THE PULP AGE. The incredible adventures of Cagliostro C. Campari and his intern: the assassination of Lady Fontaine- part 1-2-3

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    • THE PULP AGE. The incredible adventures of Cagliostro C. Campari and his intern: the assassination of Lady Fontaine- part 1-2-3


      who is lady FONTAINE? of course only the bride of General Fontaine, ruler of Avras. nothing to fear.


      Romantic Sunset

      Tandemar 3rd, 962 As

      The last lights of the sunset flashed in the calm waters of the Omiphorous, the hundred bells of Notre Flamme of Avras began to ring their ghostly chimes. At the top of Sunna's Lantern, a team of ruthless murderers was waiting for that moment in silence, contemplating that moment of peace before the storm. Soon the special troop of Captain Cagliostro C. Campari, the B-51 would come into action and someone would die.

      This time the target was Lady Fontaine, princess of Avras and consort of General Fontaine, obviously it would not have been an easy mission, but Duchess Mathilde of Equitaine had paid well and when Campari had asked for the double, the duchess had not batted an eyelid.

      -hey do you know that actually the bell ringer of Notre Flamme is a monstrous giant rat-man?He is locked up there since he was born and no one has ever seen him, I read it in the book of Captain Campari.

      Plank broke the contemplative silence and met the gaze of Teresin Trinity, captain of the Hawks, the squadron of flying killers hired by his boss and mentor for this mission. The woman's entire face was marked by a deep scar just under her ice eyes, but despite this imperfection, her beauty was evident. Trinity looked at Plank and answered in a cold, detached tone.

      - Damn Plank, if no one has ever seen him how can Captain Campari knows? It's a fantasy book nothing more, Cagliostro wrote it to make money, is not so stupid to seriously believe these stories.

      Plank looked down and was ashamed when he saw that all five members of the Hawks stared at him as one stares at a capricious infant who has just said something stupid. He turned his gaze to Captain Campari and he stammered something, trying to change the subject .

      -Ehm, oh Captain, I am r-ready for action, I see with pleasure that you are wearing my new invention, the...

      As usual the captain silenced poor Plank in a rude manner without letting him finish.

      -FOR WARIN’S SAKE PLANK!! YOUR INVENTION?!?! Plank you must be more stupid than you look! The Marvellous Campari Device of Wonder is my invention, you are only an intern, you have signed an intellectual property contract do you remember?

      - Yes Captain b-but….

      -BUT WHAT? Now shut up and brace yourself, you ruin this poetic moment.

      -yes Captain



      The B-51’s members checked their war-hawks and their guns, three each just in case of unpleasant encounters. Plank was extremely nervous but he tried to dissimulate his fear by winking at the cold Trinity without success. After another embarrassing moment, they waited in silence for Campari's signal.

      The captain looked in one of his invention "The Double Magnifying Ocularis" in the direction of the imperial palace, despite the distance and the dim light, he could see what was happening.

      As the duchess Mathilda had said, General Fontaine left the building in that moment, escorted by his Dark Cloaks to reach the Senate's House for an emergency meeting. Lady Fontaine would have been vulnerable

      -Ready at nightfall men. I want you silent and lethal. And you Plank try to stay alive and do not sxxt in your pants. Ordered the captain.

      When the last light of the sunset was gone the squadron of flying killers threw themselves from the lighthouse and after a long downward dive, changed their trajectory, used the wind and took altitude. they were trained professionals, only Plank had some difficulty, while the best of all were certainly Campari and Trinity.

      shadows assassin at darkness falls, the B-51 spread the wings of their war-hawks directed toward their goal: the rooms of Lady Fontaine in the tower of love of the imperial palace. Campari felt sure of himself, even if killing a helpless woman was not in his style.

      Plank, on the contrary, had an annoying presentiment, as if something sinister was about to happen.
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      The Hawks circled over the tower several times like Taphiria vultures on a delicious carcass of Desert Aurochs.

      Campari tried to see through the big window of the tower. Lady Fontaine's room was lit and he seemed to see shadows moving behind the curtain.

      Not so bad, if there were guards, they would use all the strength they had.

      After regaining altitude, the squadron finally landed softly on the roof, including Plank, who, while untying his straps to get rid of the War Hawk, had a toothy smile for the guest he ad just completed.
      -Take off your smile…rookie. this was the easiest part. Teresin said sternly.

