 but if you live in Denmark you know how annoying fields are to move through, so he rolled double 1 and failed the charge.

      He diden't take the bait with the knights so the move slight forward.
      The spears with chars in it turned to the look at the wild riders, same with the queens guard and sloop moved to shoot at the sisters in the field.

      If I was those Lion Guards I would be embarrassed by that failed charge.


      The High Born commander got both their race spell and raven wing off, who killed one Wild rider behind the house, but because of some akwards angles the knights had to look at the house.

      Sloop killed a sister


      The Swordmasters killed the eagle.

      SE Turn 3:

      The wild riders behind the house charged the queens guard who fled, I choose not to redirect and failed the charge.
      The blade dancers to the far left and the blade dancers in the center charged the lion guards, one was a far charged who needed a 10 and fail the other needed a 5 and made it.

      In the movement phase, I sat my Thicket beasts and blade dancers in position to charge the Swordmasters, and sacrified my last sister on the right to redirect the swordmasters.

      Wild riders and sisters on the left side walked into position to shoot and charge the knights, I turned all my archers against the knights, in theory i should placed them so they could shoot at the swordmasters.

      I got the race spell on the blade dancers who charged the lion guards.


      I shoot 4 knights.


      The blade dancers dealt a ton of wounds on the lion guards, but because of the HBE race spell, only 2 lion guard died, in return they killed 3 bladedancers.

      HBE turn 3:

      The spear unit charged the wild riders, swordmaster charged the last sister.

      In movmeent the knights reformed and walked away


      Nothing crazy since the general was far away.


      Sloop got one wound on a Thicket beast


      The spears killed the Wild riders, Swordmasters killed the last sister and the lion guard finished of the last bladedancers, but they killed 2 Lion guards.

      SE Turn 4:

      Now its time to win this game! So I charged dryads in the lions (Get out of my field boy!), the blade dancers and thicket beast charged the swordmasters.

      In movement, the wild riders moved over to the house to get a flank on the spear unit, sisters moved over to the queen guards to shoot them
      All my archers moved to shoot at the sloop.


      My blade dancers who charged the swordmasters got +1 S and race spell.

      I do two wounds to the sloop andkilled 3 queens guard.


      What a slaughter! Blade dancers and thicket beast dealth around 12-13 wounds in return one thivket beast takes a wound and all the blade dancers dies.
      Swordmasters was steadfast and needed a ld 8, but failed! Yeah Lets go baby! Swordmasters rolled a 5 and the thicket beast rolled double 1 or 2... Stupid trees, never make a tree to do an elfs job!

      Dryads slaughter all the lion guards except 2 and they fled, the dryads choose to stay, no way im gonna give up that field!

      Picture of those lazy thicket beast.

      HBE Turn 4:

      The High Born Commander can feel the stress now, and needed his troops to Elf up and do something!
      The sloop charged the sentinels with shaman druid in who fled, he failed to redirect and failed his charge.

      But the queen guards, Lion guards and Swordmasters all rallied! Diden't see that comming.
      The spears moved full speed up to get that field.

      I pop my binding scroll so he can't cast race spell, in the end he gets +Toughness on the spears.

      No Shooting

      No combat

      SE Turn 5:

      Here anything gets to excited for me.

      I charge the thicket beast in the swordmasters to finish them (mistake) the wild riders failed their frenzy test and charged the spears in the flank where the general is (not good).

      I forgot what turn we are in and move my last unit blade dancers up to the spear unit hold them (mistake)

      I move my spears with druid master so they are within 12 of the wild riders.

      My sentinels rallied.


      I get Oaken and +3 Thoughness on Wild riders hopefully they can hold the spear unit


      I put 1 wound on the sloop and killed the last queen guard


      The swordmaster can smell blood or wood in this case and give the thicket beast 7 wounds (ouch) I killed maybe 2, I flee and now the swordmaster can charge my dryads in the rear DOH!

      In the wild rider battle the lord kills one Wild rider in return I give the lord 4 wounds with only 6+ wardsave and that son of a dark elf rolled 2 6's!!! OMG! Dragon armour OP I tell you! OOOOPPPP <X I got a bit sad there I admit that... Okay tbh I was ready to throw around all the painting the kids have made in the background and burn them to the ground and kill a kitty.

      But the important thing is I win the combat, but they stick.

      HBE Turn 5:

      The Commander charges the knights into the flank of the wild rider
      Swordmasters and lions charges the dryads DOH!
      Sloop charges the sentinels, but enough is enough! They take carefull aim shoot that flying toilet down from the sky!


      I dont think I stopped any if his magic.

      No shooting


      Swordmasters and lions kill the dryads til there is on 9 left so no steadfast and lose by a ton and flee, swordmasters follow and catch them.

      Knights and Spears vs Wild riders I still have T6 on them so many of their attack don't wound, I lose 2 riders and allocate 4 attack + steed on the general, I give ham 1 wound with no AS (he has only 5+ as) and WoooooooooooW he roll the dice and its a 6 so he don't die, I refer to my text further up, now add a a first born from a chicken who needs to be sacrfice, DAMMIT! :D

      The Wild riders lose and gets run down by the knights, the spear reforms.

