Scoring and balance

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  • Scoring and balance

    Hi, I wonder if the armies were balanced in a way that some of them are lets say weaker in combat, but instead they are good at scoring or the other way around, which means some armies would be weak or very weak if playing without secondary objectives?
    Yes, I lose pretty much always with my army and I play without secondary objectives with friends.
  • Yes there is a difference between the races regarding scoring.

    But its not so much the differences in races but the difference in play-style.

    The game is intended to be over 6 turns, with an objective.
    It is not intended that you or the opponent kill every single model on the table.

    There is deliberate granularity between games. It isn't therefore intended that every game is a 20-0 either.

    If you are just playing casually with your friends then you are probably both just playing a blood bath game trying to kill everything. So if you play either an army or list that is an avoidance list you will not have as much fun as those lists are designed to kill more points than you lose. But its also expected both players will end the game with way more than 50% of what they started with.

    In short my advice to you is if you are happy not playing objectives or deployment types thats ok, but to win in that setting you need to take the most choppy list you can. The most aggressive, offensive lists you can construct.

    If you mention which army you play im sure we can tweak your list to suit a blood bath/ carnage system. The trick will almost certainly be to avoid all units that having scoring.
  • Ok, thanks for respond mate.
    Im playing beast herds and the problem is I dont really have a list to tweak. I played lots of lists, every time it didnt work and there is simply nothing I can think of that could work.
    Thats why I asked about those scorings and I really wouldnt ask If I just lost 10 games in a row, I lost much more and until we switched armies with my brother who plays VC (I massacred him twice and those were nice and easy games) I was thinking maybe Im some kind of retard:)
  • haha no you're not a retard, its just a very complex game. It takes lots of experience to play well.

    Due to the great effort of the balance team, the game comes down far more to your decisions than the army your brought.

    Vc are hard to play against. In one on one fights you will probably lose as they can raise the dead guys back. Beastmen on the other hand have lots of ambushers and other faster moving units. What I think you need is a change of strategy.

    The secret to beating VC is combo charges. Each undead unit is paying points for the ability to be healed. Which means it's stats are weaker. Point for point.
    therefore if you can destroy a unit in one round of combat then the vc player isn't able to heal back the unit. It is also for these reasons that you should try to avoid the 30+ zombie or skeleton units as is very hard to kill them in one turn.

    It also means if you have 2 or 3 units fighting one undead unit the skeletons can't even counter charge you cause then you kill them off and cause the "good" undead unit to crumble. Basically undead can't have multiple units in the same fight. But you can, so you need to really focus on only making charges of you can get him in the front and the rear and maybe also a flank.