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  • I'd do the same in the SA example.

    In the EoS example, if the imprial guard has HW&S, I'd probably charge with the Maw and the Omen (alone). If they have great weapons, I'd only charge with the Omen. Note that they are in line formation and thus the omen will likely not die due to combat resolution.

    SmithF wrote:

    This will allow the Beasts to fight again, this time activating their red haze. Up to 3 beasts can direct their attacks towards the pendulum, which means a total of 15 s6 ap3 attacks with Battle Focus, hitting on 3s for the most part and potentially with either reroll to hit or to wound from evocation.
    It is quite hard to see whether this is correct. Since you have to maximise the contact with the unit, probably only 2 brazen beast get into contact with the pendulum. The unit is 10cm wide, and each beast has a 5cm front, i.e. there have to be two models in contact at the corner.
    Now it depends on how the unit is positioned when charging the rat swarms - and even then it is not necessarily the case that a maximum wheel of 90° will not bring all 4 models into base contact.
    I'd say (using the primitive thumb measuring method :D ) only 2 brazen beasts get into contact; and in that case this charge is probably not a good idea.

    My initial idea in this example was to charge the swarms with the sirens in hope of overrunning into the dread mill. But only if it's possible to redirect the plague brotherhood with the hounds. That's also somewhat risky, though - if the sirens don't make it into contact with the dreadmill.
  • I were thinking if it was possible to get the Maw into the flank of the IG...
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  • Randomus wrote:

    Interesting approach, I think most of my answers are fairly different from yours ;]. Maybe one thing that is misleading is that Sirens are actually on the flank of Rat Swarms.
    Hey! Thank god for that, it would be a very dull game if there was only one way to approach an in-game situation! Looking forward to your solutions and commentary.

    Re: Sirens. In that case I'll stick with my second solution. There is also a third one where you use the Rat Swarms to chaff the pendulum by charging the lone harbinger into them. Then you can risk the 18" charge into the dreadmill while the Hellhounds and Sirens maneuver into position.

    Caledoriv wrote:

    I'd say (using the primitive thumb measuring method ) only 2 brazen beasts get into contact; and in that case this charge is probably not a good idea.
    Your calcuations are correct, but there are workarounds: either park the sirens in the Brotherhood's flank so that no more than 3 brazen beasts can get in combat, or do your alignment vs the swarms so that the wheel after the overrun will only get 3 models in combat.

    The more I think of it the more I like this solution, since it gives you the opportunity to fight the pendulum during your turn. This means you get all the buffs that you can cast and the opponent hasn't had the time to respond to that. A daemonic magic phase being what it is (usual +4 dice advantage and +2 to cast) I wouldn't rule out two augment spells on the Brazen Beasts. Then the pendulum fight is a done deal, and the monks should die fast enough to free up the beasts for another charge on the following turn
  • I'm only noticing this now, but I'm super happy to have made it into a @Randomus movie :D you shouldve given me a heads-up, Konrad! ^^ did you suspect that the second riddle is from one of my games, Pascal? ;)

    I killed the Slann in the end, but lost a Phoenix (it came back, they had riders) as the reavers did terror, and the ensuing panic test made the Lord flee! Should always have put the attribute on the Reavers. Was a great game, with Jeff from US I think :) I hope Abrasus doesn't judge me too harshly for the dozen odd small mistakes I made in that game :p