      SE Turn 6:

      Okay boys and girls! Last chance! We got the ball now, we need a touchdown to make it!
      Maybe a little dramatic, but you my fellow nerds understand.

      I have no charges, but all my Archers, Sisters and Sentinels a moving in short range to shoot at the swordmasters

      I cast Ice and fire on the swordmasters and roll really high, my opponet use all of his dice to dispel it.
      The I cast +3 Thoughness and 4+ regen on blade dancers! Come at me bro!

      With all my shooting I kill the last of the Swordmasters so now the objective is mine, unless my blade dancers flee and the spears is rolling an 11 overrun

      Combat none.

      HBE Turn 6:

      The Highborn Commander trying last heroic charge on the blade dancers.

      Knights can't charge.

      Magic he gets the race spell off and thats it.

      Shooting nothing.

      In combat his chars kills one blade dancers and now its my turn!
      6 attacks on the general! Only one hit, BUT also wounds! He roll the dice and its a freaking 6! Lucky I have made some Yoga and meditations so I knew the forest tried to tell me it wasn't meant to be.

      the rest of the blade dancers focused on the spears and murdered a lot of them! I win and he sticks!

      Game over!

      Pheeeeeew what a game! the last turns was really nerve wrecking and for a moment I thought I should lose everything, but it turned out to be a 14-6 victory for the Sylvan Elves.

      My opponet did not have alot of shooting and magic missiles, so when I had dealth with the shooting I could play around, it was not top tuned list, so I look forward to what he brings when he have tuned it.

      I made some mistakes and I really missed to have an extra eagle, i'm also thinking remove one unit sisters and add some more sentinels.
      I also missed a third channel so the shaman has become an adept.

      Hopefully you liked the report and I can get a game tomorrow, and take some pictures.

      Take care :)
    • SE VS Ogres

      So we were a group who had a play date in a dark basement, who is haunted by countless of screams caused by bad dice rolls.
      I was playing against OK and this handsome man.

      My list have changed a little.

      Briar maidens was removed.
      Hailshot was removed.
      Adept was added to the shaman
      Extra eagle
      More Sentinels

      OK list:

      Mage Ogre with pyromancy
      2 big block Gnoblars
      Ogre bunker
      2 frenzy cows
      2 Catapults
      2 Canons.
      2 Kin eaters

      I really underrestimated this list and the pictures a few because of the light in the basement.
      Sadly this game was lost in the deployment phase, my deployment was awful.
      I deployed most of my armies 37" so he could not reach me with most of his flame spells, except for Thicket beast, dryads and a unit of sentinels behind thicketbeast because I thought they were safe.

      OK Turn 1:

      He is moving slowly up and he noticed that he could see a tiny bit of my sentinels base behind the thicketbeast, this could have be avoided by placing the sentinels to the far left and slowly shooting the frenzy cow og catapult.
      In magic phase i burn my first binding scroll, which was stupid I should just have let the sentinels die and focusing on getting into a better position, after magic i have lost some sentinels and dryads.

      Shooting did not do anything.

      SE Turn 1:

      I had no charges and tried to get into position quickly.
      Thicket was ready to recive a charge from the frenzy cow in the forest with the BSB within 12" they should hold.
      Blade dancers and wild riders moved so I could counter charge his cow and left side, at this point I accepted the objective was lost until the two frenzy cows were gone.

      Magic: nothing crazy happened.

      Shooting: 2 wounds on the frenzy cow to the left HEll YEAH!

      Combat nothing.

      OK Turn 2:

      The OK army move forwards and both kin eaters came in which will cause me some big troubles, this could have been avoided by taking a unit of Blade dancers and placed them behind my archers and bunker.


      I burned my last binding scroll, and stopped as much of his magic as I could, but it costed 6 Blade dancers and dryads


      3 wild riders were killed.


      Whole lot of nothing

      SE Turn 2:

      I turned all my archers and sentinels around to shoot at the kin eaters, wild riders moved to flank the cannon, the other unit of wild riders move up to the hill, to threaten the frenzy cow and with reroll from the hill there was a good chance the would make it.


      I got +1 S on one of the archers units, so they had a better chance to beat the kin eater

      No more pictures from here

      Got two wounds on one kin eater and nothing on the other one.

      Sooooo the rest of the battle was a slaughter, the kin eaters manage to kill my BSB, Cosmo druid and archers, while the pyromancy removed most of my poor elves, in the end I had 2 druids, 1 bladedancers, 1 unit archers and one single Sentinels left.
      I have killed both frenzy cows, 1 catapult and 2 kin eaters.

      So a crushing defeat for the Sylvan elves.

      But it was a really fun game and we were both having lots of fun, in my mind I lost the game in the deployment phase, with a better deployment I could have avoided a lot of casualties in the start of the game, focus on pushing the left flank with wildriders and sentinels.
      Also a unit of blade dancers should have stayed behind and protect my BSB and druids from the kin eaters.

      Well that was it, sorry for a short report, i'm already working on a new Batrep against the High born elves.

      Take care!