      The killers were ready. Campari pulled out a small mirror and hooked it to a pole. He calmly lowered the shaft and infiltrated it through the curtains to check the situation inside the room.

      The room was lit by a large chandelier, there was a large four-poster bed and a small table full of small bottles, probably perfumes and cosmetics.

      The room was empty.

      The captain gave the signal to take action, they would wait for Lady Fontaine inside the room and on her return they would throw it out the window. It would have seemed an accident, or a suicide.

      It would be smooth as silk.

      The Hawks jumped on the balcony minimizing the noise. One of the men, Gorav, opened the curtains with a single gesture. He turned his head to his companions.
      -TAKE COVER GU..... the soldier could not finish the sentence, a red fog hit him, starting to corrode him instantly. Plank reacted instinctively trying to disperse the spell, his hands were quick to perform the seals, the fog began to thin out, but for the poor Gorav was too late, half of his face no longer existed, he fell on the spot. A humanoid figure began to emerge from the red mist. A sensual and persuasive voice began to spread in the air.

      -Well Well Well, it seems that among you there is someone very lively.

      the woman who appeared was of a unique beauty, long silky black hair that reached her hips. A timeless perfect face with no marks, fleshy ruby lips, deep and big dark eyes with red reflections like blood that seemed to penetrate the soul. The eyes of a fury.

      A long, low-cut red dress fell on the voluptuous hips of a breathtaking body.

      She was Lady Fontaine.

      Campari was petrified, how was it possible?

      He had seen the empty room, and instead they had fallen into a trap! This was not important now, thanks to Plank they survived, despite being a stupid his intern was a good boy, he would have certainly thanked him later.

      Now they have to attack.

      The Hawks drew their guns and started firing.

      The deadly Teresin was the first, from that distance it was not a problem to hit the Lady in the head. BANG. even Campari and the other hawks exploded their first blow. BANG BANG BANG BANG.

      With an inhuman speed, Lady Fontaine began to dodge the shots with ease and approached the group.

      A red lightning-fast spot pounced on Campari and the Hawks.

      The winged killers took another pistol and unsheathed the daggers, but Lady Fontaine was already on them.

      The woman in red grabbed Teresin and banged her brutally on the ground. Jan another soldier exploded a blow, but in vain. Lady Fontaine dodged and with one stroke of her fingernails tore the soldier's throat and then killed others two men with a single cutting stroke. Incredible.

      Plank backed up, once again, very quick, executed the magic seals.

      - Let's see how you handle it with this. HELLFIRE !!!!

      from the hands of Plank a wave of fire hit Lady Fontaine, but the woman stopped it with a single gesture of the hand

      -A nice breeze, try it on yourself.

      So saying she sent the Hellfire back to the sender. Plank couldn’t make a cry, in a blink the intern was thrown off the balcony towards his merciless end.

      Seeing this, Cagliostro C. Campari exploded with rage.
      -HOW DO YOU DARE? HE WAS MY INTERN, HE WAS MINE! He exploded several gunshots, once he used a pistol, he took more from the corpses and fired again, it was a fury, but once again, was useless.

      Lady Fontaine was near, she grabbed Campari’s neck. She watched him in the eyes and then….a click.

      behind Lady Fontaine, Teresin Trinity was still alive and pointed her gun to her temple.

      - Dodge this. BANG.

      The woman in red finally fell.

      Campari was free, he tried to compose himself, looked at the beautiful and glacial Teresin, she had an arm broken after the impact, but she had survived.

      - Now let's get out of here we made a lot of mess and ...

      With a sound of broken bones, an arm came out of Teresin's chest, her eyes filled with blood. she was already dead, but she didn’t realized yet.

      - Cagliostro, I feel cold. These were her last words before being thrown beyond the cornice, into the void.

      Campari saw Lady Fontaine, the wound in her temple was healed quickly, in her eyes there was hatred.

      -Little sl_t, you almost destroyed me. You will pay it for her too.
      Lady Fontaine smiled, her sharp canines finally revealed to Campari her true identity. she was a vampire.

      All the members of the team were dead. None of them had even managed to cross the entrance to Lady Fontaine's bedroom. It was a debacle.

      Campari was in pieces, maybe he was really stupid, just like his friend Victor Von Vinegar once told him.
      His partner Teresin, his intern Plank, were all dead and was all his fault.

      Because he had not planned the mission sufficiently.

      Because he did not expect to be confronted with an undead in a tower of the imperial palace.

