I LOVE the HBE army book!!

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  • I LOVE the HBE army book!!

    I love our army book!
    This post is meant to be a praise of all the things I believe are great about our armybook. It is also meant as a positive counter to all the usual moaning on this subforum. Reading our update thread, it is very easy to get the empression that the entire armybook sucks, and that is far from the truth. I wonder if it is the majority of HBE players who are dissatisfied with the book, or if it is just a small, very loud, minority. People here in denmark seems quite happy with it.
    I am not saying that the book is perfect, and that we should stop improving it, but I honestly don´t see why people are this upset.
    This is also meant as a "thank you" to all the great people who have worked on our book and on the rules in general. I was very sad to see Calcathin leave the project, but I understand why with all the negativity on our, and other, forums. I know that the first nerf update in the beta was super unpopular, and I get why, but I think we still have many great and competetive options.

    These are the things I love about our book:

    Special rules
    Martial discipline: it is not FIER but it is super useful and you feel in control of the battlefield.

    Master of spellcrafting: This is a great beta change. There are so many spells that I can now 2 dice, or even 1 dice, with a master and it allows me to cast a ton of spells each turn.

    Fae miasma: I havent used this yet, but really like the idea. I think a few tweaks would make it very competive. I like the direction.

    Master of canreig tower. YES! He is back. So amazing and both the commander and prince builds are viable.

    Queens cavalier. I never thought of this honor before the beta, but now it seems really interesting. I like the flexibility of taking him either on a horse, keeping Naval ordnance, or dragon. Double commander on dragon seems fun! It seems both versions are used now. The name sucks though :)

    Queens companion: the BSB version is of course nice in a shooting list – it has always been good.

    Royal huntsman: It took a huge nerf, but I still believe it is fine. I still prefer the chariot version and tend to use a much cheaper version now than I did in the bluffers era.

    Asfad Scholar: It is amazing. It was all I, and most other people, used in 1.3. I know some people don´t like the bound spell but I find it extremely powerful, even though I don´t use it in every game.

    Order of the fiery heart: This is my favorite change in the beta. I LOVE this guy! Finally we can take essence of free mind and get alc and fire. One of those lores are always amazing – love that combo. And the change to the mount when casting a spell makes is really competive. I like the killy dragon build with heros heart, but I prefer the young dragon with 2+ arm and 4+ ward. So good and extremely fun.

    Special equipment
    Nova flare: I dont use cavalry that much so do not have much experience with it, but it seems really good, if a tiny bit pricey. I really like how we now have powerful bow, spear and lance. We can kit a character out to perform every task needed (perhaps except tanking)

    Sliver of the blazing dawn: This item is amazing, and for the first time in a while we now see competetive builds with foot characters. These items really make so many new builds viable.

    Elu's wood: losing ap was bad, but effectively gaining 1 aim was nice. A bit pricey but very good nontheless.

    Protection of Dorac: This opens up so many builds just like the weapons. Getting hit on 5s by most and having access to 1+ armor is just amazing. I know we are t3 but this is still very tanky for an elf.

    Starmetal alloy: a nice buff to monster lists.

    Book of meladys. I dont really use it much, but see the value of 1-2 dicing spells without fear of failing the spell.

    Diadem of protection: Glad we get to keep the 4+ ward. Suits our army

    Glittering lacquer: horrible name but useful item. Again something to promote young dragons and griffons and that is always a good thing.

    Navigator banner: I have not made a list in the beta without this banner. I LOVE how we now have this and the ryma banner to support infantry builds. This and line formation has changed my army lists to be much more infantry focused. Lions and swordmasters love this so much. I really like it – not the name though :)

    Banner of becalming: I like the idea, but I never have a unit that can carry it.

    War banner of Ryma: This banner went from being the most OP I have ever seen to becoming a nice and useful banner. I feel for the people who used it on cavalry, since the latest update has made it worse for them, but for the infantry lists it is still good. I love it on spears.


    Prince, commander and mage. Not much to say about these. I think people are quite happy with the current stats and prices. I know I am. I was very happy to see discounts on a lot of mount options.

    Horse. Fine as always.

    Griffons: they are getting more and more competitive, but just seems a bit off still. The right direction though.

    Reaver chariot: I LOVE the new version of the reaver chariot. As a mount I have used it with a commander with lance and elu bow. 320 points for a marching 14 chariot, 2+ armor and fireborn. This is great for flanks and just to add more shooting. I compare it with the sloops, and for only 60 points more I find it a steal(and it doens't come from naval ordnance). People do not like this guy on their flank. I am not saying this is the most competive option out there, but he is very useful and fun.

    Lion chariot: still fine

    Young dragon: With the queens cavalier honor or the order of fiery heart, they are pretty cool. Defnitly viable.

    Dragon: as said above. We see more dragons now than ever. This is probably because of the change to fiery and cavalier honor and the next mounted option.

