Problems with Black Tree Design?

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  • Problems with Black Tree Design?

    A little over a month ago I bought 2 scorpion models from Black Tree Design ( for my KoE army. They were on sale and I couldn't resist the price. In that time there's been no change in the delivery status, it just says order confirmed.

    I've seen old posts on here saying their sale items tend to be slow but they're really good replying to emails and once prompted they ship almost instantly. I've sent 2 emails two weeks apart chasing the order and no replies.

    Has anyone else done business with them recently and had problems or am I alone in this?
  • Hi, I also had issues with BTD and their slow postage of models.

    I also ordered two scorpions in a sale as well as a hippogryph for my KoE army.

    It took them about a month after I ordered for them to dispatch the models, although when I first asked about the order (2 1/2 weeks after ordering) I got a response within 12 hours so i'm surprised to hear you haven't had such luck.

    Are you using the email? I assume you are but it's always worth checking..

    You're definitely not alone in your experience, but I think they probably have a lot to cast - in my order the hippogryph body and winders for the ballistae were causing the delay so it could well be the winders again which are taking a while but who knows how they do it as with my order these were apparently cast weeks after the rest of the order was...

    Anyway, i'm sure they'll arrive eventually as they did for me, and in the meantime i'd just keep emailing them and maybe try their facebook page too.
  • New

    Just to update but after 6 and a half weeks, multiple emails and messages on FB, and a couple of calls, they got back to me.

    They admitted fault and didn't give me lame excuses, although apparently the crew weren't cast so they were waiting for that before sending them on. They also asked my top few choices for infantry and then they'd chuck in some as an apology.

    I should be getting them in about a week. Fingers crossed it's all worth the wait!