[ETC 2018] French Mercenary for Player/Coach

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    • [ETC 2018] French Mercenary for Player/Coach

      Hi guys and girls,

      I'm Thibault, 27 years old, i'm living in Paris and i'm looking for a place like player or coach for this ETC 2018.
      I play since more than 11 years, tournament 8 years, i make 3 etc :

      2013 as player for FRANCE
      2016 as captain for FRANCE - finish 3rd
      2017 as mercenary for IRLAND

      I'm very happy to discover new player or to coach a team. I can play all armies, any kind of gamestyle.
      I have a facebook page where i post all my tourney pictures and i try to be very active for the community : facebook.com/frenchmercenary9th/

      You can send me private message here or by e-mail : thibault.rigolet @ g m a i l .com (no space in gmail)

      If you want to know how i'm, you can ask team irland and all the night we have in Salamanca with Tequila, girls and after 2hours sleeping, going to fight on the table with zombie dragon !!!!


      Thanks a lot,

      ETC 2013 - Empire Player FRANCE
      ETC 2016 - FRANCE Captain
      ETC 2017 - Irland