      This was the end, Campari knew it.

      He pulled out his small sword and tried to hit the vampire.

      -You have not understood yet, don’t you? It's useless, I am immortal.

      The vampire did not even try to dodge, the blade shattered against Lady Fontaine's skin.

      With a high last act of courage, the captain took his flask of alcohol, opened it and aimed at the vampire.

      - Let's see how you lead it with holy water from the high priest of Sunna, monster!

      That was a big bluff, but the vampire could not risk it.

      With lightning reflex she grabbed the splinters of Campari's blade and used them as throwing knives.

      Campari was hit in the arm and abdomen. he stumbled back, leaned against the parapet, and slid into space.

      As he fell from the tower, bleeding profusely, the captain smiled, after all if the Marvellous Campari Device of Wonder had worked, perhaps he would survive once again.

      He pulled the safety cord and prayed that Plank had been a good engineer ...
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    • with this chapter I will introduce a unit from @Shieldwolf Miniatures univers. I have some rules too, the point is that I think that the company that support T9A project deserves rules and background inside the setting....AND ALSO BECAUSE I LOVE THEESE GUYS, SO DARK MINIATURES...WOW!


      Lady Fontaine reached the parapet of the balcony.
      For centuries they had hunted her down, trying to kill her without succeeding.
      Once even in that same room. The high priest of Avras had discovered her true identity, but Gaius had stopped the assassins and had killed the priest, preventing the news from spreading.
      Oh sweet Gaius, the best general men have ever had and the only man she ever loved.
      He would do everything for her, and he did it in spite of everything, despite what had cost him love her: the defeat, the destruction of Avras, the oblivion.
      For one single fragile instant it seemed to her that her dead heart was warming.
      She knew there could be other killers, waiting in the darkness, but she did not care. She knew that she was an undead, but she did not care. She knew that she did not need it, but she did not care.
      At that moment she just wanted a little peace, a moment of rest in the moonlight, as she liked to do with Gaius, a long time ago…
      Lady Fontaine leaned on the balcony, looked at the magnificent night landscape and ... and ... what was that? a sail? a wing? it did not matter what it was, but it seemed tied to her killer, still alive, in full flight in the night like ... like a damn rat.
      She had come back to herself, that warm inside her hart was no more, there was no more room for feelings. She knew what she had to do, capture the killer, find his patron and kill him in the most ruthless of ways.
      Then she would dedicate herself to the creation of her eternal empire. It was only for this reason that she had married that rough Fontaine, for this reason she had endured the court and her courtiers for too long. Damn fetid lickers! She would have drunk them all in an instant if they were not yet necessary for her cause.
      Two guards entered at that moment.
      - What happened my lady? Oh for the holy lady of the lake are you hurt?
      Lady Fontaine leaved the balcony and returned to her room, she licked the blood left on her left arm.
      The guards widened their eyes, they could not understand what was happening.
      -You are useless alive my dear emergency blood bags , if these killers had been better prepared they would have killed me. You will be more useful to me with your death
      The vampire snapped and for them it was the end.
      Calm and satiated, the vampire rose from her bed, approached her perfume table, took one and uncorked it, a trail of perfume expanded into the air and took the form of a small purple skull.

      She began to chant an obscure formula and then concluded
      -Dante the Death Deceiver, I summon you and your companions. Now it's time to pay for your blood debt.

      As if by magic, a little more than an instant later a man appeared from nowhere to the window of the room, held a large scythe.The man wore a red hooded cloak and a scarf that covered his face.
      His chest was naked, covered with death tattoos.
      Dante came up with long strides and he knelt down.

      -My Lady, the Death Deceivers are ready and they are at your command.

      The vampire stared into his dead eyes.

      -My glorious hound, my infallible hunter. Find the man who tried to kill me tonight Dante, and bring him here before the next dawn arrive. I want him Alive.

      Dante looked back at her without looking away
      -Yes, my lady. I will not fail.

      So saying, Dante got up and turned around. He ran out into the balcony and threw himself into the void. The hunting of the Death Deceivers had begun.
      Lady Fontaine came out of the room, walked along the blood-covered corridor, she came to the great door that led downstairs and she began to call for help. Soon a dozen soldiers came to her cry of alarm.

      With a frightened look and tears in her eyes she told a convincing story about how the killers managed to get in and how the heroic sacrifice of those two guards saved her life.


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