The road to 205 - Chapters of the Week: 20-1 (community)

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  • The road to 205 - Chapters of the Week: 20-1 (community)

    Only one more chapter to go - 20 Model Rules. Since it's too big to cover it in a single week, let's split it up into managable sections:

    This week's part consists of 20 Model Rules up to and including 20.A.25 Skirmisher.

    In case you haven't already, please have a look at the general instructions here.
  • 20.A.2 BSB

    => it's an universal rule, just that surprise me ! :D
    So, if BSB is an universal rule, why General isn't ?
    I don't know what leads to this choice but it seems a little weird treatment (for an former warhammer player at least), I personnaly would try to treat the too in the same way (mention the two roles in chapter 6 only or in the two chapter).

    20.A.16 Light Troops
    I don't think it can be better than now, but this "Reform any number of time" (inelegant to me) and the double check (distance for all model separatly + whole unit formation for Unit spacing) is such a pain.
    My prefered solution is to just check (distance+unit spacing) for each model and not model/unit (far easier for movement near the opponent because they just follow each other, there will be no need to check legal formation + unit spacing) and allow the unit to finish the move in any legal formation (no reform reference). But it change the rule we have now (despite I'm not sure it's played well every time ^^). So, just to tell my thought when reading.
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