What have you been using lately?

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    • What have you been using lately?

      Ok time for a little idea I have had brewing for a while.

      This is something that I feel could help our relatively small playerbase; a thread for posting builds/lists/combinations that are either working well or are fun. People can ask for advice, critique, and the like.

      To get the ball rolling (and to give an example of what I mean) here is something I have been playing around with and have found very successful...

      Prophet: +Master +Shield +Tablet of Ashuruk +Heat Haze +Lamassu (+Adept) –Pyromancy 950pts

      This Prophet+Lamassu build has not only been performing well, it has actually been my MVP in almost every single game I have used it in. The idea is to use it as a giant "bullet platform"; spinning it around all over the place, keeping just out of danger, and firing off damage or buff/debuff spells. Heat Haze does a good job of protecting him from shooting, both big and small (at long range, cannon has a higher chance of misfiring than wounding this thing).
      I have stuck him boldly in-front of entire SE armies and they couldn't lay an arrow on him. Tons of cheap archers couldn't scratch him, even at short range. Cannons just miss constantly. He is a massive pain to knock out of the sky.

      The Tablet of Ashuruk combined with both the master and adept gives him pseudo channel 3 and -1 channel to the opponent as well, for a really chunky magic phase. The tablet also combines well with his magic resistance; giving him a robust defense against any opposing mage.

      Granted he is best suited for use in speedy lists (to give him easier units to park behind, and to avoid being caught in an opponents advance). But I have faced a variety of list styles and armies, and he keeps coming out on top.
      He may be expensive...but it is so very hard to get the points back out of him that he often helps win "tight-looking" games just by costing far more than whatever the opponent has left. (An example is against a SE army; he only had a single character and a Dancer unit left. But I had the Lamassu and a cheap unit, so mine cost way more and it secured me the win)

      But please, do try this out.

      Another build I have been loving is this:

      Taurukh Subjugator: +Death Cheater +Paired Weapons +Gauntlets of Madzhab +Potion of Swiftness +Battle standard 490pts

      While I am not a fan of cowboy units, this has been a lot of fun.

      5 S6 OS6 attacks at agility ranging from 4 to 8, this guy can mince low-wound stuff pretty well. Monsters, monstrous, chariots, all very good targets. On the charge his defenses go up to 1+ 4++ with Res5.

      I have been using him to go around and pick fights with flanking units, clean them up, and then rejoin the main bulk of my army to help out with more damage and static combat resolution.

      Like the Lamassu, parts of this guy work better in a fast list (most notably the battle standard. Which I do not recommend giving him if you play a more slow list). So do keep that in mind.

      So that is how it works. Offer up units, discuss them, or ask for builds for units you might want to try out. Have fun! :)
    • The good old vizier with Mask of the Furnace and Kadim bindings is always good. Flaming toxic breath weapon anyone?

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    • I like this specific build as a centerpiece for my army:

      (1+/4+ parry) Wizard Master with Alchemy 625
      Infernal Weapon, Blunderbuss, Shield, Death Cheater, Mask of the Furnace

      Wizier BSB 335
      Infernal Weapon, Blunderbuss, Shield, Willows Ward, Dragon Staff, Banner of the Relentless Company, Flaming Standard

      30 Infernal Warriors 760

      Full Command, Shields, Blunderbusses

      The ranged damage output can be quite ridicoules in ranks of 6-7, especially combined with Corruption of Tin and Haze of Magnezia+flaming banner. Many units just poof from a round of shooting. And the threat range is insane with Banner of the relentless company. And even though the unit is fairly weak in CC, the Stand and Shoot, breath weapons and ultradefensive challenge wizard master makes it fairly daunting to charge.

      Usually the unit is flanked by kadim titan and kadim incanates.