Why is this game still so centered around the General/BsB?

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  • I think its partly a problem with winning combat giving the binary chance of either completely destroying the entire unit, or it escaping. From an immersion perspective this is just absurd, that 1 single zombie could* kill literally anything if its running away. If this rule was changed such that:
    A unit that is fleeing and caught by an enemy unit suffers one hit for every melee attack the enemy unit has.

    Then it is fine to make the general only provide +1 discipline up to the generals discipline.
    And to make it such that the bsb only allows you to reroll rally tests.

    With this proposition fleeing is much more likely but also far less damaging.
  • The thing is, armies DID historically tend to be destroyed by routing. Partially because fleeing enemies take casualties at a massively increased rate (by far the majority of deaths were of people who were running away), but mostly because once you start running, you don't tend to rally and resume fighting.

    Larger forces being wiped out by smaller ones is accurate. Maybe not 40 guys being taken down by two bats, but ten to one with regular troops? Absolutely.

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  • Just looked in on this and had a quick idea.

    How about if you lose a discipline test you are Shaken and if a Shaken unit fails a discipline test they Flee. Any unit that takes 25% casualties in a single round is automatically shaken before rolling the discipline test for breaking.

    Unbreakable do not gain fearless or stubborn. Unbreakable units could be shaken but still wouldn't break.

    Stubborn units cannot benefit from the army generals Commanding Presence or from Rally around the Flag and all Discipline Tests are made on the units unmodified Discipline value.

    Supernal units cannot become Shakken and everything else stays the same.

    Fear, fearless, and Terror would not need changes.

    Army Design Team

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  • Historical note on casualties: for most battles, casualties before one side breaks were tiny. 95%+ of the casualties were after one side broke. Which is why most battles feature casualties like 'winning side: 200, losing side: 5000'. The losing side only lost 2-300 in fighting. The rest were killed as they fled.

    (There's the occasional battle where heavy casualties are suffered by both sides before one side breaks. iirc, Stamford Bridge is a good example. But they're rare).
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