    Ancient dragon: aah yes this guy. I used it a lot in 1.3 and not since. I do however like the change to t6. I just feel it should be compensated with more wounds than 1. In general it was not really fun to play against for my opponents. They either had a tool for it and I was doomed, or they didnt and I just won. T6 is more manageable and less rock scissors paper – so I like the direction of the beta change, but he just need a bit more or a point decrease.

    Spears: They are in a great spot now. Very cheap and can be buffed with the banners. Min blocks or big ones are both viable. I have never loved spears as much as I do now and in 1.3

    archers. They are fine and have always been fine. Accurate would be nice though :)

    reavers. Great chaff and can shoot a tiny bit.

    Lancers. Great scoring and anti chaff. A point drop wouldnt hurt though. I like the change to the price of additional lancers.

    Seaguard: the most debated unit in the game. I like the rules. I have been thinking of a unit of 25 with navigator banner, queens compaion bsb with 2+ arm and great weapon and a canreig prince with the sliver spear. This seems like a very effective core death star. Not sure how powerful it will be but cant wait to try it out. I feel, just like everyone else, that they are too expensive. But I like the changes and we are closer to a unique unit in core than we have ever been with these guys before, so well done.


    Swordmasters, lion guard and flame wardens: I like them all a lot. Since we gave the lions multi wounds, they are each very specialized and fun when building lists. The new banners have buffed these guys a lot.

    Knights of ryma: I am not the biggest fan, but I know plenty of people love them so had to add them.

    Reaver chariots: back to these guys. The mounted version is fun,but the single chariots or a unit of 3 is really good. I painted 1 three years ago and never used it. But since the beta dropped I have played with it in almost every game. Now I am even loving a unit of 3 so much that I just got 2 more. I never would have dreamed of it a year ago. The unit of 3 is just amazing because of the march 14 and that we have several buffs that a charging unit likes such as awaken the beast strenght, glory of gold (reroll wounds) or flaming sword. I use them for zoning and to take out things like monsters or deamon princes (or whatever they are called now)because I get to strike before them with impact hits.I prefer these guys to ryma knights because there are more attacks (1 of the knights usually cant fight because of the width of the unit). I also like how they are so fast that they can quicklychange position and be useful in a different area. The single chariots are great too and work as chaff too.

    Lion chariot. Good as always

    Eagle: Good as always

    Queens guard: good as always

    Grey watchers: see fae miasma

    Naval ordnance

    Seaguard reapers: Always great

    Sloops: i like them a lot but find them a bit expensive now. A lot of people love them.

    Ancient allies

    Fire phoenix: sad to see the ward save go but understand why. He still does what he is supposed to and I like the grind attack. It makes you want to be in close combat more so think this was a clever design change.

    Those are all the things I love about the book. I think this a great time to be a HBE player, and I have a ton of ideas for lists I want to test. It got a bit stale in 1.3 after some time and I am so happy to have so many options to play with now.

    I would encourage others to add their favorite things about our book. This thread is not meant for complaining about units or others opinion on them. We have all heard what the complaints are! A million times by now! We know! So just add the positive stuff here, please :)
  • @Marcos24 OMG!! Looks great!!!

    We would like to post it.. everywhere!!! Can we do it?

    Anyway we would like to keepfor us too, could your sign the draw for us? If you give us permiss to plubish, I would like people can see author's name ;)

    Really good, honesly, I have no words.
  • LastSword wrote:

    @Marcos24 OMG!! Looks great!!!

    We would like to post it.. everywhere!!! Can we do it?

    Anyway we would like to keepfor us too, could your sign the draw for us? If you give us permiss to plubish, I would like people can see author's name ;)

    Really good, honesly, I have no words.
    Of course! But in that case, let me finish it, it won't take long and I may even finish it today ;)
  • Marcos24 wrote:

    LastSword wrote:

    @Marcos24 OMG!! Looks great!!!

    We would like to post it.. everywhere!!! Can we do it?

    Anyway we would like to keepfor us too, could your sign the draw for us? If you give us permiss to plubish, I would like people can see author's name ;)

    Really good, honesly, I have no words.
    Of course! But in that case, let me finish it, it won't take long and I may even finish it today ;)
    Go @Marcos24 , you can do it! :D
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  • Marcos24 wrote:

    Here's to add to the positivity. To celebrate the appearance of new models, and because i absolutely love @LastSword character, i decided to draw it. This is not official art though, just fan art. Also its not finished but i didn't know what to add, so consider it on hold

    I can not wait to see it finished, go head!
  • LastSword wrote:

    Do you want marrie with me? xD

    Looks great @Marcos24, thank soo much. I will publish in our facebook and add "the-ninth-age.com".

    Do yo have a high definition file? Could you send to us at: hello@lastsword.com for me, please?

    Thank you!
    Only if you look like Lauren Mayberry from the band Chrvches. She's :love:

    And yes i'll send it right now