DE Wishlist Magic Vault

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  • DE Wishlist Magic Vault

    Hi Guys.

    I already post this in other thread, I´d like just share here too, and to invite everyone to share their desired magic items for our next armybook.

    Is just wishlist, but well, who better than us know which kind of magic items we could need for our elves playstyle ;)

    Armour enchantements:

    - Black Amulet: Back again to our magic armory. Wielder gains Aegis 4+, aegis saved wounds are reflected with no armour saves allowed in challenges. Only models on foot.

    - Nabh amethyst shield: +1AS. No parry. Wielder gains battle focus.

    - Olaron´s obsidian helmet: +1AS, Wielder´s Commanding Presence and Rally Around the Flag ranges are increased up to 6UM. Models on foot only.

    Banner enchantements:

    - Devotees banner: Cult unit replicate blesses from divine altar to other unit, 6UM range. If unit is out of range to divine altar, gains its bless but can not replicate it to other unit.

    - Medusa skin flag: Hereditary bound spell. Crippling Fatigue, range 12" (5/9)


    - Beastmasters rage amulet: Mount gains +1 to hit. for each wound suffer by model, mount gains +1 attack for the rest of the game (and loose one attack per wound healed/recovered)

    - Seal of the deep seas: One use only. At the start of any player turn, can summon a storm in the battelfield. All ranged weapons have their range divided by two and -1 to hit. War machines also have half range and need a 4+ to be shooted. Duration until end of next turn.
    I used to be Suddenwind... :)