Brainstorming about the Vermin Swarm

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    • Emperor_Zoron wrote:

      I wonder if they can even speak like humans? Or do they communicate with each other the same way actual rats do? Utilizing writing/hand signs to communicate with other non-vermin species.
      they can. A group of magisters talked with Sunna before the battle of Avras and they talked with Warin the Traitor
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    • Made slightly easier, I suppose, by a by then long history of human subjugation. Speak Vermin or get turned into fodder!

      The problem would though be that a large fraction of rat squeaks are above the human audible frequency range. Giant humanoid rats might be different though due to different physical dimensions of the body parts that generate sounds.
      Sunna is not with the big battalions, but with the ones whose parts move with the best coordination.
    • Emperor_Zoron wrote:

      I wonder if they can even speak like humans? Or do they communicate with each other the same way actual rats do? Utilizing writing/hand signs to communicate with other non-vermin species.

      Eldan wrote:

      Again, rats are very vocal. They make a ton of different sounds, with different meanins. In additon to body language and smell.
      "Rat people! Rat people! Taste like rats, talk humans!"
      "Rat people! Rat people! Taste like rats, talk like humans!

      Sorry, I just couldn't resist! :P :D

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    • Calisson wrote:

      Phaeoron wrote:

      Do vermin gesticulate with their tails as well as hands when they speak i wonder :P
      I would expect Vermins to use heavily their tails for communication. Look at the middle of their icon: :VS: Also, with an acute smell, whiskers, tail, and side vision, they should be exceptionally aware of their immediate surroundings, leading to a lesser need for oral communication.
      This said, when they ruled Vetia, they had to use a language undestandable by all races.
      I would assess that among themselves, Vermins use much more body language, tail touch, whiskers etc. than when tey have to communicate with non-Vermins.

      Basically, the T9A equivalent for latin would be a lingua franca, a pigdin, used during the 6th Age between Vermins and dominated people, and progressively between dominated people themselves.
      I would assume that this pigdin later evolved in various Vetian languages.
      Meanwhile, Vermins, freed of the obligation to speak daily to dominated races, would have used mostly among themselve the body language, letting the pigdin degrade into what non-Vermins believe to be the Vermin language, but in reality, would be mostly used for interaction between Vermins and non-Vermins.

      The parallel I would make is the Japanese system of writing, where they use a different alphabet to write foreign words than the one to write Japanese words (let alone their use of Chinese simplified writing).

      This seems relevant to discussion concerning them speaking.

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    • If we are to give at least some credibility to already published materials VS communicate even today without any issues with humans. They must use human terms for their offices (‘dusk senator’, ‘consuls’) and seem to enjoy chatting with humans. And we are talking about a rat female outcast which, as a wife to an official, would probably have no need to learn 'ape-talk'.
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    • Today I'm reading this excellent article (link) about the Ivorian crisis. It's called « Mob Politics ».

      You read some really interesting passages there, that could be interesting for our Vermins :

      Mobs Politics wrote:

      Some political activists propose their services to various politicans to help promote their « image ». The modalities can be very diverse. For example, members from the street parliament will come to a candidate before elections, to hire their oratory skills. Those new « communication consultants » will then go on the public square to praise this candidate (or at least, make him believe that they did). For example, F. Djakpa, one orator at the very powerful Abobo Congress, gave us this confession :

      « He can take a camera, go to the street parliament (laughs). He takes the camera and records himself. The camera shows him talking in front of the crowd. While they record him, he takes the microphone and starts talking about something that has nothing ni common with the news. Ah ! Everyone is very surprised. But since he's got an objective to reach, for example, it's football and Ivorians start growling, he talks about football. And he makes believe (laugh) that the person he's talking about is « ministrable » (ie. susceptible to become a minister in the next government change). He gives a whole « ataluku » (praising speech). And when he's done, he goes to the individual with the tape, and then, he can earn a million francs, because that authority knows the force of the agoras and street parliaments and knows that if he supports it, it will get out for him. »

      Young patriots call those strategies to scam authorities as « mind-working », or « MW » (« Travaillement de l'esprit / TE »).

      Mobs Politics wrote:

      Feeling betrayed by a regime that they rescude but who does not recognizes them, those activists consider from now on that their salute will come from the merchandizing of their mobilisation force. The « general » Zulu Oliverson (alias Olivier Thé), head of the Patriotic Liberation Force, explains it so :

      « I tell you that from now on, whenever they want us for an action where we have to support them, it will be mercenariat. Because we saw them tell us : « Did we call us ? You came as volunteers ». As if volunteering means we're thugs ! Whereas the volunteer is the son of honour, a dignified son who deserves all the rewards, because he was not even trained for that. It is his not his role, not his job, because he comes rescue by love for the motherland. But he is above civism ! Because to come is more than civism… It is not your role, there are people in uniform for that. We saw them run away from the fighting. They are dishonest, we know them. The president said : « Reward those leaders and their followers, because they did a lot for the Republic. But then that guy blocks the budget, and when you meet again, he became a Minister or a MP, and he says « Sorry guys, you were but volunteers, why should we give anything to you ? » But I say « Do you think that volunteer doesn't eat, or does he need to be dizzy from hunger in order to defend the motherland ? »

      Mobs Politics wrote:

      « You, know, when you're out of FESCI (the student union), you feel ready for any job. You see yourself as a « finished product ». I'll give you a specific example. It is difficult for me to picture myself queuing like an ordinary citizen whenever I go to the bank or to pay my water bill. Because I have led more than a thousand students ; I did meetings in front of thousand of students. All those people, all those intellectuals were bowing in front of me to greet me : « Good evening, general, good evening, general ». So, I cannot understand anymore that someone will tell me to queue behind ordinary civilians, me, an ex-general. My status as a (street) general put me on a pedestal. And I should not step down from that pedestal too much. People themselves consider us that way. »

      Mobs Politics wrote:

      « You know, when you tell someone that I will make you be taken to serve in the police, make sure that you sit at such or such position, that means that if your « follower » effectively becomes a policeman, he has from now on to obey your orders. For example, A'ipi that you see sitting in front of you, he's a very good example. He was recruited in the police because Blé Goudé said so. But when they sent him to be trained at the army camp in Zambakro, he punched his instructor, because he thought that person was being too authoritative. But doing that, he knew that his behind was fastened, that « it wouldn't go anywhere ». If he did not think about Blé behind him, do you think he would have punched his instructor ? Can an ordinary civilan do that ? So currently, any action you take is based on the influence of the sponsor behind you. They take profit from their behind to be fastened or from their sponsor to do whatever they want. »
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    • When I think of the Vermin Swarm and their culture of propaganda tactics, mass manipulation and mass consent to achieve their higher ambitions, I immediately think of and turn to one of the absolute most couragous, withering, thorough and unwavering endictments of modern government and mass media manipulation:

      Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent".

      The book that no corporation, politician, or investment bank EVER wants you to read. And with good reason. Because it reveals their true face, it reveals the man behind the curtain. It reveals what they really want which is their own self preservation of wealth and power - at the expense of everyone else.

      Sure sounds like the Vermin Swarm to me.

      Might be harsh...but what's happening to modern society with mass manipulation is PRECISELY what I think of when I think of the Vermin Swarm.

      (Yeah, I'm pretty cynical about the state of the world...but not without a lot of compelling evidence and good reason.) :|
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